Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships | Tips to Healthy Love

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships | Tips to Healthy Love

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships | Tips to Healthy Love

  1. j williams says:

    Great video!! Needed to hear this info!!

  2. CoverGirl1111 Robinson says:

    On the ball as always Stephanie.. thank you so much you are a Godsend.

  3. Bre Cheese says:

    Was just reading this book on how you can't really have unconditional love until you commit to someone for the rest of your life! Don't settle for cohabitation. If someone really wants to be with you forever they'll sign the contract and marry you!

  4. James Gant says:

    There's evidence of my ex doing some smear campaign before she left me, I only recently found this out. It's been bugging me for weeks and I can't let it go, any advice on how to reverse this damage or how to move past it? She's made me out to be the bad guy, when in reality she emotionally cheated on me with someone at work before ending the relationship, and pretty much emotionally abused me through out, all things I was blind to until recently talking through them with my counselor and watching your vids.

  5. Be Your Own Joy says:

    Absolutely loved this video! We are seeing so much online now about dysfunctional relationships and what NOT to look for there isn’t much out there telling us what TO look for. Great, great tips! ✨

  6. Malin P says:

    OMG.. i never knew this.. my boyfriend is all that you describe 😱this scares me.. what happens if you confront that you know what they are? and i almost stay calm but then get really upset and angry..and it feels like he steels what i am saying for the next conflict..

  7. Holly Flynn says:

    Thank you ❤️

  8. Jennifer p says:

    Stephanie ,
    you are such a big help

    i just found your channel today , I'm gonna share it

  9. Bonnie Jennings says:

    Yesssssss! Yes! Yes! Yes! OMWord YES! Learned this is in the crisis center years ago. Passed this on to my daughter before high school and again before college. Love you some self first. Take care of you some self first. Then my word, watch those doors open wide! And it helps you think outside the box instead of remaining in the box. Everything you said is so true! Thank you so much! Love from Texas ❤

  10. goldie silver says:

    Stephanie-Your wisdom is enlightening. Please make videos on narcissistic mothers and scapegoated daughters. I love finding out how badly I was duped by my family and realizing I was not the problem. Took decades to figure out. I am still in contact. Not healed. Abused for decades.
    About needing to be filled before entering a relationship though, I disagree. 2 unfulfilled individuals can come together and fulfill each other. I think it works when 2 co-dependants come together. We realize we have lacked love, empathy, compassionate, respect and can give it to one another to help us grow. Had I not met my partner, I would have acheived very little in my life, probably ended on an episode of my 600 pound life and stuck with my consistently negative mother eating me alive. I am still a hermit and struggle to go out, but I am away from her. My story has similarities to cinderella, even down to cleaning the house for about 20 years for my narc and getting criticised for it. Literall she would come to the washroom and say, you didn't clean behind the toilet! I have turned out to be the cleanest child in the family.

  11. Jane V says:

    Such a great video! Thank you!

  12. LaChicaRivers51deMilo says:

    Hi Stephanie
    What a great find on YouTube you have been. Love the information. I’m a new subscriber. You come across as a friend with your caring passion to help your audience. Thanks so much. ❤️

  13. Rhoda Banuelos says:

    Excellent advice! Thank you for making these videos super helpful!!

  14. mike riolo says:

    I just came out of a narcissistic abusive relationship it will be a while before I am ready for a healthy relationship.

  15. sweetasuwtb says:

    I’m glad I found you.

  16. Garry Urbano says:

    Love is not a choice, love is earned the same way respect is earned. It is an admiration that is built over time and out of discovering someones true character we start to develop a sense of respect for them that allows us to begin to truly care for and about them, which all starts from the inside of both people and it never stops building, therefore always turning into more love, more and more everyday. Sometimes and actually most times you never even realize how much you truly love someone until after time goes on and on and on and on. Sometimes you don't even realize that you love them, unless you sit yourself down and actually think about how you feel using your own empathy about them. True love is not a choice, it is a discovery that is built and keeps on building. But only through admiration and Intrigue, therefore there must be something intriguing to even begin the course of love. Which of course goes back to the person falling in love from the start. If a person is capable and willing of giving the time to be intrigued by someone else because we all have something intriguing to offer, if we pay attention but some people never do. Just my opinion / belief, but I do not believe that love is a choice. We can't help who we love, because we cannot help who we are attracted to and intrigued by, we cannot help who has the qualities that we desire and that means even if they have some qualities that we do not desire or admire they can still have something intriguing about them that pulls us in no matter what.

  17. Darkened Scorpio says:

    Hey I just watched a few of ur videos. And I know I need to subscribe, all ur videos are so helpful

  18. Sondos Soliman says:

    This video makes me sad, I have nothing in that list in my relationship. It’s to the point I feel like what your saying, is in a perfect world 🙁 but I’m on a mission to advocate for myself.

  19. Andrea Hemingway says:

    Glad I found your Channel ❤️

  20. Sandra Jefferson says:

    I just found your channel Stephanie I’m so glad, I need to do a lot of work on myself I’m too much of a people’s pleaser and have been attracting the wrong types of people in my life . I know I need to work on myself before I can attract the type of people I want in my life and I’m willing to work on myself no matter how long it takes.

  21. Jerry Domian says:

    Thanks, God has given you a great gift in speaking and loving us. Also a good book i suggest is Theology of the Body by St JohnPaul. Peace to all

  22. Johnathan Brown says:

    My situation is a little different I would like to email you about it if possible I’m sure you get thousands of emails so I understand if that isn’t feasible.

  23. cukt_3 says:

    Thanks for this

  24. Cindy Alfaro says:

    This video made me go through my past and analyze every step that I've taken. Thank you so much!

  25. Truth says:

    If there are any guys watching this video do yourself a favor. Start watching mgtow videos and come out of your coma. There are no healthy relationships with western women. Women are all the same and will use you for your wallet. Don't believe it? Meet a woman and be a great guy until she is completely into you. Then tell her you have a job you love that pays you $20k a year and watch her forget who you are. Women do not fall in love with men. They fall in love with situations. That's why models are married to fat ugly billionaires. Go mgtow forever and save your sanity and bank account.

  26. king d says:

    continue to keep it💯 I appreciate your work

  27. Abiding Happiness says:

    Trust comes with time. You need to believe, and then the life shows if it is true or not. But if you blindly trust, you can be in a really big trouble.

  28. Ashley escobar says:

    I'm not sure what I'm in I've been dating this guy for 4+ years n I'm so scared to talk about it because he gets upset if I talk with anyone else about this topic but he doesn't seem to change. He likes having controller over me…

  29. Angel Herrera says:

    Great advice! Thanks for your videos 🙂

  30. Living One Day at a Time says:

    #8 You should bring out the best in each other. If you find your relationship brings out the worst in you, this should be a big clue your not in a healthy relationship.

  31. simar Singh says:

    Nice one

  32. maria mistretta says:

    I'm glad I'm free from unhealthy love because my ex is not part of my life. 😁

  33. Johnny Red says:

    Sometimes I can't let go of the hurt, anger and resentment until I DO something to stop the other person from engaging in hurtful behavior towards me. It seems that it takes anger to motivate me to do anything about it. For example, I don't speak up about something that's bothering me until I get mad enough, then I blow up. I'd rather be able to talk about it before I get so angry, but fear stops me.

  34. Johnny Red says:

    "You attract what you are." Wow. That says a lot.

  35. Vladimir Goodness says:

    6:00 1) Friendship is a basis
    Hardest times draw each other
    6:50 2) taking responsibility for how you feel
    3) Honesty and respect
    11:45 4) Trust (make partner a priority. Be concerned about you partner). WHen you give- you actually get

  36. maria mistretta says:

    Well the different between healthy and unhealthy is this.

    Healthy relationship are better, when both people whole and are happy. Accepting each other for who they are. Not changing the person. Value each other.
    Trust. Comtable, same goals.
    Boundaries, Honesty, truthful faithful. Safe,comtable.

    When people Dating means, is about getting know the person better. show people what there about. See if the person is comparable.
    Accept the people flaws.

    True unconditional love.
    Love is a choice.
    Healthy relationship is building friendship. Respect understanding trust. Compassion responsibility,
    Understandable and know what love is.

    so don't like unhealthy relationships I'm so against unhealthy relationships.

    unhealthy relationship tained love, no responsibility blame, no connection no communication no cooperation. No supportive no respect. Stress, drumra. No trust Manipulation bullying.
    Emotional abuse.

  37. Guitar Serenadior says:

    so…..if your partner's a complete asshole to you….that's your responsibility? we should just bend over?

  38. SuperNova says:

    Not everyone has emotional maturity. Some people will NEVER have it. You have to walk away if you realize it. It will chip away at your soul.

  39. Katie Guinn says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I can't express how helpful your videos have been to me! I felt kind of silly having to look up things like this that come as common sense to a lot of other people, but are a big struggle for me. Thank you for remaining so kind but also honest and direct, you're exactly who I needed to find in my life right now.

  40. صبرا جميل says:

    Please make videos on how to minding our own business and forgetting the people and their thoughts about us.

  41. Odyssey Photo says:

    Boy oh boy, did I have someone come to the table half full, not knowing what he wants, and decided to show who he really was and what he really thought, two years later. He threw some horrible words, and said awful, harmful things. And I decided that this person absolutely was not what I wanted.

  42. agnieszka graham says:

    How to take responsibility for my own feelings and not get into trap of person who don't care how I feel?

  43. Craftlover 9 says:

    Thank you! Just found your channel and I appreciate all your sharing!

  44. Evelyne Ernest says:


  45. Ingrid Henderson says:

    Great videos, love the content and it’s so healing and helpful for me! Very grateful

  46. MrDominic600 says:

    I was raised in a toxic environment and only when I became an adult I realized I was constantly bullied and criticized at school.

    I never knew it at the time because I didn’t know what a healthy interaction looked like.

  47. Ana Carneiro says:

    What a wise words!!!

  48. ritika rishi says:

    Awesome 🙂

  49. Chris de says:

    Bob Marley Quotes. Truth is everybody is going to hurt you:you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

  50. Evans Ofori-Amanfo says:

    I love u so much! Ur such an amazing person thank you !

  51. Delusma James says:


  52. Amber Palma says:

    You are amazing. You have taught me so much. Thank you for youe dedication to help others

  53. Patricia Costello says:

    I have one criticism, but first I want to say that I am learning a great deal from Stephanie Lyn's videos, which is why I continue to watch them! My criticism is that it is distracting when ads interrupt the video. Not only does it interrupt the flow of thought that Stephanie Lyn produces in my mind, but it also makes me stop what I'm doing and get back to the mouse so that I can mute the ad or skip the ad. The number of times this happens is making me rethink whether I will continue to watch these videos.

  54. Alter Ego says:

    so authentic advice beautiful! Keep it coming 🙂

  55. Gina says:

    who won the free one on one session? i never saw anything announced on it

  56. Suzi Hazlove says:

    Then all the dysfunctional, unaffectionate crabby people have to stay single.

  57. Jennifer Walmer says:

    this is awesome. most people don't know what healthy looks like.

  58. Johnny Del R. Souls THE ANTI-NARC. COLLECTIVE. says:

    Look, it is so simple after taking the red pill.


    1/pay your way
    2/support, and respect
    3/be honest


    A 😎 future

    DO NOT

    1/be mean, lie about finances, refuse to contribute, think you are too special to pay for anything.
    2/criticise,negatively judge, belittle, suck the confidence out of anyone.
    3/lie,deceive,scheme, calculate, or manipulate


    Suicide is painful.

    That is it, I have left nothing out, I do not know what she is waffling on about, but maybe someone loves the sound of her own voice.
    Mostly the obvious.


  59. i SS says:

    If someone is hurting us they are disrespecting you, you shouldnt empathise if they are just plain wrong

  60. MoniqueLea08 says:

    What are things that we need to heal ourselves before getting into an healthy relationship? List please

  61. mreloo says:

    if your married to a narsicist 38 years ( I'm embarrassed to admit) u say change or goodbye…I know winning the lottery would b possible if they do change…lol

  62. coffeeis4closers says:

    I had a narcissistic dad that I have finally after 50 years given boundaries. Because of his abuse over the years I found that I am attracted to strong narcissists in both intimate relationships and friends. Once I discovered this and realized that most of the people in my life were actually really only in it for themselves, I started weeding out the narcissists. The problem now is, there is nobody left!.. I could not have done this however prior to learning to love myself but now I find it very lonely. How do I meet and establish relationships with 'healthy' people? Its almost foreign to me. I think you are amazing. If I could find someone just like you, that would be just fine with me. Thanks for the info.

  63. naughty by nature says:

    I feel soo Soo blessed to have found your channel! <3 perfect timing for me,so thank you! thank you, thank you! Love & light ✌️

  64. maria mistretta says:

    Dumping a man who full of hate bullshit games of lies and flaws flakes ghosting Gosling jealous man who manipulate psycho toxic man. Dump him fast enough for murry and his dump friends are weak and theydon't love anything his ego or pride themselves and they destroy himself without himself bringing up the fake friends online and the fake relationship that never happened before either way that they full of lies anyways. Dump them hate women screw Keith Martin narrastic Andy Murray Paris Jackson falws because they really don't know what they want to do with the guy who doesn't text messages or email messages anymore anyone else lol lmaf Paris Jackson doesn't have any problems with kissing there asses and they don't want a lifestyle but there trashcan Maria dump them tomatoes and they go first and they don't demon man and women think differently about it a d think that people online dating sites are losers and untrustable either way and Paris Jackson doesn't have a life but to doggy around push bossy ass men they try to make Maria jealous but truthful Maria doesn't give a dam.

  65. Jane Laureen says:

    Accepting someone and loving who they are is actually very tricky. Because there are those people who make their abusive traits as an excuse to hurt you and when you call them out, they'd be like "This is me, take it or leave it". This is when self-love and self-respect come to play. You accept them and love them BUT if they are violating you in the process of loving and accepting them, you have to be able to discern when to stop and if it's truly worth it. Accepting someone for who they are is one thing, putting up with abusive treatment is another.

  66. Valentina Furlan says:

    You have to just stop wanting others to love you and start loving yourself with all you heart and mind and body and soul, with every part of you. And by loving i mean stop running away from what you feel and keep fulfilling your needs, whatever they may be. Standing and staying for yourself with yourself, with Love and Support and Care.

  67. A says:

    Awesome video!

  68. nainafavs says:

    I don't think its totally realistic to expect someone to be completely happy and whole before starting a relationship. It is very important indeed to love yourself first but sadly its not entirely realistic, especially if someone is struggling with mental health issues. As long as they're working on it and their partner is supportive about it, they don't have to wait to have a relationship 😊❤️

  69. I B says:

    wow than i really did my best to make a unhealty relationship healthy 😲 because this is what i tried for so long 😲!! the relationship failed but it was not my fauld i hope my eyes will be open when i meet someone new😟 pff codependency is not fun , i feel verry lonley and thats my problem right now😓

  70. 77xDivaOkurrr7ATSymbol says:

    After the first three points, I can proudly say that I feel completely professionally affirmed in my decision to end my last relationship. All of the things you mentioned are why I ended it–the lack if presence of those things.

  71. Lifebee LifeBee says:

    Given only maybe 2% of adult (16+ years old) are whole and complete, mature and fulfilled – this talk is a fantasy unicorn dust spread.

  72. Kristoffer Escleto says:

    I ended my toxic relationship yesterday. Your videos helped so much. Thank you.

  73. Diana Boughner says:

    Thank you Stephanie 🤗💗

  74. Bellamy Adler says:

    I had relationship struggles in the past which led to a break up with my ex girlfriend. I then came across a post here on Youtube on how love spells can restore broken relationship. I got this email address(drphilipspelltemple @yahoo. com) and ordered a love spell.. to my greatest surprise it brought her back to me.. i got results before i knew

  75. Akeem Shaibu says:

    I love you ❤️

  76. Mercedes Gutierrez says:

    This is definitely one of your most insightful posts. I've found other ones to be amazing, but this really nails it down as the antidote to unhealthy relationships. Very simple and to the point. I wonder, however, if you could dedicate more time to Trust. It does seem like a pretty self explanatory concept, but I think the idea of trust or mistrust can also be easily disguised/misinterpreted through the relationship dynamic. Would love to hear your more in depth thoughts on that.

  77. marco reyes says:

    My ex was a narcissist but at the same time I can’t put the blame on her I know I was at fault 2. I wasn’t whole I was dependent on someone else’s love instead of just loving my self. Now that we aren’t together I’m focusing on that and on bettering myself. she never once apologized for treating me like crap while I apologized countless times for my faults. She also moved on within a month and half of us breaking up flexing her new guy on social media so u know it’s “serious” and made me think she’s been had this guy in the background for backup supply. But it’s ok I’m focused on bettering myself and getting rid of this dependency and my inner demons. All I can do is pray for her as a friend and I truly hope she gets better but the way it looks she’s not going to realize it until probably years from now if even ever which is sad.

  78. Steve Zali says:

    I got helped with my relationship thanks to those guys for Free: It changed my life

  79. Julien Theriault says:

    Absolutely love what you say in this video, especially about taking responsibility for your feelings, but also being able to offer each other support and comprehension.

  80. Humaira Sheikh says:

    Awesome. Thank you for this.

  81. Not Just A Blonde Mom says:

    It is awesome to give to your significant other, however if it becomes significantly unbalanced and it is clear your needs are not being considered or met it may be time to take an honest look at the relationship as a whole. Is this person giving you the love that you deserve? So much emphasis can be placed on being a good spouse that we can loose perspective regarding the efforts, attitudes and behaviors that are being directed (or not) towards us.

  82. Brittany557 Williams says:

    "Put me in a box" Jaiden Andrew Williams Reynolds

  83. minitank says:

    It’s like the 4 horsemen but with 2 people instead. Main concern is balance.

  84. Shannon M. Lambson says:

    How do I send you a video idea request?

  85. Eva Mercedesz Henger says:

    What about people on the spectrum, so people who are born with a neurology they can't change? Not all of them are pathological narcissistic or borderline ect.
    But many are abused somehow by the society.
    Certain can be just Asperger's…but just this will create a bad start for any relationship.

  86. samayza 200 says:

    My girlfriend got into drugs very bad drugs because I am always at work now i left her but i feel so sorry and want to help her but she is so much in her self she is full of it but yet i still want to help change her ???

  87. ForgetMeNotNixly says:

    How do you do this if you’re disabled? If your functioning is so limited that you need other people? How do you deal with being a good partner if being self-sufficient is always out of reach? If emotional breakdowns are part of the deal?

  88. Sasha says:

    It's amazing how many many people are in codependent relationship, and they don't even know it till something happens in their lives. Thank you for your help.

  89. Nan Feliciano says:

    Not agreeing with some of this stuff…:((

  90. Daníel Þórhallsson says:

    you lost me at "both people have to be whole"

  91. Jane Tobin says:

    I think folks try to balance as best to their ability with what they were given with. Who taught them to be like that? Healthy starts with what NEEDS were not met as a child. WE are all born as BEAUTIFUL little to express ourselves and cry. We forget how to give creative expression to self and other. There is a book called "The Whole Self" or the "Homecoming" I think in order for these u mentioned can happen… if there is a reshaping of the brain. Memories lices in cells of fascia which can be erased over time. According to Maslow people must achieve "flow as the highest Hierachy. Folks who cant achieve what u said were never taught how to behave in a positive way, or were taught to much perfection . The balance lies within the enviroment, temperment, and genes.. two of which we inherit and can change. Really good to know the healthy sides… and that most people are doing A trying, or B not all .

  92. Goward Horton Ii says:

    Have s blessed day say this blessing Jesus is Lord

  93. Christian says:

    Great video! I just wrote an outline for a healthy relationships video and was looking at videos for additional ideas. Loved this content! Thanks so much! 🙂

  94. Teodora T says:

    Thank you so much, your approach on all this subjects is amazing!
    Best wishes from Bucharest!!

  95. darcie emge says:

    I disagree with having to take responsibility for how I choose to feel about any given situation. You would have to be superhuman to not feel bad when being abused by a manipulative, abusive or narcissist. When someone that you have chosen to love and care about is being vile to you, I don’t think it would be a normal response to choose not to feel upset about it. When one is faced with betrayal, to “choose” to not be hurt, isnt normal. You can choose your action/behaviors, but if oain were so easily brushed aside, we wouldnt be watching these videos. Otherwise I really like the information, it’s very good along with many of your videos. Thank you

  96. Jason Gafar says:

    All great tips.

  97. Katie Linehan says:

    love this girl!!!

  98. Ash says:

    1. "Be a complete/whole individual. Love yourself, know yourself, know what you're looking for. Don't expect someone else to complete you.
    2. Accept your partner for who they already are. Not expecting them to change im time. What you see is what you get.
    3. Understand what love even is. Long term love/marriage is a choice. You choose them even when the spark/infatuation is gone. It's a friendship.
    4. Take responsibility for what you feel. Even if they hurt you, you can CHOOSE to be upset or let it go. Parent yourself, don't blame. Be able to talk things out.
    5. Be honest & respectful. Take feedback in a graceful way, not defensive. Accept your flaws.
    6. Trust.
    7. Make your partner a priority in your life. It's not all about you. Help each other. You're a team.

    Two people like this make a great relationship. That's why it's important you work on yourself & reach maturity before pursuing a relationship. You attract what you are."

  99. Jillian Braszo says:

    This is a great video. I have experienced this text book style, and it honestly makes you feel like you are a complete nut job. Narc's mirror you, and make you feel like the you're the bad person. In their mind, you're the person to compete with, not love. The crazy and thing that is hardest for me to accept, is this person and I did have an amazing physical attraction to one another that I have never felt in my 30 years. However, to him and people like him, you're their enemy and that is how they view you. They need to take over your mind and body and gain control of you any way possible. They do this by calling you non-stop, checking your phone on every encounter, asking if you talked to any guys, if they have one in particular that you have a friendship with (especially an ex) they will obsess over it. They will demand you end it and literally ask you daily to the point of exhaustion. I have caught my ex cheating online on two occasions, once when he was living with me and once when we separated for a little while, but he accused me of cheating on him! That is, because my ex who I have known for 10 years and haven't dated for 3 would talk to me occasionally about his life and mine. They usually are helpful only to what directly benefits them. They will pay for you if they are expecting a reward. If they do not get the reward for a nice day out, they will take it or you will pay. It is so anxiety inducing. I am at the stage of discard and my ex has a new girlfriend. Everything I wrote above I know in my heart is true, but something so twisted is that I still love him, and think I would take him back.. I can't stop thinking about him and his child that I lost in our break up. I am seeking more therapy and doing everything I can to get help but when you love a person, should you give up on them or try to help them change? I think narcism is a learned behavior through past traumas, and I try to believe everyone can be provided with ways to change through deep work and therapy. I am still unsure and plan to continue to follow these videos that are so scary true!

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