Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives | IIMBx on edX | Course About Video

Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives | IIMBx on edX | Course About Video

Welcome to this course– Healthcare in Indian
Strategic Perspectives. I am Chirantan Chatterjee, faculty
member in Corporate Strategy and Policy at the Indian
Institute of Management Bangalore. I take an interest in
global health care markets looking at it both for my research as
well as for my teaching and consulting. What is it unique about health
care as a product or service? Ponder on this subject
and you realize that you don’t consume health care most
often by choice but by compulsion, unlike a smart phone or a luxury good. This raises interesting new answers
for both supply of healthcare as well as demand for healthcare. And more so in the context of
emerging economies like India. Where exactly is Indian
healthcare going? What are some of the unique challenges
and nuances in Indian healthcare? What is the role of patient centricity,
affordability, access to health care, and, most importantly, quality and
innovation in Indian healthcare markets? What does fragmented
nature of competition do to Indian healthcare
markets, both in terms of the quality of services
that are being rendered as well as the pricing
and choices that are available to patients and consumers. Are Indian healthcare markets at the
cusp of [? entrepreneur ?] disruption? Will this disruption happen at scale? What interesting events are
panning out in the context of sub-markets in Indian healthcare? We’ll be focused on Indian
pharmaceutical markets, Indian medical technology farms,
as well as the hospitals in India, and look at what private,
public, as well as, foreign participants in these
sectors along with regulatory changes are doing to the future of these
sub-markets in Indian healthcare. As you walk with me through
these sector perspectives, you will also learn
fundamental strategic lessons on how organizations deal with
challenges in these markets. Join me to understand these nuances
in Indian healthcare circa 2015. Participate in case lead
discussions, invite the learnings from fundamental issues
in strategic management, and partake in discussions with
top leaders in Indian healthcare to know where these
markets are going forward. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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