Episode 15: Auto-Regulation Nutrition Q&A

Episode 15: Auto-Regulation Nutrition Q&A

Daniel Yohans

12 thoughts on “Episode 15: Auto-Regulation Nutrition Q&A

  1. John Fairbanks says:

    It was awesome getting to hear from Andi of CrossFit Körperschmiede in Munich from the StrongFit Mentoring Program. Would love to hear more from these coaches that are a part of the Mentoring Program. Love it.

  2. ElMakichero says:

    So proud to be that 80kg skinny guy who struggle to gain weight at 450gr of carbs ^^. I have my podcast now 🙂 . More seriously, DNA test was just a step to learn on myself, i don't follow it strictly. And i'm here to still learn, because "knowledges are power". Thanks for all of this !

  3. Filip Znojek says:

    By carboline you mean supplement witch contain forscoline? Or it’s something else?

  4. janson1421 says:

    So Julien will never eat regular pizza again?

  5. Edward rodriguez says:

    Why is the audio always so low?

  6. meli pretzel says:

    I don’t heavy lift but I agree that honey before a workout makes you feel like an amazing athlete-top of the world and not heavy like after a pre workout meal or drink-thanks for all you info very important for everyone!

  7. meli pretzel says:

    Makes such common sense-breaking down the diet barriers built from trying to artificially regulate the body. Homeostasis is the language of autoregulation. Appreciate all the info and philosophical ideas. We need to practice our personal responsibility – people who have mastered a something cannot give a blueprint for every individual

  8. Matteo Mascetti says:

    Wow the last 15/20 minutes blew my mind! There’s so much to learn in here

  9. Lee Krumholt says:

    Maybe people are asking what to eat for food ideas or for a place to start

  10. zedIsDead says:

    #strongfitpeerreview make it happen Tyler!

  11. Stephanie Robert says:

    Julien, is the post workout reward meant to be carbs based (sugary taste), if so, when you add the reward plus the carbs within your training, how do you keep in ketosis like you mentioned you were in a previous podcast? Thanks for your time and doing all the reading and analysing for us! doesn't raplace our own experimentations but sure is helpfull!

  12. 0022sas says:

    The discussion about water is super interesting. Look at the work Dr Laslo Boros and Dr Que Collins are doing with Deuterium depletion and you may find the answer to why we drink less, we actually create our own metabolic water…

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