Dr. Marlene Krauss: Health Care Visionary

Dr. Marlene Krauss: Health Care Visionary

I was in the third class of
women at Harvard Business School. It was in 1965. There were 11 women. They put three of us in some
of the sections, two of us in others so that we had someone
else that looked like us. There were no female professors,
and they didn’t come around for a long time. Inside it was tough,
but it was probably the most formative
time in my entire life. And had I not gone to Harvard
Business School I would not have anywhere near
the career, sense of confidence, sense
of self, sense of that I could do anything I wanted. Recruiting and getting
a job was difficult, but I did get one at a
small investment bank. And then realized that I
really wanted to help people, and there was something missing. And then applied to medical
school, got into Harvard. So after I graduated from
Harvard Medical School and did six more
years of training, I worked as a physician
in private practice in New York City. And I was on the staff
of New York Hospital. The combination of the medicine
and the business degrees and experience was
really valuable in healthcare investing. When I invested in
the first LASIK laser that was in the ’80s, and that
was revolutionary at that time. So I’ve invested across the
whole spectrum of healthcare, including biotech, pharma,
devices, and healthcare services. I’ve always invested
in healthcare since that’s what I really know. Here at KBL, we have
a very cohesive group that are helping me look for
investments in my public fund, and the beauty of my office
is that it’s in my home. We have lunch
together every day, and it’s a wonderful
team that I put together. Probably the best I’ve ever had. KBL Healthcare and its various
funds has had over $500 million in investments, and I was
the CEO of all of the funds. And I love being in charge. The other impact of
Harvard Business School and my experience was that
it made me a feminist. I got involved with
a group of women to set up a grassroots
organization to support women’s causes. One of the key people
in that organization– the key person was
Gloria Steinem. The Women’s Action
Alliance wanted to develop a publication to
talk about what we were doing and that became Ms. Magazine. When I graduated Harvard
Business School, and even into the ’70s, women could
not walk into the front door of the Harvard Club. There was a separate entrance. There was a separate
dining room. And these were women who
had graduated Harvard. We could not walk in the front
door of the Harvard Club. So I was part of a
class action suit that sued the Harvard
Club so that we could walk in the front door. Eventually, we won. And so my daughters can walk in
the front door of the Harvard Club now. You can have many
careers in a lifetime. There’s room in our lives for
a lot of different experiences. And I think people should
just grab opportunities.

Daniel Yohans

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