Finland’s entire government resigns after breakdown of agreement on welfare state reform

Finland’s entire government resigns after breakdown of agreement on welfare state reform

Finland’s entire government resigned Friday after the governing coalition failed to agree on the welfare state reform just one month before elections were due to be held you hyssop Allah has been the country’s prime minister since 2015 after forming a three party governing coalition with two other right leaning parties including the small populist blue Reform Party a group that was once part of the euro skeptic through fins but split up amid divisions over immigration policy I take the responsibility for the failure that has been a huge disappointment to me syphilis said during a news conference adding that the reform in the works had been one of our most important projects the reform tried to reorganize the welfare state and made an aging population and cut public spending by three dollars four billion in the next ten years an ambitious aid that many parties have tried and failed to achieve in the past according to Eurostat data one in five people in Finland are aged 65 or over the fourth highest in Europe after Germany Portugal Greece and Italy the BBC reported [Music] due to the structure of the Finnish welfare states the aging population is putting a strain on the system as provisions and benefits are paid by the working age population [Music] Finland’s President Saleh now místico accepted syphilis resignation though he will continue to serve in a caretaker role until the upcoming election next month produces a new government [Music] the collapse of the government came just weeks before Finnish voters will head to the polls to vote for the parliamentary elections [Music] the resignation won’t impact the timetable of the elections will be held on April 14th as previously set [Music]

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7 thoughts on “Finland’s entire government resigns after breakdown of agreement on welfare state reform

  1. Timothy Phipps says:

    As in Finland and Venezuela so to in America!

  2. Gregg Mitchell says:

    Do you think any Dems who want universal income will listen to this? Doubt it.

  3. Steven Weibl says:

    Doesn't this guy look like a really dumb ass just look pure stupid dddaaaaa.inbreeding.

  4. ctwatcher says:

    But I just read the happiest people are from Finland? Was that before they went broke? We should ask again in a year how happy they are.

  5. 1000 subs with no vidz says:

    Finland a socialist country? The current government has just been selling all state run services to private companies. And the Social Healthcare Reform that "run" Finnish government to resign was just a reform to privatize the Finnish healthcare. The real reason why the government resigned was that in one month we will have an election (which the conservative party will win) and the current government parties can now yell at each other is debates now that they aren't together in the government anymore

  6. Nanette Carey says:

    Great info…but what does Mrs Trump have to do with it? 4x her image was shown?

  7. xzqzq says:

    This is a fight which will have to come to America – the reform of the Welfare State.

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