Evidence-Based Nutrition

Evidence-Based Nutrition

Daniel Yohans

51 thoughts on “Evidence-Based Nutrition

  1. Klycarbo says:

    I hadn't heard the parachute analogy before, brilliant.

  2. Miriam Feintuch says:

    Ha, I love it when researchers get snarky!

  3. Humane Alien says:

    lovely. just what I need

  4. Dalym says:

    wow! that actually happened.

  5. Jack Italix says:

    as researcher pushes you out of the plane, the last message is … here take this pill. It could be a placebo … or it could be a parachute xD

  6. Lichtblick says:

    i like your humor haha ^^

  7. Barpoe likes to draw says:

    Yes! So good doc!

  8. VeganGround says:

    Awesome, you just owned non vegan nutritionists xD

  9. Clawed1234 says:

    You are under confirmation bias in that you only look at data that supports vegan diet and ignore the rest.

  10. Raw Intuition says:

    So true

  11. Manda Reyes says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for your work. I have been trying to research to help my cousin with chronic Rosacea that she has battled for years. Taking all kinds of pills and prescription topicals has not helped her. Now she's about to go under the laser. She eats a very SAD SAD diet of mostly fast food for lunch and pork or chicken for dinner. I would so much like to be able to show her something from you that would help her. 🙂

  12. eric jones says:

    I remember my grandfather saying that he would not be able to get up the phlegm if it wasn't for smoking. cuckoo cuckoo

  13. Mary J says:

    thank you Doctor for making scientific facts so accessible to everybody and also for adding some humor now and then, it makes your videos enjoyable and facts easier to remember.

  14. Michael Janavel says:

    :..his smoke screen, heh…"

  15. Stephen Albers says:

    Actually, the effectiveness of parachutes for "gravitationally challenged" individuals HAS been studied. The quoted researchers did not look in the right place. The Federal Aviation Administration produced a study over 20 years ago called "Human survivability of extreme impacts in free fall." I'm not sure if it strictly qualifies as randomized controlled. But it is still pretty good.

  16. PlayngThai2 says:


  17. Brenton Farris says:

    You need someone else to narrate your videos… I find this information extremely important but when I show my family they can't take it seriously because they say the narrator sounds high and mighty being sarcastic and squeaky. Just think it'd be best to be able to effect the most people with these videos, instead of vegans who are already vegans.

  18. energyquicksand says:

    One would not usually consider a serious Dr. to also be a comedian. However, when Doc G said, "people who jump out of airplanes without parachutes tend to die", I literally thought that I was going to wet my pants laughing.

  19. Mentat1231 says:

    Best… Video… EVER. Kudos, Dr. Greger!

  20. Lostfinding333 says:

    2:39 I am totally shock that anyone would write that down and make it public on a paper.. "and to take the poor chap". Poor chap? That's why health today is non sense… we treat patients like babies. Is common to proceed with an operation instead of sorting the problem cause that takes an effort. Pathetic that society goes this road, that people won't take care of themselves, their bodies and their own actions. I work in abdominal surgery: every day people come to get the gallbladder out cause of stones, that could get easily prevented and improved with diet. They go home after surgery and NO ONE will say anything about diet at all, so they will keep eating their own crap with no gallbladder now. Easy solutions for big problems.

  21. Scarlet Stark says:

    Hey Dr. Greger you should make a video on eating bugs.

  22. Jennie McCluskey says:

    I think this is great. Thank you.

  23. Benjamin French says:

    I was waiting for the list of what also counted as satisfactory study types. The randomized-controlled trial can either be unethical or impractical in some cases, so what cases are able to be used? How can we properly know what is unbiased and sound? Bunk studies are getting more and more common these days, so we need to know what methods are satisfactory before we make life changes to adjust to the research.

  24. hillsidepoppy says:

    Thank you.

  25. farm country says:

    Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”
    The status quo $3 Trillion/yr sickcare industry would loose waaaaaaay too much money if eating healthy became the norm.

  26. Mandroid321 says:

    Natural based nutrition > Evidence based nutrition. So far this has been my main takeaway of achieving a healthy diet.

  27. Christina says:

    Great video! Since you mentioned dietary treatments for MS, what is your opinion of Dr. Terry Whals' protocol?

  28. Simon Smith says:

    LOL Funniest Nutrition Facts video ever!

  29. Lama Jigme Gyatso: Meditate Like a Jedi says:

    Love it. Well done doc. liked and shared

  30. Andre Williamson says:


  31. tamcon72 says:

    R.A. Fisher: Out-Orwelling Orwell[golf clap] I should reference him the next time some meater baboso here at vegan YT babbles at me about Randomized Controlled Trials, as though they are the Alpha and Omega, and vegan "bias" in research promoting plant-based nutrition, as though omni researchers are the epitome of disinterestedness.

  32. WisdomTooth says:

    Someone should do in a nutshell comment for every video 😀

  33. loretta calling says:

    Much respect, Dr. Greger.

  34. Cassie G says:

    Resistance to seeing association rooted in dislike of criticism.. hmm, that sounds really familiar.

  35. varvorines says:

    What happens in health authority agencies when 200,000 people die from eating blue berries? A mass re-call and ban on blue berries. What happens when 200,000 people diagnosed with a second opinion confirmed terminal illness or irreversible chronic condition completely recover? NOTHING! What gets journalized in to health reality gets filtered and screened to match the ideology of the day.

  36. Imogen the ghost says:


  37. SoSkinny69 says:

    I need to show this to some people I know…

  38. earthpet says:

    We know that people will probably die if they jump out of an airplane without a parachute. No randomized control trial needed. Then we also do not need a randomized controlled trial to show that most people won't stick with a whole foods plant based diet. How many times does it need to be shown that when you create a diet where a person must deprive themselves of certain foods then most people won't stick with it?

    "Just eat a, b, and c. Don't eat x, y, and z."

    Does anybody else understand the irony of this video?

  39. Skeptic Acid says:

    Smoke screen! LOL!

  40. Carl Harverson says:

    haha brilliant

  41. Herbivore Stories says:

    I could (to my surprise) not find any information on your site about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and hyper mobility. I have a good friend that suffers from this and would love to get some information how to treat it.

  42. DailyLGS says:

    The parachute analogy is PERFECT. What a great way to explain the problems with seeing rct as the only real evidence.

  43. gesus44 says:

    I am going to call you out for "smoking".
    Cannabis isn''t anywhere near the same as modern day western cigarettes?

  44. DrewN3O says:

    Great analogy.

  45. M Humaikani says:

    This was funny man… Nice tone

  46. cornellius01 says:

    Physicist don't need randomized controlled trials for the application of Newtonian mechanics (the parachute example), because they have a first principles model of mechanics. Doctors have no such first principles model of human physiology and so do need to do their stats right.

  47. TheJadeFist says:

    Parachutes may help in prevention of deceleration sickness.

  48. Patricia McDonald says:

    Liked the way you finished with the Smith and Peller study, best research since the dihydrogen monoxide scare. ;P Excellent points Dr Greger, maybe we need to look outside the system we're in to see more clearly.

  49. johnny roe says:

    why is this world so fucked up, these people should be in jail

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