Dog Grooming Courses at The College of Animal Welfare

Dog Grooming Courses at The College of Animal Welfare

[Music] My name’s Irene Saunders and I’m undertaking the City & Guilds Level 3 introduction to Dog Grooming. Before I started this course, I worked in a surgery.
I was a nurse practitioner. When I decided to retire from the NHS, I still wanted to be working, to be hands on, but give something back in a different way but I definitely wanted to work with dogs. I always knew that. A typical day starts from the moment you arrive at the college. Thinking about what you’ve got to do, how to prepare for the dogs that are coming in.
What sort of a dog is it? What breed is it? What size is it? What age it is. It’s not just about having a pair of scissors and comb in your hand. You’ve got to think about your carbon footprint. You’ve got to think about the behaviour of the dog, if it doesn’t like particular things and how to restrain the dog if it’s uncomfortable or unhappy or if it’s getting a bit aggressive. I’m Cheryl.
I’m a dog grooming practical skills tutor and lecturer. I think the best parts of learning on the course is learning how to groom, learning how to handle a dog, especially one that’s a little bit difficult. Earning a dog’s trust, especially one that’s probably had a bad start in its grooming. Meeting other people is also a good thing.
You’ll make friends on your courses. It’s just a really good career to be in, to learn about. Hi my name’s Ged and I am a grooming and practical skills trainer. I first of all came to the college to find out how to groom my own pets. I then decided I was going to look into making a career out of it and once I qualified a position became vacant, which I applied for and was successful in getting as a dog grooming and practical skills trainer. Probably after about three weeks we were moving onto doing dogs on our own, which, you know, it was very interesting, very informative, but we was also well supported by the tutor, which I must admit, we have had a good tutor, which has helped me massively. All of it has been great.
It’s been a real learning curve. You are never too old to learn and it’s been really exciting. It’s been challenging, um, learning about different dogs, different breeds and getting back to study again, which is always a good thing because you need to start with a good study, get back to the foundations so you can understand why you do what you do. I think the courses here at CAW have really underpinned exactly what I wanted to do is to start up a business straight away after doing the courses and they imparted so much information to help you realise your goals and how to achieve certain things, especially when you’re finding things that are difficult they were able to get you through to the next level and explain things in a different way. Every tutor has a different viewpoint, which was great and then you could make your own informed decisions. So yeah, really, really great college. The best part of the course is actually grooming the dogs and seeing them go out and the customers and how happy the owners were when we gave them the dogs back. Just seeing the smiles on their faces, that’s the best part. Most students leave here and go on to have their own grooming businesses. Some students go on to work for big large corporate companies, whether alongside vets or grooming salons. Well I’ve already started, I’ve started my own little dog grooming business and I’m really happy with the way it’s going and I know that I can meet the client’s needs and I’ll be able to provide them with a good service. I actually advise certain friends that I know may be interested to actually enquire and enrol on the course. It’s not something they will regret.
It’s something that they will be glad that they did do. It’s a must. If you are considering it, don’t just consider it, do it because you’ll learn so much.

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