How Integrative Nutrition Helped Health Coach & Top Chef Andrea Beaman Help Others

(upbeat music) What led me to integrative nutrition was I had this desire and this drive that kept calling me that I have to teach people how to heal. I had thyroid disease, I had a goiter when I was 28 years old. The doctor had recommended radioactive iodine and synithroid for the rest of my life. And I knew that my diet was total crap and I needed to change it. So I changed it and when I healed myself I would go to work every day I’d got to MTV and VH1 and I would go there and I’d be sitting there and I’d be doing my work and I loved my job. It’s not like I didn’t like my job. But there was this deep inner calling that said you healed yourself now teach other people how to do it. You know, you’re feeling better now go teach people how to do it. You know share what you’ve learned, share your wealth, share your knowledge. Share this with other people because they’re going through the same stuff. I feel it’s important that I speak on integrative nutrition so it can help inspire other people to go out and do something more with their life. You know if it wasn’t for my journey I might still be stuck in corporate America doing the same old grind over and over and over again. So it’s important for me to speak here because I feel that if there’s one success story there could be 1,000 or one million success stories. I am not unique. I am not an anomaly, everyone has the potential to be the best person or human being or councilor or coach or whatever it is that they can be. And if they’re in this school. If someone is in this school, I know they have a drive and a desire to teach or to do something better in the world and I want to encourage them to do it.

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