Economic Growth and Happiness Explained

Economic Growth and Happiness. Here’s the short version. Economic Growth and Happiness. Here’s the short version. Governments want to boost economic growth, and improve people’s lives. They think: we need a growing economy to satisfy people’s needs; and that will lead to happiness. does economic growth make people happy
some say yes it does others say no it doesn’t why do they disagree as it turns out
economic growth doesn’t work the same way everywhere economic growth can be good or bad it
can benefit everybody or only a few it can create healthy communities for a can
weaken the bond between us in some countries economic growth makes people
happy like in Denmark and Switzerland in
others it does not like in China and the USS scholars need to change how they
think about it we analyzed 25 years of public opinion surveys dating back to
the nineteen eighties we looked at many countries both rich and poor we looked
at how their economies grew over time and we tracked changes in happiness most
importantly we observed the conditions in which economic growth makes people
happy or not we thought that economic inequality should matter seeing a great
gap between rich and poor and economic growth for the few should make people
unhappy we thought that trust should better to trust in everyday people what
they call social trust makes for happy healthy communities and
economic growth there weakens the bonds between us and hurts those communities
makes people unhappy as it turns out in the long run both inequality and trust
matter over time economic growth makes people happy but
it does so when income inequality false and when social trust does not read it
and now an important message for policymakers long lasting improvements in people’s
well-being adoptee promote protect and reduce policy promote economic growth
protect and promote social trust and reduce income inequality well let’s get

Daniel Yohans

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