Emotion, Stress, and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

Emotion, Stress, and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Emotion, Stress, and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

  1. Pepper Jeanne says:

    That gesture won't get you arrested in the Philippines. But when your Mom/Dad does that to you, you're more likely to get spanked with a tsinelas. (A flip-flop) ;~; xD

    (Unless, you know, the local cop makes that gesture at you. Then yeah, you're probably gonna get arrested.
    Or they suspect you carrying drugs, idk. Duterte, lol)

  2. Natercia Godinho says:

    I would like to contest an element of this presentation related to the identification of facial emotions being universal. I worked with a community of people where the language was oral, no written language and when shown various facial expressions they were only able to distinguish Happy and Sad. This is a profound discovery which I will be publishing soon to refute this universality concept.

  3. Alan Ramos says:

    For over a year I didn’t know I was stressed just because I didn’t know the actual meaning of it

  4. Efririn Akai says:

    He's talking too fast 😢😢😢

  5. Saitama Kun says:

    Scientists are idiots…

  6. Victoria Shembo says:

    Love technically isn’t an emotion

  7. mohamed hussein says:

    First of all I stressed the way you are TALKING

  8. Polykinetics Worldwide says:


  9. Atul Nanda says:

    Plz add subtitles so we can understand

  10. Nancy Falcon says:

    Frowny muscles are frozen! That genuinely made me laugh…which made me feel better! Thanks.

  11. Sara Wiesinger says:

    Have you considered, becoming a rapper? You talk SOOOOOOO Fast

  12. Kaycee Medrano says:

    This really help me to learn about mental health and I really like your videos!

  13. Tiago Rodrigues says:


  14. ツSalam Lababidi says:

    Take a deep breath, Feel your emotions, Appreciate them.. but don't let them run your life! ❤️

  15. Konii says:

    2:46 that's definitely not true, I am Greek and the thumbs up doesn't mean anything else rather than "Good job"

  16. Luiz Henrique Morais Mazzucco says:


  17. Fallen Belmore says:

    Could u do an episode about pain and why our precision of pain is not always the same. Thank you! I'm studying nursing and your videos really help me to understand things better!!!

  18. Ella Fearless says:

    Im sorry is that “come hither” finger motion not equally as offensive outside the Philippines??

  19. Austra Robust says:

    So true. Everytime i get stressed i have hair thinning around my temples and frontal region. It burns and itches. My body is litterally saying "no more, i will show you what you are doing to yourself when you over stress."
    Listen to your body, it loves you.

  20. Liv Lovely says:

    I miss this series.

  21. Calvin Yang says:


  22. Krystal Mansour says:

    I love these videos. They are so enjoyable to listen to it actually makes learning about psychology very interesting and "fun". I wish my class used these more of these videos as I have learning disabilities and I can "understand" what is being said, unlike our reading material that seems like it for someone in Psych for 3 years should know. My Intro to Psych is "not" an intro class, it is like a 2 or 3rd year class! I do not understand anything that is going on, being said period. Sigh…..

  23. Billy Green says:

    You or someone combed your hair over half way through the video

  24. Mike Russo says:

    Great video! Can you go more in depth with mental health next time?

  25. Elias Bork says:

    08:43 so do they live significantly longer or not? xD

  26. project1029 says:

    Couldn't the association between positivity and health be a third-variable? Like people who are less stressed out by their daily lives will more likely have more healthy life circumstances that lead them to be less stressed out and also live longer? Like if they have more money?

  27. Elvira Mtowo says:

    No thank you, presenter is talking too fast for my liking.

  28. Tris says:

    I didn't know that that gesture could get us arrested here in our country (Philippines) 😂

  29. greenkik98 says:

    I'm a filipino and I didn't know it was looked down upon to do that gesture

  30. April Rosenberg says:

    This is intriguing. You might want to take a look at GGIIM certification course as well.

  31. Kappitano says:

    try not to get stressed with that mans voice. He talks so fast i had to slow down the video

  32. Coresonic23 says:

    I swear this is much better than college Psychology. Hate quiz and complex assignments

  33. Jihan says:

    Well freakin.. this is the last video I expected to spoil the last Harry Potter movie for me ..

  34. meg says:

    I wonder why this was in my recommendation

  35. April Rosenberg says:

    Nice Vid. The best platform for health coaching is GGIIM

  36. Jeff Howard says:

    Happy idiots live longer, eh? Challenge accepted.

  37. Daneve Obero says:

    Here in Davao "come here" gesture is not rude.

  38. D Taylor says:

    I love how people find all these “surprising risk factors” totals the fall for the heart disease epidemic. Fight that battle with your fork, don’t blame everything else

  39. 22 animal says:

    so much not true wtf

  40. chewyjello1 says:

    A lot of the information crash course is giving on emotions is not in agreement with the scientific data from neuroscientists such as Lisa Feldman Barrett and Anil Seth. Maybe I'm listening to the wrong people, but what they have to say makes a lot more sense to me. Especially the fact that you can't actually tell what someone is feeling by looking at their facial expression. We have been socialized to group certain expressions with certain emotions, but in reality we use context more than facial expression to tell how someone is feeling (ie if they are crying tears or joy or sadness, etc)

  41. Seventeen's Emo Kid says:

    uh weird about that intro. i never heard that gesture getting anyone arrested in the philippines. ever.

  42. Lisa Macfarlane says:

    Oh my God how can you breathe when you talk so fast?

  43. Anna Pfeffer says:

    thats why I use heroine…becouse it makes me happy (happy=healthy)

  44. Briana Shaid says:

    I wish my teacher just played these in class so I can just sleep and say I hate these to her face boo miss Newbury(I had a panic attack at the end of these video)

  45. Leonidas Mitsis says:

    Im greek and the thumb thing means nothing here…

  46. Kostas Froudarakis says:

    Thumbs up in Greece is just thumbs up. Just saying, open palm waving or stationary though… Not nice

  47. Evan Warwick says:

    What's that little guy in the bottom left at 6:10?

  48. Dylan Wagner says:

    There is a TED talk on how only the belief that stress is bad or harmful for you is what makes it so

  49. Levi Skioury says:

    2:47 the thumbs up is a bad gesture in Greece? Damn I'm leaving in Athens for 20 years and I have never heard that before. I guess, now with the internet the youth has more universal gestures.

  50. Archeous God says:

    What a guess dude tomorrow is my psychology test and the day after tomorrow is my "chemistry test stressing me out"… Oh thats so interesting 6:11

  51. *LPS. LargeTV* says:

    can i tell you how much this help sometimes um i wont say is the best time

  52. Carlota Abilheira says:


  53. Kyle Cleary says:

    thank you so much Mr. Green you save my life every day

  54. Blabla Blabla says:

    Who's from the Philippines? 😀

  55. Sam Trott says:

    Be happy or die!

  56. sienna masullo says:

    john greens little brother??

  57. Ayesha Khalife says:

    Can u pls speak little slower

  58. Kay rara says:

    the 'come here' comment in the Philippines is blatantly false.

  59. EliteGamingSquad says:

    I know someone who can make you feel good. His name is Dr.Feelgood.

  60. Anthony Nwankwo says:

    Harry Potter spoiler alert!!

  61. Luke Murphy says:

    i'm a veggie

  62. Nate Rebinskas says:

    I need extra lotion

  63. -FUN MEMES- says:

    Why me always God?

  64. Leexay Fernandez says:

    Listening to u stressed my ears, seems like running hard aftr u

  65. R.A. says:

    Now i'm stressed about being stressed

  66. love evynn says:

    thank you,Hank

  67. 김민준 says:

    한국어 자마아아아아아아아악

  68. Berta Jiménez-Alfaro Hacha says:

    RIP Grumpy Cat

  69. Zoe Musumeci says:

    Appreciate your emotions.

  70. Sara Yuki says:

    6:11 Da heck?! I'm watching this while prepearing for my chemistry test tomorrow morning!!

  71. paul ward says:

    What the Sci show is Goin on here hank

  72. Alycia Miller says:

    I love how enthusiastic you are during your videos. Help with the learning process.

  73. attic in the universe says:

    Fellow Greek here. The thumbs up gesture in Greece doesn't mean anything other than "good job" or "ok". Got it wrong here Crash Course. Putting up and opening all your five fingers with your palm facing another person means you are very angry at them and think they did something stupid or they are basically assholes

  74. Matheus Lemos says:

    Stress have all to do with the sensation of control. You dont get stressed with things that you don't think you can change or control, Independent if that control is real or not. That's what says the neurobiologist Suzana Herculano.

  75. larwhoe says:

    Can you relate while watching this you get stressed and sometimes a little bit starting to be mad..

  76. WTF how bizarre says:

    Stress is biochemically speaking Glucocorticoids.

  77. Jasna Angeles says:

    ‘Come here’ lol

  78. Tran Le Kien says:

    speed x2 and wait…

  79. Mark De Leon says:

    im from the philippines and im gonna wrong you like how grammarist are gonna wrong me now.

    nothing was wrong with that gesture 😅

  80. Macarena B says:

    Gracias por los subtitulos!!! 👏👏👏👏💚
    Pd: estan medios malos peeero jaja

  81. freddy vs jason says:

    just keep it insideeeee
    learn how to hide your feelinggggg

    and i said….

  82. Andreia Ramos Silva says:

    Talks too fast.

  83. ben45506 says:

    I'm stressed trying to understand this guy way to fast

  84. Zane Cosgrove says:

    Get some adaptogens into you… help relieve that stress

  85. A Unicorn says:

    dude why did you have to tell me that PTSD fact i have ptsd and anxiety so really dude. (edit) and your telling me im more lkely to die because im usually stressed and i have on and off depression, I think it was major depressive disorder idk though

  86. OccupieD says:


    What gesture? Is it really considered rude in the PH?

  87. Mythmaster111 says:

    No one can tell the difference between sadness, exhaustion, anger, and neutrality with me.

  88. knowfleas says:

    Please slow down the verberation of the tempo. I cannot pick up what your putting down. Overall though, Thank you for all the content and time invested. 👍

  89. efarfan88 says:

    Omg his voice stresses me out. He talks too fast. Relax dude lol😁

  90. Cyleste Farnsworth says:

    Over 30 years of counseling and this video alone taught me more than all of my combined therapists.
    Both a sad commentary on the state of mental health awareness and a massive compliment to all of you at Crash Course. You are changing my life for the better. Thank you.

    (Yes, ,I'm watching the whole series. )

  91. Katherine says:

    This video made me subscribed. Thanks

  92. isah jade capricho says:

    Im from the Philippines and I dont even know that 'that' gestures could get me arrested 😂😂 wtf 😂

  93. April Li says:

    Anyone else watch this at a Playback speed of 0.75x?😂

  94. Edna Burgos says:

    did i just hear philippines from the first few seconds?

  95. Cody Vollrath says:

    Bruh if stress is gonna kill me why can it just do it already

  96. Willie Richard Johnson Projects says:

    Harry bested Voldemort?! Spoil much!?

  97. damien amadeo says:

    I think one important thing didn't mentioned here: stress – is biologically short-time reaction which has purpose to avoid potentially dangerous situation. But neurotic tendency of our brain worry all the time about everyday problems hold the stress permanently. Being in stress all the time is the reason of many our diseases, because the immune system dont work in a right way in a stress time.

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