DrsForXR take direct action, declare ‘The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis’ | Extinction Rebellion

DrsForXR take direct action, declare ‘The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis’ | Extinction Rebellion

Daniel Yohans

23 thoughts on “DrsForXR take direct action, declare ‘The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis’ | Extinction Rebellion

  1. SuperNano2020 says:

    Love this … but the media has hardly if not at all covered this !!!

  2. A SH says:

    Yall talk about protecting the planet,, but you BREED ! the only thing we can do is cut our numbers. The more people there are the more energy we need… Wake up and stop breeding… If you dont,,, then there is nothing we can do… and guess what,, those in power will cut the numbers anyway they can… You aint seen nothing yet..!

  3. Hierophant says:

    This is both inspiring and depressing.  

    I wish the adults here in the US weren't so infantile. At least in the UK people with wealth, status and privilege are seeking to do the right thing. The US is very backwards in that regard.

  4. Andew Tarjanyi says:

    Doctor? I post questions here and they are never addressed which speakes volumes in itself.

  5. Andew Tarjanyi says:

    And the message is, everyone on Earth should respond in the way you want, to your irrational poorly informed fear. If I am wrong then I am more than happy to be corrected by an intelligent argument if you have one or you could just bar me from the site citing hate-speech for asking questions.

    The real threat to humanity is the under-education and the subsequent encroachment of free speech and the subversion of science.

  6. Matthew Lane Tripp says:

    GLOBALCIDE started with the genocidal enslavement of the species of North America when the humans couldn't defend the life here from the white mans slavery of those with no voice in their organized crimewave…

  7. Matthew Lane Tripp says:

    A baseline of performance for mandatory minimum of ability to beyond self-sustaining in a civilization that has made murder to every other species

  8. Donald McCarthy says:

    Doctors used to keep bad news from their patients believing it to be a kindness. Thankfully that's stopped but scientists routinely practice self-censoring reticence. Maybe doctors need to take over. Examine Patient Planet, make an appropriate diagnosis (sorry Mr. Earth, but you're absolutely fucked. Next.) and then look at the real world. One without mitigation, treatment or adaptation. Look at it clinically and as doctors, not as frightened patients desperate to cling to nonsense notions of magical new drugs or divine intervention. People die and so do planets. We had a good innings. (Actually for many it was a pretty shitty innings) The only game in town is psychological mitigation. We are in planetary hospice but there are jigsaws to complete and a singsong tomorrow evening. Make the most of it. And do have a lovely day.

  9. PSC4 Musique says:

    “Our house is burning and we look elsewhere” (Jacques Chirac, 2002) No time to lose – in solidarity with Extinction Rebellion from France the song: « TIME! » https://youtu.be/64Tyt08Ky30

  10. Tom Orange says:

    If corbyn and sanders are not elected civilisation is finished.

    Its time to blame conservatives

  11. TheSaltLakers says:

    Dr, it hurts when I think.

  12. Merlinz Batgirl says:

    The Earth is older than us the Earth has been changing for billions of years we can't change anything if the Earth is older than us! It is an inevitability you cannot change or save anything!

  13. NeuroParadise says:

    We need to join with hong kong movement and the yellow vests and direct our attention soley on the top 100 companies and the ccg NOT the public.

  14. Matt Angiono says:

    Priceless footage of a doctor being carried away by self righteous government tools… protecting and serving a machine while locking up our doctors….
    Can they really think they are still legitimate? I'm pretty sure if a doctor isn't willing to take money from the powerful, a cop has no excuse left to morally justify their actions. They should relinquish their badges and join the people if they have any dignity

  15. Coach says:

    You have to retitle the video. DrsForXR is so ambiguous that there's no chance of it going viral. As an example, "Doctors Fighting Climate Change" would be much better

  16. Monty says:

    Don't you think the microplastic epidemic is more important then ghg?

  17. j wardroper says:

    Undermine the whole driving force behind this madness , hit the rich , on mass don't struggle to pay your debts don't rush into more and more work for profit . Stay out of it , don't pay the mortgage, on mass reduce the cost of living

  18. Michael Bouillon says:

    clock thicking in the background is actually so accurate with the current state of mind, the we should have

  19. William Buick says:

    Grand solar minimum is here and it’s getting colder ! Record September snow in Montana ! Breaking 100 year old record !

  20. neo 1916 says:

    Actually there is no climate crisis. It's the mother of all psychological operations. The biggest driver of climate change is the sun. CO2 is a tiny % of earth's atmosphere, some 0.04% and of that which is attributable to humanity's activitiy is a tiny fraction of that. This "climate emergency" scare is all about control. The global elites and bankers are attempting one of their latest power grabs and are using the environment to scare the people into giving it to them. The world will not end in 2030. Research the Club of Rome founded in 1968. If people think they are rebelling against the system by engaging in climate strikes they are sadly mistaken. Do you really think the likes of Davos (annual global elite gathering), the UN, billionaires, the world's mainstream media would give so much attention to Greta if she was a threat to their interests?
    The international bankers and globalists are power hungry and want to impose more taxation on the ordinary people to accumulate more power.

  21. Ritu Raj says:

    Climate change is natural, not a man made process. It happens 1000 years ago, it it happening now and it will happen for more than 1000 years in future. People or government can't do anything in climate. At the end government will achieve a big zero. No one can solve climate change or climate crisis or climate emergency.

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