Healthcare Should Not Be a For-Profit Business, says Jesse Ventura

Healthcare Should Not Be a For-Profit Business, says Jesse Ventura

Pharma is corporate healthcare and I don’t
believe that healthcare should be a for profit business. And unfortunately with pharma it
totally is. Like this bozo – that pill that AIDS patients needed and this bozo raises
the price from $12 a pill to what was it – $900 or something ridiculous. Well there you’ve
got an example of private sector coming in and making everything for profit. Always remember
that there’s a difference – and this is for the people out there for these like CEOs
like Trump that run. There’s a difference between government and a corporation. Corporations
are for profit. That is all they’re for. Turning out profit for the shareholders. Government
is to provide services and that’s a different ballgame. Providing services to being for
profit. So you cannot run them the same way. People are saying oh, run it like a private
corporation. No. Private corporations are for profit and that’s what you’re seeing
in the healthcare industry today. It’s being run for profit and I don’t think people’s
health should be run for profit. Certainly people don’t work in the industry should
earn a living. No one is denying that. But when you read about the heads of these healthcares
making what – $40 million a year – stock options to where they have so much money they
couldn’t spend it all. All at the sake of our health. Health should not be for profit.
If you’re sick in a country like ours, it’s simple. You should have the ability to go
see a doctor. Everybody in this country deserves the same
healthcare that congressmen get. How’s that. Whatever congressmen get, you and I deserve
the same thing. They should be no better or no worse than us. After all don’t they work
for us? Or aren’t the supposed to? We’re the boss. They’re the employee. All you
see on daytime television and I love it, tell your doctor about this drug. Well let me steal
from Bill Maher if I will for a moment. If you’re telling your doctor what you need
your doctor’s not a doctor, he’s a dealer. He should be telling you what you need. He’s
the doctor. So why do they do ads on TV telling you to take these drugs? And the point is
yes, they do control our entire healthcare system today. The pure Libertarian is almost
an anarchist. I’ve butted heads with them at times and they believe some of them that
there’s no role of government at all. And I’ve kind of said come on, in a civilized
society you’ve got to have some type of entity that performs fairness within society.
You’d have anarchy if you don’t have in a civil society if you don’t have some form
of control of the people. So I understand the Libertarian viewpoint enough but I’m
also a realist, you know. You’re not going to live in Utopia. That’s impossible. We’re
human beings. We make mistakes. We’re not gods. We’re humans.

Daniel Yohans

87 thoughts on “Healthcare Should Not Be a For-Profit Business, says Jesse Ventura

  1. Gard Gulbrandsen says:

    Just a thought, if you run the government as a business would you not raise taxes? What republicans really want is to run the government for businesses

  2. Sew Cheryl says:

    I've worked in healthcare for over 30 years. It's gone from cost-based to for profit in a very short period of time. The biggest jump being the Reagan era. The real problem is with insurance companies. They are driving the for profit train. In the late 80's an insurance CEO told me " We are not in the business of paying claims. We are in the business of collecting premiums." I spend most of my day doing my best to stick to them.

  3. Ghostie92 says:

    Didn't this guy sue the widow of a deceased war veteran?

  4. Rick Kasten says:

    I got nothing against Jesse Ventura, but I find it comical that a mutton head professional wrestler makes more logical sense than any of the candidates running for the Republican ticket for President.

  5. Alex Stratis says:

    I think he means "chaos" not "anarchy"

  6. J M says:


  7. ICEmanDaConquera says:


  8. Greg Letter says:

    If I didn't tell my doctor the type of pain killer that works best for me then I would get a pain killer that doesn't work for me.

  9. latewire says:

    Government is for profit as well. Profit for the people in government. The difference is government has guns and can remove competition. They enforce their monopoly with violence. By the way, that AIDS drug would've been super cheap in an actual Free market… and even with the FDA's choke-hold on pharma, that pill is now down to $1 due to COMPETITION. That price is lower than anything we'd expect to see from government.

  10. Alejandro says:

    I swear I was waiting for him to say at the end "If you believe as I do, then vote for Bernie Sanders" HAHAHA.

  11. cruhg says:

    Healthcare isn't a right, it's a product, just like guns aren't a right, gun ownership is. Ideally I agree with Ventura, but until he can come up with a logical plan for healthcare I wholeheartedly disagree.

  12. Krew790 says:

    why is this uneducated man on here. watch him debate Jim norton he just gets mad and threatens him, this guy knows nothing.

  13. The Family Photo says:

    Even if you don't think that healthcare, or anything for that matter should be handled by the public sector, it's obvious that it should always be a non-profit system. Hell, Universities figured this out centuries ago! Most are private institutions, but are also non-profit, because they realize that education should be handled by people who are interested in educating people first, not people who are only interested in making money.

    And even more importantly, when something is a non-profit system, collected revenue gets funneled towards the cause for that organization, so that they can continually improve their efficiency. It doesn't go into the pockets of a small minority of shareholders.

  14. horm says:

    The wanton ignorance of how expensive and difficult drug R&D is just kills me (it might, actually). Those of you who think, for example, that cancer research will continue to progress at the rate it has over the last 20 years without developers having patent protection will get to watch many of your loved ones miss out on treatments and possibly die due to your own absurd naivite if you somehow get your way. Healthcare reform is possible (and needed) without the extremist nonsense.

  15. wessiderider187 says:

    Jessie still ain't got time to bleed.

  16. Sam E. Smalls says:

    Jesse, considering what you put Mrs Kyle through, most of us are just waiting for the next dead wrestler news.

  17. Roiben F. Blitzkrieg says:

    We're flawed now, yes, though perhaps only for these, the last days of our Type 0 Civilization.

  18. B Sinita says:

    Mind🤓😊😄😄 dude Ventura

  19. aWorldview says:

    This is a good example of very shallow populist thinking. Why do away with "for profit" medicine and so loose all the motivation, research and progress that comes along with it, when you can just regulate it better and have both.

    Governments are sovereign, they can do whatever they want. Just find what's wrong and fix it. Regulate it, don't kill it. This "turn everything upside down" attitude is destructive and is the main reason social justice hasn't caught on more.

  20. Vnbsm says:

    Even God make mistake, he created human!

  21. neomcghee says:

    i love you Jesse!

  22. Andrés Romero Urdaneta says:

    Why does farma has a monopoly? Government. How are we gonna fix the farma monopoly? More goverment

  23. boondockdread says:


  24. J Zepher says:

    Did jesses "elite investigaters" tell him to say this? He is right about this but hes a bit wacko at times.

  25. Eoghan O'Leary Fitzpatrick says:

    As an irishman, hearing health care being referred to as "an industry" absolutely boggled me. I would see at as a human right or a service provided by the government no questions asked, so it sounded very foreign to me when I heard at as an industry. Maybe that's what it has become in the US today?

  26. Ryan McIntyre says:

    I'm not saying I disagree with public medicine, but the facts show that for-profit centers, like heart hospitals and cancer centers (two in which I have personal experience working), result in better treatment, better prevention, better research, better information, and overall better patient care and education; and the competition lowers the cost for the insurance companies. Does your county hospital or VA offer that?

    Also, should we be taking our advice from wrestlers turned politicians (cough ACTORS)?

  27. james green says:

    We have the best healthcare because of corporations. Profit drives innovation. Government healthcare is for poor people. Look at VA healthcare. it is very costly for the poor care we get,. There is long waits and you can not get the latest drugs. There is no reason for them to be cost effective. Most of the doctors see far fewer patients per day then someone in the private sector. They have jobs for life with the chance of being fired not going to happen.

  28. Rob Kennedy says:

    no shit

  29. Jake Shattuck says:

    Use your ears and brains, people. Yes, he said have armed janitors in schools as deterrents from shootings…EX POLICE/MILITARY janitors, NOT any old weirdo already working there that huffs spray cans when nobody is looking! Qualified guys that spent their careers learning when and how to use those guns.

    We should vote you in to the White House, Jesse. You're one of the VERY few sane and trustworthy options.

  30. Craig Oneill says:

    You are still spending money on healthcare with taxes. it's just that if it is private you get the option to choose your service provider. Plus then the money that you give is spent on getting you better rather than funding the Indian space program or bailing out banks.

  31. SynergyCeleste says:

    Jesse, it's time to cut your hair, it no longer looks good long, it's thin and stringy. Please give it up!

  32. sequorroxx says:

    Fairness: universal rules for everyone.

    Violently preventing people from selling medical services and monopolizing the initiation of violence, where only one group of people are permitted to use violence to control others: not fair.

    So which is it Jesse? You want fairness or not?

  33. Joe Rinaldi says:

    I agree that gov should provide health services with domestic US citizens. However at 1:14 I believe that should be understood that the workers in the gov should work as hard or at the same efficiency and production as many public sector workers, with deadlines, schedules, etc. If the government hierarchies were ran the same way as some good "for profit" public sector companies. They would save a ton of money. However the private sector company would not be able to run it the way the gov does it.
    I believe each state has the capability to put together some form of efficient single payer system.

  34. Marcara081 says:

    So remove all incentive for the practice, don't reward those who can operate more efficiently and at lower cost with greater profit thus thereby progressing the practice, and let the government, the same government currently in over a trillion dollars of debt not to mention unfunded liabilities, try to manage healthcare as a non-profit organization?

    Fuck you people are so fucking stupid it borders on retardation. How about you have your 'free' and 'non-profit' healthcare and everyone else who doesn't want that can financially support a private healthcare system free of whatever regulations your government would like to impose on it? How about you 'free-minded' people leave us alone and see whose system works better? I mean, I don't pay for your computers or your bandwidth of your porn or your car and you don't pay for mine. Healthcare isn't any different in this regard and I'm not paying for you.

    Oh right, you'd rather force people to do things the way you want at the barrel of a gun (government) rather than let us make our own choices. "Cause y'know, you're so concerned with freedom, human rights, and non-violence as 'progressives'.

  35. spadecodezor says:

    I read the title. No shit.

  36. Vdubs4Life1964 says:

    Till my last breath laying on my bed dying of cancer, I would still not advocate violence toward my fellow men and women by a government to get them to pay for my healthcare.. I will die with dignity.

  37. sequorroxx says:

    It is so tiring to hear about hatred of the profit motive by people who want things to be cheaper.


    I swear, these people don't even listen to themselves.

  38. TrueDepth says:

    In a true free market that pill would be 50 cents. Big Pharma can only do what it does because of the government.

  39. Daxxon Jabiru says:

    He's a good man.

  40. Supra Levamentum says:

    He means well..

  41. Jerett Olson says:

    Government is for profit also, its called taxes. All you have do is look at all wasteful government spending. Only differences with a corporation, is that government will force to pay for it, corporation you have a choice.

  42. cristi1990an says:

    Healthcare is the conservation of life. Life is priceless. Therefore it is immoral to put a price on healthcare.

    Healthcare goes far beyond the "supply and demand" ideology of capitalism, because demand for healthcare is constant.

    A well funded single payer system is the answer because it rewards the work of the doctors without using old capitalistic transactions.

  43. SauerGustavo says:

    Yeah, Jesse. Socialism in medicine will work wonders cuz we all know how it worked on other sectors…

  44. lonewolf says:

    I wonder if these people would make everything so someone could profit no matter the cost. Police cia fbi nsa military postal library public land use Fire Dept Ambulance all ran for profit instead of cost just so some smuck or rich asshole can sit back and make a buck without working for it by buying shares in a stock. If you can't pay then die the motto? Buy shares in government heard it's for sale and great return on investment.

  45. Thomas H says:

    Big Think:Jesse Ventura –> oxymoron definition

  46. Franchen Christ says:

    when people die because of their greed, it is time to try them for crimes against humaity

  47. anime sucks says:

    "i don't understand price mechanisms"
    "i don't understand the effect of government regulation"

  48. Melanie Brandt says:

    I have always loved Jesse Ventura.

  49. Pranay Vadapally says:

    Hey Jesse, look up the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. It is completely for-profit instead of non-profit (which are highly subsidized FROM TGE GOVERNMENT). While you're right that corporations can do terrible things, govt and its monopoly on force and coercion provide them with the power for bad corporations to stay and not be involved in real competition

  50. Cristobal Salvaje says:

    congress is our royalty.

  51. Paul Donnelly says:

    God Bless the NHS in the UK, although the conservative government is trying to dismantle it.

  52. Chad Kamerad says:

    It's odd, hospitals are non profit by law and yet charge 100$ for an asprine. After years of fighting legislator backed unions, a for profit company opened a surgery center and charged 5 times less for the same procedures with better quality care and still made a profit. Yet, a person who has a patent by law can legally have a monopoly on a medication nearly two decades. Is the problem the laws or the business?

  53. Sherrell says:

    Sadly healthcare will never stop being a for-profit business. This is a capitalist country and Doctors and others high in rank are making too much money off of it for them to stop it now

  54. Open-minded Skeptic says:

    You tell 'em, Jessie!

  55. The Bee Factory says:

    Lotta comments here equating taxes to theft, and lots of free market bullshit. You're all sociopaths who believe that we should just let people die rather than tax the ultra rich.

    I don't care what job you do, or how well you do it, NO ONE deserves a salary over 5M/y. No exceptions. No one person deserves to live in ungodly luxury while there are people working JUST AS HARD making nothing. Seriously, if you believe that the CEO of a company works harder or requires more education, or training than a master electrician, or a surgeon, or anything else, you're a… well probably a republican.

  56. Bilal A says:

    The comment section is filled with the typical American anti-socialist drivel that makes the US seem so ignorant and ethnocentric to the rest of the world. Go ahead, keep the status quo and we in Europe will continue to outperform the US and gradually take over the industries you used to dominate. Keep putting climate change deniers on the scientific board in your government who barely invest any money in NASA and spend a shitload on the military. Keep having private insurance companies make ridiculous profits from vulnerable people and not have "government-sponsored socialist/communist" single payer healthcare system. It's only gonna keep your life expectancy lower than ours. Keep your education system as pricey as it is where the curriculum has to constantly be dumbed down in order for your people to graduate. It will only keep your population and your electorate as uneducated in general as it is and we will keep hammering you in every industry that you used to be at the frontier of. You guys even have one candidate who is in favor of all the issues that would actually be in your best interests and yet way too many of you relentlessly attack him with the most uneducated arguments you'd expect from Cold War dinosaurs. If Sanders loses this election, it's done for America unless Elizabeth Warren runs later on.

  57. Nick Amodio says:

    We're not gods… yet.

  58. WISE ARCADIAN says:

    Why is this man not President!!!!?

  59. Maj Smerkol says:

    i think this video was quite poorly edited. He seems like a reasonable guy though

  60. PC160 says:

    Of course he's right. This is one reason why the U.S. is embarrassingly backward, and anti-social.. Healthcare should be like clean water: easily available all, and NOT for insurance companies' pockets.

  61. Robert W says:

    JESSE 4 prez 2020!!!

  62. Libertarian Prince says:

    I agree.

  63. E Thompson says:

    I hate to be the troll here but its time to loose the mullet…

  64. Harvey Holloway says:

    Jessie Ventura making perfect sense as usual. Why do governments and industry have such practicality. Oh it would help the people instead of a few vultures and that can not be after all this is a democracy

  65. sinxincarnate says:

    the government isn't for "services" asshole. the government exists solely to maintain a standing military.

  66. Landon Brecheisen says:

    Oh, so companies should not compete to provide healthcare. Instead money should be forcible took from us to give people this service. The competition of private companies would provide people with a lower cost, more effective, and more efficient service. Free health care does not exist, you have to pay taxes to cover the cost. The people who maintain government are not how you think they are. They do not wish to serve you unless it serves themselves. They use government to bring massive profits to themselves. They manipulate you, steal from you, prey on you, and feed off you. Crime essence is government, derived and inspired to suit the needs of the entity. Government is truly a horrendous thing.

  67. Peakhelliw says:

    health care shouldn't be free, it should be affordable. It seems socialism ushers in a new generation of self entitled brats. Screw free health care.

  68. Ryan Hoeppner says:

    I'm somewhat disappointed that you uploaded this video BigThink. It's spreading false information and completely biased information that is not 'educating' anyone in any way. It's not leading someone to expand their horizons, it's creating bias in an audience based off of false information and one man's sad opinion.

    Not impressed.

  69. Warren Viegas says:

    None of what this guy says will ever be implemented.he does not separate biomedical research from healthcare administration.people are already struggling to get PhD's and signs well making 40 K a year. As a post doc. Be clear, United States subsidizes the rest of the world because most of the commercialization of drugs goes on there, that's where drug company to make a profit and why other countries can negotiatelower prices

  70. Winston Wolf says:

    Doc Brown

  71. chris gast says:

    I agree.

  72. cfltheman says:

    Its not that healthcare itself should be a for profit business, but health insurance companies.

  73. Darth Vader says:

    Food shouldn't be a for-profit business. Who do those greedy restaurants and grocery stores think they are, profiting off the hunger of others? FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE!*

    * – terms and conditions apply. These include, but are not limited to, a 90% tax rate and bread lines.

  74. Philipos Brooks says:

    213 corporate douchebag ass kissers disliked this video

  75. TimmacTR says:

    Debate Shkreli

  76. Zamiel Mourningstar says:

    Lol wtf I just realized I have the same shirt with the skeletal pirates on it that's so rad

  77. Timothy Otten says:

    "Corporations are for profit, that's all they're for. Government offers services, that's a whole different ball game".

    Is it a different ball game? How do companies make their profit? Could it be, through the services they provide? Jesse is a potato

  78. Poshan Khanal says:

    not all people in this world are stupid

  79. Joseph Mellen says:

    Everyone deserves exactly what they pay for. The government has no money other than what it takes from us citizens. Government screws up everything they touch. All the free stuff mentality is pure unadulterated socialism. Lies are propagated about the merits of Universal health care continuously and the average person is brainwashed into believing lies. Research it and be surprised at the results. Free market is the answer.

  80. David Lucey says:

    A great Minnesota man.

  81. TheChosenSquirrel says:

    Government is not too provide services. Its to protect your natural rights. Healthcare is not a natural right it requires someone else's labour.
    If you want to play the moral argument then sure … Don't steal others money to fund your healthcare. If you use taxes you make it difficult for private healthcare to compleat and the consumer is having the income they could spend on health care stolen by the government to give them gov't health care.
    It Limits free choice it's not voluntary this is authoritarian.
    It's also not a utopia a utopia is where everyone has gold pool liners and 20 cars. In a libertarian society, there is inequality there will be poverty and the police may be a little less friendly as the majority of what they would be facing would be violent crime since drugs and stuff would be 100% legal …

  82. J JJ says:

    Billions of military spending and free money to Israel and yet they say they can’t afford to provide healthcare to the citizenry.

  83. JustLikeGreta says:

    Wow, the Libertarian fucknuts are pissed at Jessie.

  84. James Buchanan says:

    Govt. sponsors Single Payer Healthcare and old
    Age pensions ,and programs for the needy,education etc.IS NOT SOCIALISM…It's
    Govt.Policy making service out of taxes to provide the nation what Govts are supposed to do for its People.No one asks where money comes from to Use for unecsessary Wars out
    our same Taxes.SOCIALISM is when a country
    Owns all the Corporations,Oil,Resources etc.etc.
    There's the difference we are not to know!!!
    All countries that have Healthcare etc. are not
    Socialists!!……..Just saying!

  85. Richard Russell says:

    The parasite Joe Biden gets free the best health care and why care for the poor when he's a yes man to the rich elite. The Repubictards and Demoncatz are the same party ( two sides of the same coin ) ! The party for the rich elite !% and their mega-corporations. John F Kennedy was the last real President that we had and it got him assassinated ! Every other president has just been yes men and just figure heads ! You can see from Johnson to Trump and notice the plight of the poor . The destruction of the unions, under taxation of the rich and over taxation of the poor, free medical care for the Senate, House of Representatives, and President ! Yet they deny medical care for the poor so the rich insurance companies can keep their money! Health care for the poor to the Repubictards and Demoncatz is pure socialism and communism but free health care for them, full pay in retirement, trillion dollar buyouts for the mega-corporations, and tax breaks for the rich in trickle down myth! That is the great capitalism they spew about i.e. Social Corporatism ! Don't you think the polls are fake and dishonest ! Bernie Sanders has low poll ratings really ?, it is insulting to people that think for themselves, but OK for the Bread and Circuses crowd ! The Media lies and supports these fake polls and therefore are fake news ! Good job Jesse !

  86. 51HankySpanky says:

    I love Jesse. Always have. He is so spot on target.

  87. Exellent Name says:

    Healthcare cannot be free. It is utopia, like free electricity and food. But government should:
    1) invent affordable/free healthcare programs for middle/low class citizens
    2) make first-order medicine extremely cheap by taking control part of production

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