TB: I’m going to make the injection as easy as possible. On the count of three, you’re gonna feel a pinch and a sting. P: Oh yeah? TB: If you feel like moving your foot don’t. Just push your heel like this straight down into the chair. Okay? P: Oh, okay. TB: I’m not just putting a topical we’re doing an injection to numb the area that way when we try to find that piece that’s in there, you don’t feel a single thing. P: Okay. TB: Okay, so I’m just gonna wipe this area down. P: Yes. TB: So on a count of three, you can push your heel straight down into the chair, okay, sir Okay, here we go. One, two, three. You okay? P: Yeah. TB: You’re doing ok? P: Yes. TB: Yeah, you’re a tough guy! (patient laughs) TB: Over 30 days with this! P: Yes, can you imagine? TB: I can’t, no. P: I thought it was going to be faster and I would see a surgeon right away but no. They just give me a tetanus vaccination and that’s all. Not even an antibiotic that time. TB: No, nothing. Huh? P: No, just tetanus vaccination. TB: Yes. P: They gave me just that one. And then it got worse, not worse, it was the same thing. TB: Okay. I’m gonna give you one more pinch, okay? P: Mm-hmm. TB: Here we go on three: one, two, three. Any pain? P: No. TB: So, like I said, I set everything up. P: mm-hmm TB: And make sure everything’s numb. Okay, sir. That wasn’t too bad? P: No. (?) Really. TB: Very good. P: Yeah. TB: So I’m just gonna wipe the area down with that antibacterial wipe. P: Yeah. TB: Okay. Do you mind telling the camera what happened exactly? Is that okay? P: Yeah. Yeah no problem. You’re the doctor. TB: No, no, just Jonathan, call me Jonathan. P: Oh, Jonathan. TB: And I’m just gonna be removing the dead skin and you just tell the camera what happened with this injury. So you stepped on something? You were taking out the garbage? P: No, I kicked a garbage bag. Do you believe it? I kicked the garbage upstairs was, you know, small garbage container we have and then I know what happened that time. It was so amazing! I thought I hit a plastic tube because I just found that one inside. TB: So did you break a piece off yourself or was everything all in the foot? P: No, that much was gone; it was broke, I think it was there that much. TB: Half a finger? P: Yeah, looks like yeah because I took off that much. P: and then left four millimeter more so maybe a half inch. TB: And you didn’t… P: And the other piece maybe broke in the garbage. I have a picture if you wanna see. TB: Sure. P: Yeah, this one I took. TB: And right away did you go to emergency? P: I took a picture after two weeks because they didn’t find that then I try to talk off the pus because they told me that is nothing in the x-ray and after two weeks, I took this one, look. (I took a photo after two weeks.) Jonathan. TB: Oh, geez! P: This picture, yeah. Because it was maybe the body push after that, right (body pushes it out)? TB: There’s a lot of bad tissue all in this area. P: Yes. TB: So the X-ray didn’t show anything? P: No the ultrasound, yes. They say the X-ray doesn’t show the metabolic maybe. Oh no, wood, sorry. Both pieces. TB: No not as well as if it was metal for sure. P: Yeah. The ultrasound (showed it). TB: And you’ve been walking around with everything still with this? P: Yes, I’m working, yeah, I just left work and come back because it’s enough. I don’t know. I guess you get more pain, right, because it swells? TB: So, how long did you spend at the emergency room the first time? P: Maybe more than three hours. TB: And they were digging around, weren’t they? P: No, you just wait in the waiting room. TB: No, but when he froze you and checked inside… P: The first time they didn’t check it, right?
And the second time they check it and finally the doctor sent me over there. They just give me tetanus injection. That’s it. Second time doctors say no, it’s still infected. I have to find the piece that I have inside. TB: Okay, what we’re gonna do I’m gonna put a tourniquet on your foot because it’s bleeding a little too much. P: Yes. TB: I’ll be able to see what’s going on. Oh my gosh! I’m gonna make sure the cameras is on when we see this thing. You okay? P: Yes. TB: Any pain? P: No. TB: You want to take a look? P: No. TB: Okay. It’s out now. P: Ahhh! I can’t believe you! You’re scaring me! TB: I scared you! Sorry! P: This is not 4mm! It’s a half inch! TB: That’s not 4mm! P: OMG! Can I take a picture? TB: You can take a picture. P: OMG! TB: Are you okay, sir? P: It’s beautiful! I appreciate… you save my life! P: I can’t believe it! TB: You okay? P: Yes. TB: Okay. So I’m just gonna flush that area out… no pain? P: No. TB: You see how it’s not bleeding anymore? P: No. TB: So now everything’s controlled. P: OMG! You made me so happy! You don’t know how! TB: I’m happy for you, sir. This is, I got shivers! P: OMG! Thank you! TB: When I saw the top part of it, I had shivers! Okay, so we’re gonna flush this guy out. We’re gonna pack it up. It’s a very deep wound. TB: Oh my gosh! P: OMG! I am happy anyway! I don’t care! (laughs) TB: No we’re okay now. P: Yes. TB: So I’ll show the camera one more time. Crazy! 32 days? P: More! 34! It was April 12th today is May 16 so 34, no? TB: How many trips to the… two trips to the emergency room? P: Two trips to emergency. They sent me to the the fracture, what was the name? TB: The Fracture Clinic. P: The Fracture Clinic. Also they just keep sending me and then they said no come back after another two weeks and the doctor gave me an antibiotic and he leave me like this that’s not even looking for. TB: And a lot of pills. P: Yes. TB: How many pills did you take in total? P: Over 90. TB: Over 90 pills? P: I have the box. I didn’t bring it for you. Over 90 pills. TB: Okay. So, we don’t want anything to fester in the wound, so we’re going to leave it open, okay? P: Umm-hmm. TB: If we put it up and there’s still debris, we want everything to close from the inside out. P: Okay. TB: All we have to do is dress it with some gauze like this and a wrap. I’m gonna give you all this together today. P: Okay. Maybe not to thick so I can wear the shoes? TB: No, I’m just gonna put enough to hold it on. If it bleeds through… P: Are you done? TB: All finished. P: OMG! So I don’t have to take any pill or anything? I still have some left but I won’t take it. TB: You just finished, right? P: I just finished TB: You should be okay. P: Okay. TB: But we’re gonna keep an eye on it. That’s why we have follow-up appointments just to make sure that, you know, it doesn’t get infected. P: Mm-hmm. TB: I would still take the pills… you have, just in case. P: Oh, I take the pills? TB: Yeah, just to be safe because it is very, very deep. P: Okay, I still have about ten pills in the box. TB: Okay. If not, I’m gonna give you another prescription. P: Yeah, just in case, yeah. TB: All done. P: OMG! Thanks a lot, man! I appreciate it, really! TB: You’re welcome! TB: So I’m just filming right now. You said how long for an appointment to get this surgically removed? P: One year. TB: They told you one year? P: Yeah, they told me year. TB: It’s gonna be fun to walk around with. P: I cannot believe how I could stay one year with this one. TB: No.

Daniel Yohans


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