Else Nutrition – Full Pitch – FoodBytes! London 2019

We are Else Nutrition and we are bringing the next generation of baby nutrition. The food industry continues to
make historic changes right before our eyes. Clean ingredients, sustainable
sourcing, and the plant-based movement continues to take flight. But has anybody
thought about the baby food industry? Don’t our youngest, most vulnerable
deserve a cleaner, better-for-them source of protein made with a more natural, clean process? Looking at these headlines you can see that the industry is ripe
for a change. You see, the 120-year challenge in baby
formulas is that they must meet the breast milk nutritional gold standard
and this is extremely difficult to do. Which is why, to date, there have only
been two sources of protein in infant formula: cow milk and soy. And both of them, as you can see, are highly problematic. They contain hormones, highly
processed ingredients, and they have a very high ecological footprint. Clearly, we need an alternative now. Introducing Else Nutrition, the world’s first 100% plant-based, non-dairy, non-soy baby formula. We are disrupting a $70 billion global infant nutrition market fueled by 130 million
babies born each year and we are globally patented. And it’s a
game-changing solution. It’s better for baby and it’s better for our planet. We have the cleanest label made with the cleanest process. Unlike other baby formulas that have a mile-long ingredient list, we have three main
ingredients that make up over 97% of our formula and
miraculously we mimic the nutritional composition value of breast milk and
we’re made with the cleanest process using the whole plant. We’ve heard from
thousands of parents. We have strong retailer interest and we are globally
endorsed by leading pediatricians. We are going to start with early adopters in
North America and Europe, reaching out to families that want health-conscious
solutions, vegan and flexitarian families or families of those with little ones
who have allergies. Behind it all is an expert team of infant nutrition experts who worked at titans of the industry like Abbot and Meaed Johnson.
Rethinking the nutritional options of our babies, toddlers, and children should
never be an afterthought. It should be the foundation for a lifetime. Thank you

Daniel Yohans

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