Does the life of an animal mean nothing at all?

Does the life of an animal mean nothing at all?

There must be a madness that
has taken us all when the life of an animal
means nothing at all But for all those creatures
with stories they cannot tell We will be the voice to help end
their living hell

Daniel Yohans

7 thoughts on “Does the life of an animal mean nothing at all?

  1. Sammy D says:

    "When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal, I see a living being, I see a friend, I feel a soul"
    – Anthony Douglas Williams.
    It's so heartbreaking the abuse that all these innocent defenseless souls suffer, at the hands of 'humans'. It's absolutely gut wrenching knowing so many never ever get to feel kindness and love that they so justly deserve, or to simply be left in the wild where most belong. Shame shame shame on those who allow it to be this way! I thank you with all my heart WAP and everyone involved in the rescue and care of animals worldwide, you're all a Godsend, there would be no change in their treatment, no voice to speak for them without you. God bless you all. Lots of love from Australia xx❤

  2. Tracy Welham says:

    Breaks my heart, over and over. 💔

  3. Ali MadDog says:

    Song name?

  4. mika aissou says:

    Song name ?

  5. beatricecallan says:


  6. Artes says:

    How has it come to this? i have no clue and it's absolutely heartbreaking but we must tell their stories…we must help.
    This is video is a great reminder of that. awesome job .

  7. Ruth Matthews says:

    Horrible wicked people that torture animals . Hell awaits them .

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