hi i’m Dr.Joel Fuhrman
Welcome to nutrition for lifelong good health. One of the first tips I want
to give you today is my acronym GBOMBS and that is G B O M B S. GBOMBS. IT stands
for greens beans onions mushrooms berries and seeds because I want you to
keep those foods on the tip of your tongue and fresh in your mind so you
recognize the foods that have the most powerful effects to fight cancer and by
eating these foods regularly you don’t extend your lifespan all right so let’s
go through those g bombs one more time greens especially cruciferous greens
contain a compound called isothiocyanates or ITC’s that are the
most powerful anti-aging anti-cancer compound in the plant kingdom but here’s
the secret those ITC’s are not in the compound
until you to it when you’re chewing that broccoli or the kale the collard greens
or the brock joy you’re forming the ITC’s in your mouth as you chew and the
better you chew the more ITC’s that are being formed as an enzyme in green
vegetables called myrosinase that’s heat sensitive if you cook the broccoli the
kale first and then shoo it you’re not going to form them in the ITC’s but if
you put some raw watercress or raw arugula or raw cabbage or raw broccoli
raw kale on your salad and shoot it real well you get the benefits of those that
enzyme called myrosinase and you deform the ITC’s in your mouth and now this is
supplying the my roast from those raw greens you would produce more ITC’s from
the cook greens that you ate with that meal because you would have supplied
some at my roast nice from the raw greens so there’s the secret eat your
green vegetables both raw and cooked but have the assortment of both raw
vegetables and cooked vegetables in the same meal to get maximum benefits the
next one beings beings are full of compounds that prevent cancer and slow
the aging process and they’re high in nutrients highest in fiber and highest
in the resistance starch of all foods so beans are low glycemic high in nutrients
high in anti-cancer compounds and low glycemic and they’re high in protein and
they particularly contain proteins that do not raise i GF 1 igf-1
is a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor-1
and wheat too much animal protein igf-1 rise is too high into unfavourable
levels that speeds up the rate you age more animal protein the faster you age
the way you compensate for that the way you prevent that is that you eat more
greens which are high in protein and you more beans which are high in protein and
you eat more nuts and seeds that are high in protein thus reducing your
desire for or need for animal products that’s the secret
so casue greens beans super important not only beans high in protein about 25
to 30 percent but because some of the carbohydrate content is not absorbable
it passes through into the toilet it makes the effective protein percent even
higher than 30 percent next comes o onions onions have between a 55 and 88%
reduction almost all cancers and again the ally and ace enzyme and onions is
heat sensitive so then what you want to remember here is that if you want to get
maximum anti-cancer and anti-aging effects money ins you want to eat some
raw onion on your salad cut some raw right on you up thin on your salad and
eat that with your cooked onion you eating in the meal – so onions are a
superfood try to eat 1/2 a cup of onion a day and put onion on your salad every
single day I even love to take greens for example
like steamed kale and put some tomato sauce on top maybe put a cream sauce
made with like almond milk and cashews and nutritional yeast and in the chopped
kale some tomato sauce on top and then sprinkle some chopped raw red onion on
top a delicious simple dish that makes healthy food taste great M for mushrooms
mushrooms the food that our richest source of angiogenesis inhibitors the
word angiogenesis means to grow new blood vessels and tumors grow by
secreting angiogenesis promoters which sequester new blood vessels to bring
oxygen and nutrients to help them grow when we’re an adult we don’t want to
support the growth of tumors we want our growth to go into repair of tissue and
maintenance of tissue and age and stopping aging and and also the
angiogenesis inhibitors prevent the growth of fat on your body
the angiogenesis inhibitors prevent fat growth they say no way Jose
I’m not letting you put fat on your body they let you stay muscular and lean into
your later years mushrooms also contain aromatase inhibitors which protect the
breasts against breast cancer because they protect the breasts goodness
estrogen stimulation that second B in G bombs berries like blueberries and
raspberries and blackberries which are so rich in nutrients especially
polyphenols and anthro Cyan’s that protect the brain against aging they’re
even shocking the scientists amount pather and create
incredible power to slow the aging process and protect against cancer one
study for example showed that they were able to look to reverse the effective
precancerous conditions in the esophagus that they were the sciences were able to
study the point here is that blackberries and blueberries and
strawberries or they’re not that sweet their glycemic effect is very low but
they have a great flavor and there are a fantastic food to slow the aging process
have them in your cereal in the morning and you’re you know steel-cut oatmeal or
something add them into your salad I make a great salad by mixing all the
green vegetables and onions and just taking an orange mixing with some blood
orange vinegar or a white wine vinegar with a few cashews and toasted sesame
seeds and a little bit of cashews and mixed in make this great dressing I cut
up some berries like Kiwis and strawberries wooden blueberries into
salad let’s make a fruity dressing a little berries and strawberries and kiwi
in the salad with a lot of green and onion in there an incredible great main
dish I want you to try G bombs the s4 seeds like sunflower seeds and sesame
seeds and flax seeds and chia seeds superfoods let me give you just roughly
what these foods can do because there was a study that took women who already
had a diagnosis of breast cancer and they followed them for 10 years and
those who had a third of a milligram of seeds in their diet a third of a
milligram of lignans from seeds at a 71% decreased mortality from breast cancer
over that 10-year period now that was a third of a milligram a teaspoon of flax
seed has seven milligrams that’s 21 times that amount and that when you get
the full benefit when you take these foods way before you get a diagnosis of
cancer you get much more benefits because they have anti-aging effects
true they prevent prostate cancer and they prevent breast cancer but they also
protect blood vessels they help restore
elasticity and maintain elasticity and youthfulness of your tissues they’re
helpful for your skin and your aging process they’re helpful for the brain so
don’t forget to eat seeds on a regular basis use ground flax seeds a ground
chia seeds every morning with your breakfast and add sunflower seeds and
hemp seeds and other seeds with your lunch or in your salad or part of the
other dishes because those have those spec those beneficial proteins that
support muscle growth without pushing igf-1 to unfavorable high levels I want
you to be part of this team I want you to be an effective person to improve the
health of all Americans because we’re only going to succeed if we do this
together and you know how you can help by being an example and getting super
healthy yourself you’ve heard that statement put the oxygen mask on
yourself first and then help others well you’ve got to be a shining example of
superior health so go out there exercise regularly get that go to the supermarket
get those healthy foods learn these super delicious dishes put this in
action get slim get fit get healthy and then be a shining example for others
like ray of lights better than winning the Olympics because this is giving you
a personal satisfaction that you can have a positive effect on other people
in your community your friends your family your loved ones may be an
exciting example of superior health and having learned this information yourself
when people gonna ask you how you’re doing so great and feeling so great
looking so great you’re gonna be asked you know this is the way we’re going to
change America by doing it together the salad is the main dish. Th whiter
the bread, the sooner you’re dead. The more you eat green the more you get lean

Daniel Yohans

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