How to Become a Healthcare Manager [Expert Insights]

If you have a degree in, let’s say,
Medical Assistance or in Nursing, and you want to be a healthcare manager, I think
you have to have a business background. So a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare
Management – it can be a transitioning for you not to be stuck with medical
assistance or nursing, but you can get a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare
Management, and the opportunities that you will have is tremendous. You’re talking about working with IT people, you’re working with the nursing staff,
you’re working with the hospital administrators and as you get into healthcare management, you will find that there’s a lot of opportunities in terms
of the new regulations of HIPAA, which is the Health Information Privacy and
Portability Act and a lot of other information. So, also, I was very
fortunate to work with physicians because physicians really run the clinic,
but as a manager, you manage the resources. So as a healthcare manager,
you will be involved in making some really critical decisions in improving
the health of the patients that you see and also the businesses you run, so
healthcare management profession is an area that is evolving. And in the United
States, healthcare is going to be looked at as
one of the areas that will be continued to grow, because that’s an area where a
lot of emphasis is being put on, because it costs a lot of money. And if you are
a good business person, and you can manage cost in healthcare, I think you’ll be a
successful healthcare manager.

Daniel Yohans

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