Hepatitis C | Nucleus Health

Hepatitis C | Nucleus Health

If you have Hepatitis
C, your liver is inflamed because
you have been infected with the
Hepatitis C virus. Your liver is the largest
organ inside your body and performs many
important functions. The functional
parts of your liver are called hepatic lobules. Your hepatic lobules filter
all of the blood in your body. As your blood
passes through them, your hepatic lobules
breakdown harmful substances, remove bacteria and
worn out blood cells, and form clotting factors
that control bleeding. After a meal, your
liver makes and stores nutrients to provide your
body with energy when needed. Your liver also makes a
substance called bile. Your gall bladder
stores the bile and releases it into
your small intestine to help digest fats
in the food you eat. If you have Hepatitis
C, the virus entered your body
when you were exposed to the blood or
other body fluids from a person infected
with the virus. This could have happened
from sharing a drug syringe with an infected person. Other ways you may have been
exposed to the virus include: having sex with someone
infected by the virus; sharing personal hygiene items,
such as razors or toothbrushes, used by an infected person;
direct contact with the blood or body fluids of
an infected person; or when a mother passes it
to her baby during birth. During the early, or acute
phase, of a Hepatitis C infection, the Hepatitis
C virus enters your liver and invades your liver cells. Once inside your
liver cells, the virus begins to make copies of itself. During the copying
process, changes called mutations
occur frequently in the virus’ genetic
material, leading to new strains of the virus. In response to the
viral infection, your body sends immune
cells to attack both a virus and the liver cells
infected with the virus. As a result, these liver cells
become inflamed and then die. Over time, scar tissue forms
around dead and infected liver cells. The scar tissue prevents your
liver from working properly. If you have a chronic
Hepatitis C infection, your liver contains a large
amount of scar tissue, called cirrhosis, which
limits blood flow and results in permanent shrinking and
hardening of your liver. A vaccine contains weakend,
or inactive, viruses that train your immune system
to recognize and attack certain viruses. However, frequent mutations
in the Hepatitis C virus make it likely
that you will catch a version of the virus not
contained in a vaccine. As a result, there is
no effective vaccine for the Hepatitis C virus. If you have Hepatitis
C, your immune system alone may destroy all
of the Hepatitis C virus is in your body. However, most people
infected with the virus develop chronic
Hepatitis C, a condition in which your
immune system is not able to destroy all of
the viruses in your body after six months. If you have chronic Hepatitis
C and your immune system can’t get rid of the
virus completely, your doctor may prescribe a
combination therapy consisting of an anti-viral medication
called Ribavirin, and injections of
Interferon, a medication that strengthens your immune system. These drugs are most
effective against Hepatitis C when taken together. If you have a severe case
of chronic Hepatitis C, your doctor may recommend a
liver transplant operation.

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  1. Tamer Kamel says:

    Interferon alpha not beta

  2. Vauser Von Shepherd says:

    Man….injection and a whole new transplant? I'm now more scared than ever of this virus…

  3. Kevin Miller says:

    Can Alcoholism cause Hepatitis C?

  4. Meenu pandya says:

    dangerous as HIV 

  5. dogthem says:

    This woman name flo tomblin have heptitis c she has grey stringy hair tone body an she cant have any kids she caught from john brown her ex husband that died of cancer

  6. Armando Uribe says:

    yay sofosbuvir!

  7. Satish Gade says:

    thanks for the illustrative video. video shows treatment consist of interferon beta which to my knowledge is not true. treatment consist of ribavirin and interferon ALPHA. Thank you again for the efforts taken by you.

  8. Gizelle Blanc says:

    All I can say is WOW! Shocked this just bad.

  9. Deborah Ekechukwu says:

    the fact that there are mutations in the hepatitis c virus makes it the most dangerous of the 3/

  10. Tiến Phạm says:

    Anyone have the caption, please !!

  11. Teodor Gabriel says:

    very good videos! thank you!!!!!! keep up the good work!

  12. Davidwrightiousness says:

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  13. Ekim Rrac says:

    Stalin a Freemason conducted biological experiments in the 1920's & 30's that isolated viruses from monkeys and reintroduced them in to human blood.

    Sickle-cell anemia was another medical lie and form of secret society genocide over 30 million black Americans were murdered with this system of genocide. There is no such thing as a disease that kills people for their life style or the color of their skin, people believe anything the Masonic temple puts in their medical books of lies and control.

    It is the radiological procedures that kill the T-Helper cells in a process called rapid cell deterioration. After a human is flashed with over 3000 rem's RCD will set in meaning that affected cells that would last 50 + years would now only last a few short years.

    Stalin’s biological experiments gave the Masonic temple every virus they have pledged on our society from polio to Ebola, these viruses are just harmless tags, the real killer and manipulator of death is Freemason Nicoli Tesla's x ray machine. All these deadly diseases came with the development of the x ray tube a device that has the ability to cause RCD.

    Viruses take millions of years to evolve we have had over 300 new viruses evolve in the last 85 years. It's a scam. They are dictating biology. I AM the only one on earth that has spent the last 40 years investigating and studding the effect of secret societies on my country America.

    This is 100% Masonic temple medical slavery and systems of genocide.  Another thing the Freemason secret society has poisoned society with hormones 80% of gay men are GMG's Genetically Modified Gays. manipulated chemically and hormonally to be gay so the masons can have large groups of people to murder.  

    The way they have this system set up is that aids has such a propagated stigma. when someone goes in to get a checkup and they find hiv the doctors lie and act like they are doing this person a favor by not only telling them that they have another disease, they use the x ray machine to manipulated any other disease they assign, like cancer hep c etc. they kill billions that would never even be sick, they kill them for having hiv, it is a Masonic system of medical slavery and genocide.
    Vicious circle

  14. Im Bunnyeon says:

    Body fluid is silava right

  15. Aiman Wahid says:

    The NUCLEUS MEDICAL MEDIA's videos are very helpful. thanks!!!

  16. Michael Billiot says:

    Umm I'm 14 & I accidentally shaved wit a razor tht belonged to my aunt tht has Hepatitis C & the razor cut me 😬😁

  17. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    Es muy importante la prevención de la hepatitis C pues ni siquiera la vacuna te proteja al 100%

  18. Peyton DiGregory says:

    Actually the largest organ in your body is your skin which is technically an organ, not the liver.

  19. Piper Pruiksma says:

    SHe is seems very upbeat with discussing your Hepatitis C death sentence

  20. Ifo Yuda says:

    iam still dont get it between hepatitis B and C.
    both disease are caused by virus then destroyed liver cells. And if a chronic condition, a person must have liver transplant operation..

    where's the difference?

  21. Bob Cota says:

    At 0:53 a blood cell went flying

  22. Desi Car Guy PK says:

    How can I get vids which does not say Sample use Only

  23. Hoohoopot Ahrebus says:

    is there a chance to get Hep C from drawing one blood through an injection(like in diagnostic tests)?

  24. justsomeawesome dude says:

    so ummm… do university teach you this or medical school?

  25. justsomeawesome dude says:

    so ummm… do university teach you this or medical school?

  26. Avo Zach says:

    Hepititis C ocurs when pornstars do facial

  27. Eric says:

    It's like this is the same video where they explain hepatitis A and hepatitis B, I don't see the difference in how they affect the liver, they all seem to have identical effects, what am I not understanding? I've seen both videos they're the same, frame by frame, please someone help.

  28. Wayne Capper says:

    Umm some of the information here is not either explained very well and therefore is misleading and kind of incorrect. Like the transmission is only blood to blood it is not like hep B and HIV where it is also transmitted through bodily fluids, Hep C is only a blood borne Virus. according to WHO "HCV can also be transmitted sexually and can be passed from an infected mother to her baby; however these modes of transmission are much less common." In Australia at least 80% of people infected with hep C have reported previous use of injecting drugs. I'm not sure of the world percentage but I know that it is most common amongst those who have injected drugs as it is a blood borne virus meaning that the blood of an infected person has to enter your bloodstream to become infected and even then it is not guaranteed that you will have contracted hep C, but a high possibility. Even so a percentage of those will get rid of the virus themselves within the first 6 months.

  29. ___La_Venganza___ says:

    Harvoni – 6th day and the results have been AMAZING already!

  30. Village Life Easy says:

    helpful post, thanks.

  31. Mightous from Zartan says:

    my mother has hep B and I have hep c. I am not sexually active and I do not use needles. what can I do? I'm overcoming mild depression. any reply would help thanks.

  32. Firesauce901 says:

    LIES! You're Liver isn't the biggest organ in the body!! The skin is.

  33. Ceyhun Varli says:

    4:02 you have to change that part you saying "ribavirin and PEG-Inf are most effective drugs againist the virus".
    now we can cure the disease with more success rates by the new drugs such as sofosbuvir, ledipasvir, ombitasvir, dasabuvir and many others.
    And great video, congratulations and respect..

  34. Linda Lee says:

    People do not drink beer alcohol burns destroy the liver causing Hepatitis C. My father had hepatitis C and he cured himself in 4 months. He went to the GNC or Nutrition Store. He bought Milk thistle he took once a day. Milk thistle repair the liver. And he drank Colon cleanse powder. One spoon with juice. The doctor said what did you do well i got the remedy from a friend. My father stop drinking beer when four of his friends ended up in the hospital and was waiting for a liver transplant. And sadly they died so my father say no more beer there other great stuff to drink like tea and raspberry ice tea.

  35. James T says:

    Thank you for sharing this! Updates! There are legitimate caring professionals assisting patients with HepC accessible at the website FixHepC. There is another website GP2U that is a virtual physician site that can assist with diagnosis and treatment. The medications, Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) for certain genotypes can be acquired for less than $2000. The 12 weeks therapy has a 90% positive outcome with minimal side effects. Good luck to all!

  36. Srinivasan J says:

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  37. anna mariana says:

    is that C virus?

  38. Tony Ho says:

    this is,worse than AIDS…..u can get it from eating blood clams

  39. Tony Ho says:

    theres no cure for hep C

  40. Srie Bk says:

    Anyhow we should carefully for everything to avoid all desease

  41. Zahidul Islam says:

    My mother have this vairas and she is so sike.I am in Bangladesh hear is no treatment . If anybody know this treatment than infrim me.my nam:01516-737762

  42. swar channel Mansoori says:

    it's a very good idea for students

  43. John Fabio says:

    HELLO. hep c. was caused by asshole liberals giving bleach to addicts for needle cleaning. Lets just call it. HEP Clorox i smell a law suit here..a retarded surgeon general…

  44. Ali Aliraqi says:


  45. Sylvan S Zar Zo says:

    Detection of HCV-RNA in saliva of patients with
    chronic hepatitis C

  46. Kay Dee says:

    Very informative. I learned a lot. My mother had Hep C when she gave birth to me, luckily I wasn't infected. She's been on medication for years and is somewhat healthy today. But I'm wondering if Hep C has any other affect on the body besides the liver? She's had problems with her thyroid, gums and other parts of her body, including two strokes. Hep C related?

  47. Tyisha Young says:

    Important message.

  48. Nathan Hallisey says:

    I was one of the lucky ones. I got stuck with a dirty needle at work. I got night sweats for a few months and after six months I was told I had the anibodies to hep C. I was never told to go on drug treatment. Five year later I was told I was very lucky. There was nothing found in my RNA Test.

  49. abdullah Kp says:

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  51. nico4132 says:

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  57. Secret Passion says:

    Hepatitis C is a bitch!

  58. Narguin Lee says:

    I love these types of videos! I find myself having a better understanding of diseases by watching realistic depictions of what the damage would look like while having a clear voice narrating the events that occur. Thank you Nucleus Medical Media!

  59. Kelly Kelly says:

    I found that I had hepatitis c and today I got the result that the antivirus had disappeared hepatitis c without any remedy. I am very happy . healing soon for everyone ✌🏼

  60. the weather girl says:

    this is actually wrong

  61. SPCSHARKNADO 6170 says:

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  69. raw gaming says:

    I had a liver problem so my dad went and got me this medicine called milk thistle and it worked and now it got way better.if your curious what was happening to my liver it was releasing something into my blood because of excess fat around it

  70. Bikramjit Singh says:

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  71. Tripura funny videos says:

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  72. Molotov With Lux says:


  73. Peace597 says:

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  74. dyanswill says:

    Do not use these drugs to cure hep c. You will have worse side effects than the hep c virus can cause. There are new drugs out.

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  76. Iswariya N says:

    nucleus health video is very useful to me

  77. Senji Kim says:

    How does the patients feel when they effected HCV?

  78. Epicburner Pw says:

    So whats the difference between a , b and c

  79. Trenton Pritchett says:

    Vaccines are bad for you

  80. Pawki azyu Pawki azyu says:

    I m hepatitis b positive how to do negative plz help me

  81. roblox gaming 5321 says:

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  82. Harjeet Singh says:

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  83. Alex Syms says:

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    Modern antiviral drugs are available for treatment of HCV. Chance of recovery is 98-99%. You can contact curefromhepac(dot)org to get it.
    Stay healthy!

  84. Ahmed Ahmed says:

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  91. Hawra Abd says:

    I really love your video😍😍😍

  92. The F.B.I says:

    You know i though Hep was really really bad but now i am less afraid of having it since it doesn't look that bad if i get the right attention. Anyway my mom isn't an anti vaxer so im safe 😀

  93. Akilesh Yadav says:

    how alcohol causes liver cirrhosis nucleus medical media plzz make a video?

  94. Angie Milan-Cruz says:

    Piper , first of all is not a death sentence. For one reason, as a Service Provider/ Coordinator I've helped individuals get cured from HCV(Hepatitis C0 and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. So don't be ignorant. Education on STI/HIV/AIDS and Hep C is most important to better understand the benefits of HCV Treatment outweighs the cons of any Treatment. PERIOD

  95. Angie Milan-Cruz says:

    For those who doesn"t know about how it is transmission whether it is HIVAIDS, Hep A,B ,or C even STI's get educated before passing judgement. Stigma at any cost of others is horrible and downgrading.

  96. Lost Spirit ™ says:

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