Elmo and Zoe Play the Healthy Food Game | Sesame Street Full Episodes

Elmo and Zoe Play the Healthy Food Game | Sesame Street Full Episodes

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Elmo and Zoe Play the Healthy Food Game | Sesame Street Full Episodes

  1. Sophie Hanssel says:

    You should upload more full episodes

  2. Jonathan Kennedy says:


  3. Tý Quậy says:

    cool and fun video!

  4. Monse -_- says:

    I love this

  5. Nelmy Medina says:

    Green meando Go

  6. Shyizle says:

    Whoa a episode with Zoe !

  7. Stephen Flanagan says:

    Pls put up episodes 4096 and 4108. And every episode with journey to Ernie segments.

  8. Luis Maldonado says:


  9. Mayerlin Bouthiller says:


  10. Geoffrey W says:

    This episode is already on HBO Kids. Though this version has the Number of the Day 6 sketch intact.

  11. Mario Zelaya says:

    k e fx

  12. arlene Miranda says:


  13. Duchess Royal says:

    Zealand is where I like oatmeal

  14. SpongeBobAndBlue'sClues Rule Est 2001 says:

    Where's Guy Smiley or Sonny Friendly? They are game show hosts. So one of them should've appeared in this episode.

  15. asonte newsom says:

    my baby was really entertained he sat here and watched the whole episode

  16. Brendan Crowley says:

    This episode has been brought to you by the letter G and by the number 6

  17. Dexter Yes Mandark No 1996 says:

    lol? I don't understand. 😛

  18. KOOKIE WITH SUGA& JUNG-FOOD -᷅_-᷄ says:

    Elmo rule

  19. Emmalee Jantzi says:

    Seriously can't believe all the talk about milk, butter and cheese in this episode.. along with the visuals of milking cows. It's 2018–Sesame Street needs to get with the program and realize there's nothing healthy about dairy. Facts would make better learning for kids than propaganda does.

  20. kfc man says:

    Oh okey

  21. Wiggle Worm says:

    Can you upload Sesame Street Squares Episode next?

  22. Wanupgurl says:

    can you upload more elmo's world episodes?

  23. RoadRunnerCoyote19 says:

    Will you please post more classic episodes from seasons 24-33?

  24. Rooney’s Adventures says:


  25. The Muda Show says:

    Can u still have Julia on more episodes

  26. Abdirihman Aden says:

    I nn

  27. SnipeShelf YT says:

    🇦🇶🇹🇷 Mme ): Dsssssssss🎣🇮🇷🇬🇺🇬🇱

  28. Master Ellis says:

    When do we get seasons 33 and 34?

  29. Wiggle Worm says:

    Can you upload episode’s 4064 and 4079 (the ones that contain the Dan Zanes songs) please?

  30. Conscious Consumption says:

    Dairy is healthy for baby cows. Not humans. Also, D is supplemented into milk. It doesn't occur naturally in it.

  31. Vanessa Smith says:


  32. Arleen Delgado says:


  33. Nigel Mary says:

    37:11 Elmo's World is starting.

  34. Ashley Covington says:


  35. Tamara Pentz says:

    stupid day a oK P

  36. Tamara Pentz says:


  37. Tamara Pentz says:


  38. LaToya Dixon says:

    I Love waching this

  39. Alicia Jackson says:

    Uhhhuuu7uuu up

  40. Deaddy Fazpool says:

    That Cookie looks like it could feed 16 People!

  41. Captain Cold says:

    Are we really considering milk as a food, and not a drink. Yes, they can all be consumed, but I think that’s cheating just a little. Also, when did this episode air? I’m guessing early/mid 2000‘s or maybe a bit earlier.

  42. Jamaica Walters says:

    why did mr. noodel eat a moop

  43. Teresa Papasin says:


  44. BM Marcelo says:


  45. Valerie Dorrego says:


  46. Melissa Krueger says:


  47. PixarMan2001 says:

    Some say Mr. Johnson is still waiting for his food to this day.

  48. Isaiah Washington says:


  49. Burnt Kake says:

    L/5xxdc. Do. Aż@b=

  50. Thomas Nguyen says:

    Are you allergies

  51. Dexter Yes Mandark No 1996 says:

    Six Feet Under is creepy.

  52. Nigel Mary says:


  53. Bridgette Webb says:


  54. Bla bla Bla bla says:


  55. the epic soul slayer says:

    Doimme gang explain.

  56. Stephanie Kim says:

    10:27 I love that song about healthy food and the colors.

  57. Stephanie Kim says:

    This is a delicious episode. Mmmmmm!

  58. nyah says:

    lol is there anyone who put this on for their little siblings and is amazed by the amount of 4 year olds stealing their mom's devices?

  59. Angelica Angelica says:


  60. Frankie Foster says:

    50:31 bulimic elmo

  61. Super Mario Bcs says:

    i subscribed!

  62. Tony parra says:

    Umm, where's the part where kids make a sandwich.

  63. Jonathan King says:


  64. Cyndi Moore says:

    Milk straight from the cow really is full of vitamin D!!!
    Not from the store though😕

  65. Lazy Blade says:

    2:30 (Alarm Buzzes) (Audience Applauding)

  66. Gaitie Zaheer says:

    Nn….m..n,.mnmngv M'Cdyncgrzk

  67. Eli J. Brony says:

    I wonder why Elmo and Zoe didn't go back to the apples when they were looking for something green?

  68. Miguel Garcia says:

    ahh i remember watching this back in the day!! memories!

  69. fortnite rocks says:


  70. fortnite rocks says:

    45:43 why is the earth spinning so fast

  71. fortnite rocks says:

    Pizza is not healthy

  72. Molleemay Cunningham says:

    Marking It's 85th Anniversary.

  73. Prince Ashton says:

    Make An Episode called Elmo & Zoe Play The Sesame Street Squares Game

  74. Garrettk41 says:

    Was that a box of cheerios Cookie Monster was snacking on? Right when I was doing the same exact thing. What were the odds of that?

  75. Micchan 2.0 says:

    43:58 rip film

  76. Liam Hill says:

    Elmo and Zoe

  77. Ben Pratt says:

    I love banana and Apple

  78. Byron Chen says:

    But why not those green apples from earlier?!?!

  79. Liam Hill says:

    Elmo and Zoe

  80. Jasmine Garcia says:

    Everyone, I love the part where Elmo ate his breakfast in the food segment of Elmo's world.

  81. Liam Hill says:


  82. Laura Rebekah says:

    The new Sesame Street is good too, but nothing beats this. I felt so nostalgic watching it. When I was little, Elmo's world was probably my favorite, but now I've got to say cookie monster. Please upload more of the early 2000s episodes. ♥️

  83. Chao Arata says:

    the sene with elmo recording himself eatting looked like an (don’t hug me i’m scared) leak… Where it’s strangely "unsettleing"…

  84. Chris Alvarado says:

    Z zz

  85. Nur Aina Humaira says:

    10:23 YEE HAW!!!!

  86. Carrie Amanek says:

    I love when the girl has a BBQ with her family and her friend. Makes me think of having a BBQ with my family and neighbors.

  87. jp santiago says:

    Episode 4085 (April 6, 2005)

  88. Los cuates que no son cuates says:

    My worst nightmare

  89. Susan Thornton says:

    Healthy and delicious 🍪

  90. Susan Thornton says:


  91. Andie Apple Princess says:


  92. Aaron Brown says:

    Sesame street has been brought to you today by the letter G and by the number 6.

  93. Justin Amos says:

    1.01 It's a beautiful thing to see Zoe (without Rocco) playing with her buddy Elmo.

  94. Max Calick says:

    That is one giant puprle eggplant that i ever had

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