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Daniel Yohans

15 thoughts on “FALSETTO – VOCAL EXERCISE #2

  1. ジョセフイーナ says:

    can you some exercises for whispery/airy voice ?

  2. Garden tricks Craxy Recipies says:

    Love u

  3. AnimatorMax7 says:

    u r really doing a great job man, thankyou very much

  4. Jesus Requena says:

    I totally suck, but your videos are awesome haha

  5. Dr.murrphymusic says:

    Guys check my riffs and runs u can take some tips

  6. joao rodrigues says:


  7. Jacob Chong says:

    hello ur video has helped me alot!!! but one question! Is there any exercise that can help me sing LOW in my Falsetto/headvoice? kind of like justin timberlake and Ed Sheeran singing

  8. Tadéus says:

    This key is too low

  9. Kaleb Putman says:

    Hey can I love you so much out can you somehow make the falsetto higher in key because I want to try to make my range in falsetto higher

  10. EM-B! says:

    U fall down, but u get up again… u never gonna hit the ground!!. XOXO 😘

  11. skitzomaniac19 99 says:

    for how long should i be doing this excercise

  12. Senjou Gahara says:

    My voice enjoys this. 😂😍

  13. Heyitsasykal says:

    Raspy voice plss

  14. Tr3bleMak3r says:

    I have gotten better with my singing bc of ur vídeos. Thxx

  15. Nicole Liggieri says:

    This is more easy

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