GOP Welfare Hypocrisy

president mama got a bunch of request from republic governors saying
hey can u to loosen uh… the requirements on how we give
welfare because we’d like to experiment with requiring more work from these
people president wallaby who he is a slight
over problems that’s for something will produce the argument and says okay fine you can pass people
to do but yet they had to do at least twenty percent more so that republicans around the house and
just voted to say that the president cannot do double waited it was a rose a wrestler
in the first place i can’t believe you were removed from
our requirement welfare powder president obama’s out pages lok had been covered politics for a
while now almost two decades right that’s what i’m talking about when i say
streaming these guys are soul brazen so i’m really in their
attacks against president obama annonymous forty percent forty seven
percent of our hook you know the people that aren’t
paying taxes who got who created the earned income
tax credit good politics who created the child care conservative exactly so i mean in these
are conservative ideas that their revolt there revolted by defied although i
cannot how do these working people not pay attacks is that we set up for them not
to pay not environment you know earlier in the way they ran a ronald reagan core
from nineteen eighty six is i did not because of these tax credits the working for water that is a more
market like that surely by the way the mandate who came up with that
conservatives red yet you know and there should be there
should be progress is out there saying things like teachers shouldn’t have to pay taxes many but the minute two percent that you
know how many good people would go to teaching you know i teaching was a tax-free of uh… you might be that there should never these these are but they were
progressive blocked from republicans batman these test scripts and now for
stating lenders will let me tell you know how the re conservatives are
revolting against mitt romney because they think this economy is so bad in
your doing so poorly against is very beautiful president i’d feel the same
thing about brocco obama you don’t have a ten point lead on this good this guy is kit he’s been he is the
symbol all of what’s wrong with the world right
now settling in marrakech and you can’t beat this guide worse than
that that so i feel like the fact that it’s even close is rediculous are right when we do in the middle of an economy
of the pool pool reality is the political reality no matter who the
president here in a bad economy the present one thing every day should
emphasize all times are you better off than you were four years ago of course your deploying resilient in
middle of it epic economic collapse brought to you by
the same jackass strike and even if you’re wealthy the stock market has
never been harder you know fourteenth abruptly fourteen
thousand remarkable

Daniel Yohans

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