Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

Has your partner cut off access to your money? Do they control what you can and can’t buy? Have they told you it’s for your own good,
that you’ve brought this upon yourself? If so, you might be in an abusive relationship Unless of course it’s us doing it to you,
in which case you’re on the Cashless Welfare Card Hello I’m from the Australien Government here to introduce the Cashless Welfare – or
as we like to call it, Class Warfare Card Soon to be rolled out nationally to everyone
on income support the Class Warfare Card will quarantine most of your money so you can’t spend it on alcohol, drugs or gambling Don’t drink, do drugs or gamble? That’s okay. You’re trying to access social
security so we want you to feel like a piece of shit CLASS WARFARE CARD! Is it convenient? Not at all Withdrawing cash at the ATM: zero dollars Trying to buy second hand goods: zero Shopping at the markets, garage sales, tuckshop
money for the kids: nup Losing your dignity and autonomy: Priceless Most things you won’t be able to buy For everything else there’s Class Warfare Card Is it effective? Not according to our own research which found little evidence that it reduces substance abuse or unemployment In one trial it even caused an increase in crime Will we do it anyway? Of course Coz if this was about helping people get back on their feet, we would have taken the advice of experts who say the answer is investing more in mental health, housing and rehab centres, raising Newstart Instead we took advice from this mining billionaire whose neoliberal brainfart inspired this crime against humanity And instead of raising Newstart, we’re paying shittons of your tax dollars to Indue for each person we put on the card Indue: the company whose former director happens
to be the President of these shitmuppets Who happen to be pushing for the national
roll-out of the card Which would make Indue even more money Cool and normal It’s all part of our plan to privatise your
social security so profit can be extracted from the tears of poor people all in a simple card that fits in your pocket! CLASS WARFARE CARD! Painting all welfare recipients as drug addicts
– so you’ll blame them for being unemployed, instead of a system that’s not producing
enough jobs We love it when you proles fight each other instead of us Class warfare card! Authorised by the Department for Gradually
Enforcing a Cashless Society

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

  1. Kash says:

    NWO is coming gear up peep

  2. vazak11 says:

    I hate our Government so fucking much.

  3. Bela Somogyi says:

    Nah, disagree… if you are on welfare, you can get food from supermarkets (food), rent(housing), utilities (gas, water, electricity, internet) and some kind of arrangement for clothing and basic furniture and if you need extra, you either work or there are exceptions for disabilities, old age pensions, special circumstances… no smokes, alcohol, pokies, drugs etc… I worked in pubs and saw every day money being pissed away and fed to the pokies. Sure there will be ways to sell items from even woollies and there are many situations where exceptions should be made but I am sick of seeing our taxes go to dealers and pubs. Totally disagree with this one.

  4. theoriginalwasa says:

    I think the cards are a good idea.

  5. Roger More says:

    This card thing is only going to create more crime

  6. Roger More says:

    I love these video..

  7. mick romer says:

    We'll get a job ya cunts 😂😂

  8. Marty Taylor says:

    Fucken useless bastards… I hope the next generation screws these fuckers over.

  9. Don Paulioni says:

    I reckon our government can fuck the public heaps harder in the bum before we actually fight back, they haven't even begun to pull our hair yet or slap our ass.

  10. Bela Somogyi says:

    Demeaning?… I call bullshit, you buy food from supermarkets, you put the card into self serve checkouts, stop crying blue murder… it’s free money… up to $30000 untaxed… you are lucky to get that working full time (after tax with cost of travel, work clothes etc)… I know those figures because I got that much… I worked 1 day per week and got $1240/fortnight + $260 for a couple of lunches per fortnight at a cafe – untaxed.. rent was $280/week, I could easily live off $120/groceries $100/utilities and had money for clothes and even managed to save money… I could buy a case of beer a week and lived well… bunch of whinging morons… I went back and did a diploma of software development free worth $20k and got a job within a week of finishing my course and have progressed from $50k to $150k in 5 years… there are shitload of jobs and half the people I work with are useless… you can get a job in I.T. with $70-90k – I am working with others who can’t install basic software earning more… it’s the same in hospitality (money is about $45-65k but it’s piss easy to get a job), same in about a dozen other roles/industries… I’ve even made $1200 per week as a taxi driver

  11. Adrian Xenia says:

    Nothing civil, about War !

  12. Al Pal says:

    Next it be 666 tattoo on your forehead or wrist

  13. Al Pal says:

    Idiots will vote back in this directionless , inept and dysfunction LNP . Morrison is Brian Houston's bitch

  14. Amy Trevaskis says:

    I don’t agree with it for anyone (yes even the unemployed who might do some drugs occasionally) but the fact they put anyone on it regardless just boggles my mind,

  15. Joel Bond says:

    What a load of shit 😂 thank god Ive never been on the dole then had to worry about paying off my tick with this brilliant card. They just want to have a sook cause their free money can't be used to buy stupid shit that doesn't help them to get off cenooooo

  16. ToroidalVortexLove says:

    Cool and normal! 😢😭

  17. mO0nkeh says:

    Jesus Christ, just be grateful that you're getting free money at the expense of hardworking tax payers. Anyone complaining about this should just have their benefits removed.

  18. Terry Mildren says:

    When are the politicians going to get cashless expenses card. It would only seem fair and just. “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.” Especially with all of the questionable expenses they seem to accrue of late. This would be a great solution. Then they would never have to second guess.

  19. Francis Brooks says:

    Still miming the voice over? No one does that anymore. Good content but production sucks.

  20. bsft says:

    Welfare card imposed to stop people using cash to buy narcotics.
    Well…what if you rolled up to your dealers house with $50 of groceries?( Milk, bread, veges, meat, fruit….

  21. r jones says:

    Well bugger. We’re all screwed. Even the workers.

  22. North American YouTuber says:

    How about giving them nothing, and reducing taxes on important goods?

  23. jamie kayn says:

    this is a bullshit move by a government that is deliberately driving welfare recipients to take their own lives out of desperation and depression…..they dont have to pay the dead!

  24. Pitou says:

    As for someone who has been on this card for a year I can say it fucking sucks I can’t pay for board, driving lessons, no eBay, no change for the bus guess I’m walking 40km today and no eftpos?
    Kk I will go somewhere else.

    Oh there’s not a shop for 10km that sucks better start walking.

    You want someone to fix something for cash? NOPE!
    You want to pay the lawn man? NOPE!

  25. behind you says:

    ah yes the Australian government, always punching down and never up….

  26. jamie foyers says:

    "Shit muppets"…that's some priceless language there by the way!. Love the way Australian language and how honest and down to earth it is!. I bet that word will get the snowflakes riled up…anyway…looks like you Aussies have just as much grief with your welfare system as us Brits do. Universal Credit is a walking disaster but I dread to think if our government looks down under and sees this idea that it'll worm its way into our benefit system by hook or by crook. Hopefully not.

  27. bobby ricky says:

    Any measure designed to reduce people spending other peoples money on things they shouldn't, should be applauded. The government should have done something about this years ago.

  28. Dean Green says:

    they should call it NWO Card

  29. Dave Rossendell says:

    these political fuckwits better have a fucking good place hide soon.

  30. likklej8 says:

    I’ve missed you guys welcome back. Peace love and respect from an ancient Pom

  31. warcroft says:

    Start with the unemployed. Then those with serious criminal records. Then minor criminal records. Then fine dodgers. Then low income. Then home owners. Then middle income… and before we know it we are living in a cashless society with no control and no say and over our purchases. There by no ownership of personal property.

    These things always start with 'a certain class' to justify the roll out. Drug addicts, gangs, terrorists. With the claim its for the children, for the environment, for job growth.
    But just like a pushy salesman… once their foot is in the door you cant close the door. Then they push their way in further.
    The only way to get them out is to fight.

  32. Tony Hill says:

    Is anyone else seeing scomo morphing into trump? Gina Rhinehart seems to think so asking scomo to take up trumps policy on tax to the rich, un-doing "red tape" so she can get her strap-on and screw the environment. People like hanson trying to get on the nationalist ideology and push that crap on the rest of us. Australia we are better than this surely? If not then bring on the class war because I know there more poor people than there are rich you do the math.

  33. LOKI OF EVERMORE says:

    We've been Told, That "A CASHLESS SOCIETY" IS Coming for Over 2000 YEARS ……..IT'S COMING !!! !!! !!! THE DEVIL HAS THE REIGNS !!! !!! !!!

  34. Stephen says:

    Yep another step to the cashless society

  35. Turbo Turtle says:

    Bend over Toots…
    Cashless is coming for everyone

  36. Pantelis Lazarou says:

    UK next I think, they always adopt something that benefits their criminal friends in the city of London.

  37. peter neagle says:

    This has been rorted in the USA for decades. In the old days when they handed out food stamps, it was documented that the mafia even went into the grocery business where they would pay someone a percentage of what their food stamps were worth. The welfare recipient would get cash to spend, even though lots less than the value of their food stamps, and the mafia owned market would redeem the full value from the government. Look at recent times in America it is almost like every second week they have arrested store owners for multi million dollar food stamp fraud. The same thing will happen here .

  38. Twilight Princess says:

    I'll be fully screwed if this happens.

  39. Aus Biker says:

    Forget global fu"king warming shit…start protesting about these rich arse fu"ks who sit on there fat wallets in Canberra…the Australian people need to reclaim the country..where are the decent politicians…we need the average people in control not these pricks that are there just for there own good..they need to go before the take us to the point of no return

  40. Connor - RK 800 Series says:

    You're full of shit

  41. Errol Higgins says:

    Juice just gets better.

  42. Mittau says:

    So I assume, since you oppose the push towards a cashless society, you support one nation in their opposition to the $10000 limit on cash transactions?

  43. Tom_Jenner1 says:

    One of the biggest welfare systems in the world and all you do is complain and ask for more without putting in the work, nice job guys

  44. ico says:

    Will you marry me?

  45. Matt Hunter says:

    If you want Alcohol, Drugs etc. Get a job. Welfare should be just rent and basic food until you get a job.
    It's free money given as a charity to stop poor people from stealing and it is well within the rights of the government to determine how it is spent.

    You all are living in a poverty bubble echo chamber.

  46. Andrew Thomas says:

    Go Asstralia! You suck!

  47. gthreesix says:

    Looks like the auzzies has the Chinese beat.

  48. Topgun God says:

    A man working all week while his wife sits at home looking on line for crap to buy, then returns hone and refuses to hand over HIS money to her, is NOT ABUSE.
    It's smart money MANageMENt.

  49. Timeherenow Be says:

    Our cockhead PM just went to visit cockhead Trump too! These visits never fair well for anyone but the ruling class! Our PM usually gets his orders during these visits……orders on how to brutalise all but the 1%!
    What a disgrace our government is! Total pieces of dog shit!

  50. Brett Murphy says:

    Only in straya

  51. cleric7788 says:

    This card is really good idea aboriginal communities are blighted by substance misuse.

  52. dante dante says:

    This my clueless Australians is all part of the cashless society as planned by the IMF….Morrison is a global elitist ..

  53. Mantra 321 says:

    I'm on the DSP, the day I get a cashless card is the day I'll start to wear the star of david

  54. Michael West says:

    Thanks for educating me

  55. Dog Meat says:

    I'll just start committing crimes.

  56. Intellectard says:

    is there any way of fighting this or should we just all be scared and confused?

  57. Aurum TheBrave says:

    I swear with each passing day, this whole government is becoming a bigger gold mine of shitfuckery.

  58. Armon Mitchell says:

    haahahaahaah cheeky!

  59. Sasha B says:

    Great vid, but the ADR dub seemed like.. a little bit out. Unless this was on purpose?

  60. Darrell says:

    Get a job if you don’t like it…. vary simple.

  61. Darien M says:

    You guys need to run an ad at 730 on the 4 main channels simultaneously

  62. nikiss8 says:

    people dislike communism. it is same as capitalism but government has more power and there is little incentive to do more. this card is like a drop in the ocean. there are more and more druggies, criminals, and in general unemplyables. get them to vote for you and you can do whatever. seems entire world is starting to hate on us

  63. Bob Star says:

    Too fucking angry to laugh at this. Fucking arsewipe liberal party.

  64. Darrell says:

    What happens when you have stolen to much money from productive people. And can’t make payments on your government credit card. And your country goes bankrupt. Then what .. bankers will remove all social programs. And people have to make it on their own. Like they did before.

  65. SecxyBear says:

    Does your partner take half your income? Do they threaten to lock you in a small room if you don't? Do they do this even when you leave them?

  66. San Daz says:

    Welfare is a concession not a right. It is what the capitalist class allows in order to prevent revolution in the 1st world. I am an accelerationist and believe capitalism needs to be removed. I am supportive of anything that would stop this fake illusion of prosperity. Let them take it all away, Australians are simply too comfortable in their own skin. People here never want to fight for anything. Therefore to remove this passivity we need to remove all illusions of the permanent social welfare state. When you remove all the concessions like medicare and newstart, You'll then see this system for what it is. This is why the Liberals disarmed Australians. It wasn't to protect us, It was to protect them from us. If you are going to privatise and sell off everything not nailed to the ground then having angry armed citizens is dangerous to the system. We are now seeing the final result of all of this. All these major parties are in it on the act. People are still in the blue pill stage. Once you take the red pill and stop listening to the "lucky country" propaganda then you'll wake up and see how all of this will end within our lifetimes. I dare anybody to prove me otherwise.

  67. Jason Aus says:

    This nailed it

  68. Jade S says:

    Someone needs to remind our parasite political class that starving the poor is equal to eating the rich.

    Make cannibalism great again
    Bon appetite!

  69. Wotiknow Now says:

    All about controlling the masses ..do as we say or we stop your money

  70. Patrick Cocobassey says:

    cool and normal 😂😂

  71. Joker Ace says:

    Class Warfare Card, coming to America soon.

  72. The Purple Helicopter says:

    We can learn from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 if this comes into being we everyone on Newstart or any of the pensions etc should protest TF out for 2 mths dead set imagine what we could get done ✅

  73. CAROGOPRI says:

    I work my ass off, never had any subsidy or money from the government, worked two jobs and get taxed heavily, don’t want that money to fund an lazy ass dole bludger! You want to spend money 💰 on booze or drugs! Fkin work for that!

  74. antony baker says:

    The people running this country are a fucking disgrace!! Everyone sees how corrupt the system is and they still get away with it. They need to be assassinated one by one then maybe the ones that follow might actually work for the Australian people and not for their own greed.. fucking cunts!!

  75. TheNinjaMarmot says:

    i love your adverts!

  76. Sushi Ming says:

    The plot thickens. Join us on Face Book Group STOP 5G UK https://www.facebook.com/groups/Stop5GUK/?ref=group_header

  77. King Wah says:


  78. ProjectFlashlight612 says:

    This is what your elite slavemasters believe you will fall for in terms of 'satire'. The central idea of you submitting to obvious tyranny remains untouched, but you can pretend you are rebelling by mocking the irrelevant window dressing of that despotism.

  79. Aurexia says:

    I think I'm in love with this bitch, we can talk shit a lot about the government on bed

  80. Bums who won't get a job are not a 'class' but just bottom feeders.

  81. Billy But Whole says:

    experts who say we need to invest in mental health are just as fucked up as government is, common sense is not so common anymore

  82. AlmostEthical says:

    I didn't know about the connection between Indue, Larry Anthony and the Nats. There seems to be a lot of corruption going on in Australian federal politics that the mainstream media is not telling us about. We are overdue for a federal ICAC!

  83. Hirnlego999 says:

    Crapitalism takes over everything

  84. ReservoirJess says:

    We need a revolutuon now. How much longer are we as Australians going to let ourselves be ruled by this scum bag system.

  85. Richard says:

    i expect we will see this in the UK soon; governments who needs them ! because they don't seem to be making my life any better .

  86. Tehash 09 says:

    I kinda agree with the government when it comes to no alcohol, tobacco or gambling with welfare money

  87. Elias Kouloures says:

    Fucking great job, as usual, guys.

  88. Re Mar says:

    why the HELL is all of australia NOT enraged at this scam???!

  89. London Journo says:

    Is it so wrong to collect the tears of poor people and swirl them into my martini for that extra piquancy? Who among us here hasn't done that once or twice in their lives I ask you?

  90. J Hop says:

    This is disgusting.. libs will always try to rehash their shitty ideas.. basics card now indue.. the Australian card and having armed forces patroling Melbourne streets under abbot, to try to prove it's need. They won't be happy until our lives are as close to a prison as they can create. Do not vote nationals or liberal next election.. just push Labor for what we expect from them.. we are more likely to make ground with a Labor govt. People deserve to be treated like people.. not animals.

  91. Erhan Eryegit says:

    Bloody brilliant 👍♥️🇦🇺

  92. desseree sanders says:

    Financial abuse is considered one of the worst forms of abuse by one person to another. Husbands caused female equality by using this method to control their wives.

  93. Terry Camerlengo says:

    I love this woman. She is brilliant. Watching these help me realize that Australia is just as messed up as the USA.

  94. White Man says:

    If you are stealing my money then you should be named and publicly shamed. I am for everything that makes is harder for parasites to steal from me. Thumbs down to this video.

  95. Daniel Stafford says:

    We should use these for corprate welfare. Buisness can only spend them on wages.

  96. Dan W. Blumreich says:

    HAhaha.. you all are becoming Americans.. hahaha…..wait!

  97. Ash Chaya says:

    This is so good I thought I was watching a FriendlyJordies video. Love the "Australi*e*n Government" logo. Very subtle.
    But the best thing about this video was the closing remark, "We love it when you fight each other instead of us!" I've been saying this for yeeeears! I must admit I was inspired by the Motorhead song, 'Dogs'.
    "They turn us against our brothers – They make us fight and kill each other."

  98. Zaneta says:


  99. Danette Morrison says:


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