Dr. Hill Discusses doTERRA’s Healthcare Initiative

(audience applauding)
– It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to be with you. Let me welcome to the
stage Dr. David Hill, who we all know and love. ♪ I’m unstoppable ♪ ♪ I’m a Porsche with no brakes ♪
– Thank you! ♪ I’m invincible ♪ – Thank you. ♪ I win every single game ♪ – Thank you, I’m excited to be with you. I was backstage and I was
listening to Corey speak and it’s hard not to get
excited about doTERRA, would you agree? (audience cheering) Let me ask again. It’s hard not to get
excited about doTERRA, would you agree? (audience cheering) You know, I have to say before
I get started this afternoon, I sometimes hear some of
the messages that we share, which are really focused in who we are and what we’ve accomplished already, and it feels a little bit
overwhelming at times. And so, on behalf of
myself and all my partners, we thank you, we thank you
for all of your efforts and being a part of
this great work with us. (audience applauding)
We’re very grateful. Now, I’m gonna build a little bit on some of what Corey talked about. He touched just briefly on healthcare. And I know you’ve been
hearing a lot of messages about healthcare over the last months, and even the last year
and a half or two years. A great deal of effort has gone into our healthcare initiative. And from this point forward, we’re gonna announce a lot of
very exciting things to you and share more meaningful
information with you. But I will like to pose a
question before we do that. Even though we’ve
recognized and we understand that we’re going to make
this change in healthcare, there’s an imposing question
that always remains why? Why would doTERRA participate in that? Why would we want to do that? Well, I think Corey revealed
some of that messaging for us, when he talked about all
the initiatives we have in the company and all the
differences that we’ve made, and all the things that we’ve participated in within doTERRA. Right from the very beginning,
and you all know this, and have experienced this in your own way, we were not looking to
do and had no desire to be like everyone
else in the marketplace. We needed to redefine
what essential oils were. We needed to reposition
the essential oils. And as a part of that, we also
have increased the awareness, not just in the public sense,
but within the scientific and within the medical communities. And so, one of the primary reasons why we are choosing to focus on healthcare is because we feel like we have a great purpose in doing that, that goes beyond some of
the more obvious things that we’ve talked about. I’ll give you an example. in the last 10 years since
doTERRA has been formed, research, peer-reviewed
studies on the essential oils and the value that comes from that has increased by more than
400% in the last 10 years. We went from very small,
unknown amounts of information, to very broad and extensive
amounts of information, and we are just on the cusp. We are just learning what
we need to know more fully about the essential oils outside of our own personal experience. Now, that carries with it
some direct responsibility, which I think is important
for us to recognize. And although it may
not be the sole purpose of our doing healthcare in doTERRA, it remains one of the primary drivers. And that is that we have been concerned and we have been focused on
not just increasing awareness, but changing the understanding
of essential oils. Would you agree with me? (audience cheering) And we have done that now
in science and in medicine. And if we don’t continue
that movement forward, if we don’t continue in
the element of discovery, and sharing that information
in a meaningful way, it will be redefined differently than how doTERRA has defined it. Now, in addition to that, when we look at our own models of health, and this remains very important. There’s a rule in medicine, which is commonly referred
to as the 80/20 rule. And that is that about
80% of your health needs, those things which you’ll
experience on an ongoing basis for yourself and your family
members with your health. 80% of that, you would
be perfectly capable of being able to resolve if
you had the right information and if you had the right tools. This is what doTERRA has focused
on from the very beginning. Empowering you and those
that you care about and giving you the ability
to reach out to others and help them to solve, in some cases, everyday challenges with health, but even more difficult in
serious challenges at times. That holds true, and that
is a purpose and a value that’s been fundamental
to who we are in doTERRA. And that will never change. However, there is about 20% of our health that we do need some extra help with. This is a direct
reflection of what you see in the health pyramid, which we’ve talked about many, many times. That there are many things which
we can do to be empowering, but there are times where
we need to take advantage of the skill and the expertise
as it lies within healthcare. And so, having a focus in
healthcare as we move forward will help us to more
fully accomplish that. In order to be able to
do that most effectively, something that we have done
from the very beginning in doTERRA, and you’ll remember
as we define the mission of doTERRA, one of the
clear points that we defined was to have the ability to
bring organized medical care in a united fashion together. Eastern and Western modalities. Things that at one time
were considered alternative, but now are being considered
completely mainstream. Things that you and I
participate on a daily basis. That is meant that we have
associated and affiliated with many great institutions
and with many individuals as the years have gone on. Many of you are familiar with our board that we have worked with,
comprising of both scientists and physicians for a number of years in different methodologies,
and in different applications of how we might use the
essential oils most effectively. A little over six years ago, I had the good fortune
of meeting an individual that you know, Dr. Brannick Riggs. (audience cheering) We love Dr. Riggs. He has focused and dedicated himself exclusively to understanding and knowing about the essential oils. A couple of years ago, we had the good fortune of having him come and join us at doTERRA. And from that time, he has been focused exclusively on our healthcare initiative, and has done a remarkable job in helping us to overcome
many of the obstacles. Helping us also to understand
how we might fully participate within the medical environment. Dr. Riggs currently is serving
as our Medical Director and Vice President of Clinical Operations. Can we give him a big hand? (audience applauding) I know that many of you know him, and you love your experience
and your time with him, as do I. He has become a trusted colleague, and somebody who I rely on heavily. Because of his strength,
because of his great ability, I would like to give
him another opportunity beyond what he’s currently doing and I am appointing him today as the chairman of our medical board. Congratulations, Dr. Brannick. (audience applauding) Now, I have no doubt that he’ll carry our initiatives forward and will continue to
integrate all of those things in a wonderful way, as
he has done previously. Now, it would be nice to
think that we can accomplish everything that we need
to do with a limited few. But we have need always, as
has been the case in doTERRA from the beginning, that wonderful individuals
have come and joined with us. It’s been interesting to us as we’ve seen as that has happened. They always seem to
come at the right time. They always seem to come when critical need has been identified. And where we’ve had the need
or the necessity has surfaced for us to be able to move
beyond where we currently were. And so, I’d like to introduce another individual to you today. You may have heard of him, you
maybe have not heard of him. His name is Dr. Russell Osguthorpe. (audience applauding) Now, I’ve noticed that everybody
is referring to him now as Dr. O, and that’s because
nobody can say Osguthorpe. But if you practice, you
will be ale to say that. You’ll notice that his title
is now Chief Medical Officer. And I’d like to offer some
explanation as to why that is and why we feel that is a critical thing. In the beginning of doTERRA, that’s a title that I’ve carry
now for a number of years, which has been a great enjoyment for me. It’s been a great pleasure. In doTERRA, that title has
many different definitions. It means that this individual’s focused in on all of the sciences and
all of the developments we do with products and other things, and quality within doTERRA. I’ve enjoyed carrying that title, but as we enter into now this
new frontier with healthcare, we need to redefine that title
just a little bit in doTERRA. In medicine, being a chief medical officer is kind of the highest
rank that you can go to. And because of the needs that we have and the things that we’re
addressing in medicine, it makes sense that I
bestow that title upon him. And let me give you a
couple of reasons why I feel like that’s so imperative. Now, I make it sound
like he knelt before me and I pulled out my sword and I said, oh, I bestow upon you
chief medical officer. It’s not quite like that and I wanna give a little
bit different impression and an image and that is that
one of the things I’ve loved in doTERRA, as owners, as
partners, we collaborate together. We have multiples of discussions, not only about meeting individual needs, but meeting collective needs, and meeting the needs for the company. And so, when I say me, I
mean we as an ownership team. And a couple of the
discussions that we had is we were focusing in on this was our need to be able to
continue to have partnership. We work with many different institutions over the years in doTERRA. We’ve worked with multiples of hospitals and research lab and many others, all of which have contributed to and helped us to understand
what we now know, and have brought us to the
point where we now are. But we’re right at the frontier, we’re right at the beginning of that. You’ll remember last year at convention, I redefined CPTG just a little bit. I talked about analytical chemistry, but then I also talked
about biological chemistry. The need to know and
discover proper dosing. To know pathway, to know the effect of how the
essential oils are working. To allow us, Corey did a
wonderful job of talking with you about where
our product development will go in the future. All of these play a critical role in us being able to accomplish that in the way that you would expect us to. Now, that of course, is
coupled with clinical research. Knowing and understanding more. To do research beyond what
we currently have done. Last year was a banner year for us. We published 23 peer-reviewed
studies in doTERRA. doTERRA did that. Two of those were very basic,
but yet human clinical trials. This is where we need to
continue to push and to discover, and I requires great
mind and great strength. And so, it’s my privilege
to be able to invite Dr. Russell Osguthorpe to carry the title of
chief medical officer within this company.
(audience applauding) And I believe that with
he, and many others who will continue to come to doTERRA, will continue to achieve the
growth and the opportunity that Corey just spoke so eloquently about. Now, that might mean that you’re thinking what does that mean for me? I’ve heard a number of different things. I told my partners the other day, I told Mark Wilford, I said, “If even one more person
comes up and hugs me, “and says we’re really gonna
miss you, but we wish you well. “I think I am just gonna
retire for the spite of it.” (audience laughing) I’m not retiring. I’m not going anywhere. (audience cheering) Now, this means that I get to carry now a wonderful opportunity going
forward as I act as a chairman of all of our scientific
and medical initiatives, and I now work with all of
these wonderful individuals, where I can continue to have influence, but where I also can
receive of their strength. And we can direct that for a
greater good within doTERRA. So, none of us really get
the opportunity to walk away. We only get the opportunity
to work with more people. And I’m looking forward to that and love each of these gentlemen
and all of the individuals, and the scientist and many
others whom I get to work with, and will continue to
work with moving forward. Now, do you remember at
convention last year? One more quick announcement
as I finish up. Do you remember at convention, I think it was not last
year, it was two years ago. I gave a presentation
entitled “Back to the Basics.” Do you remember that? (man cheering) Apparently, it was really
impactful, that’s good. I’m glad to hear that. I will never give that presentation again and my work here is done. This was a really pivotal thing. One of the things I heard Corey say was that we actually do more education now than what we’ve ever done in
the whole history of doTERRA. He is correct. However, would you agree with me that the framework of
some of that education has maybe morphed and
changed a little bit? We went from saying and do you
remember the good ol’ days, where these are the types of presentations I and others would give,
where we would talk with you about cancer, and inflammation, and all of these other things, and we would tell you how
to use the essential oils? You remember those good ol’ days? (audience cheering) Do you remember when we’d
stand up and be very direct, even the things that we were saying, instead of standing up and saying the oils will make you feel happy? (audience laughing) And if you diffuse, them
they’ll elevate your mood. Do you remember those good ol’ days? (audience cheering) Would you like to go back
to those good ol’ days? (audience cheering) So, I’ve been talking with
Dave Sterling for a while now. And one of the things
I approached him with as we were talking is that Dave, I think I could commit a year
to this type of initiative. And what is this type of initiative, where maybe we look at
oils and body systems. We learn how to classify
the essential oils. We learn about the daily use
of the essential oils again. Would you like to have workshops where you learn how to use and make blends and you come and you get your hands dirty, and you use the essential oils? Would you like to be able to
take all of that information and have it available to you, so you can share it with other people? (audience cheering) Would you like us to start
having evening meetings again that are focused on education
of the essential oils? Would you like that? (audience cheering) No, no, no, no. Would you like that? (audience cheering) So, I told Dave that Dave I
can commit a year to that. And then I went back to him
a few weeks later and I said Dave, I can commit
probably two years to that. And then, last week in Atlanta,
I couldn’t help myself. I announced three years to everybody. So we’re gonna do that
for the next three years. (audience cheering) Now, I’ve been focused internationally with a lot of the things that I do. For the last almost six years, I have been exclusively in
the international markets with the exception of a
few post-convention cities. So where am I gonna go? U.S. and Canada. That’s where I’m gonna be
for the next three years. I’m excited about this. I’m excited about the opportunities that we have ahead of us.

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