High Court of Delhi cancelled Social Welfare Dept’s request for withdraw of stay order on 09.08.2019

High Court of Delhi cancelled Social Welfare Dept’s request for withdraw of stay order on 09.08.2019

Hello! NAD India News Two days ago on 8/8/2019 Court sent SMS to Ms. Uma, DFDW She was shocked to get the information She then informed the Lady Noyce School Leader’s Group that we have to go to the Delhi High Court on 9th August I was surprised because Delhi Social Welfare Department has filed a case in the High Court requesting to withdraw the Stay Order So yesterday, 9th August 2019, Ms. Uma, DFDW Mr. Ravinder, Ex Students of Lady Noyce School Association I, Anuj Jain along with interpreter 4 of us went to the Delhi high Court We waited there for good 8 hours! Then the court proceedings started The judge was the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Our own lawyer and the Social Welfare Departments’ lawyer The judge asked for the update on the school case They said Social Welfare Department moved to the school facility in 2003 and planned to move out in 2005 to another location but the construction didn’t finish at that location Judge said why hasn’t there been any work done since 14 years! Social Welfare said finding another location is difficult Judge replied not even one building is available? Is there no 2.5 acre space in Delhi? The judge asked him does the lawyer want his point to be recorded and spread it all over Don’t you think there is one single unoccupied premise in Delhi Judge said don’t give me stories and rubbish aside Judge demanded to know the reason why even the school for the Deaf occupied! Secondly, why was the school playground converted into parking lot Our lawyer wanted a say Judge said please wait, let me finish my questioning The opposition lawyer had no answers Judge said let me know why Then he made up the excuse that the officials suffered as there was no car parking space outside the school Judge said don’t you understand the court’s Stay Order If Social Welfare doesn’t follow the order and move the car parking then they will lose! Judge reminded them the Social Welfare department’s resposibilities for the welfare of the disabled, be it Deaf, visually-impaired, wheelchair users To help the senior citizens and women But they aren’t doing the good works Just sit back and relax and occupy school for the Deaf! is that right?! The judge bombarded on the Social Welfare Department Judge gave the time of 20 August 2019 to remove the parking lot If more construction is done and order is ignored then Social Welfare will be forcefully removed from the school’s premises! Judge asked very seriously when will Social Welfare evacuate the school premises Judges added that now your request to remove the stay order has been rejected, please don’t ever comeback with such requests! The High Court’s Stay Order of 29 July 2019 remains as it is “You must follow and respect it” The Deaf students have suffered The playground is school’s own, for the teachers Social Welfare Department has to remove the parking Big No to your reuqest Uma, Ravinder and I were overjoyed from the Judge’s stern replies and support I thought Social Welfare Department might take the matter seriously but they had the guts to file a case against court’s order God knows everything The Judge ordered in the right direction Next court hearing of the case is on 20 August 2019 We are hopeful, keep praying to God that we are successful in removing the Social Welfare Department from the School’s premises And the Deaf get their own school back Thank you for watching

Daniel Yohans

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