How to Become An Online Nutrition Coach | Scaling Your 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching Business

I always get asked what did you do to get started building beyond macros and the answer is simple I coached lots of people one-on-one I’m gonna tell you why you should too if you’re just starting out and how I scaled from coaching one-on-one clients by myself to a business that has six coaches plus educational courses Even though these educational courses have driven the most profit for me on macros You would be wasting your time starting out with courses or info products one of the big reasons Is that when you’re just starting out you probably don’t have a repeatable system. That is guaranteed to get clients results Because you simply haven’t worked with enough clients for a long enough time to create a system to help all your clients create a sustainable Transformation and if you have been coaching people for a while and you do have the system, but you don’t have a list yet Well, good luck Trying to make an on money to support your lifestyle selling $99 infoproducts To a list of less than a thousand people most people are only converting about one percent to one percent of a thousand is 10 $100 you’re making a thousand dollars per year when I was first starting out as a nutrition coach I used where I learned in college and through my precision nutrition Certification plus my knowledge of making meal plans to start working with clients one on one It was pretty much 50/50 at that point whether I would get results with clients because even though I had the knowledge I just didn’t have the experience Necessary to understand the nuances that coaching someone through nutrition. I was full of knowledge and I ended up vomiting Information in my clients and picking up every little thing that was wrong with her eating habits rather than helping them identify Highest impact changes they can make and sequence those changes in a way that would create a sustainable Transformation but over time I started to recognize patterns I didn’t see the common things that my clients were all struggling with and by working with them to solve those struggles I began to build up my coaching toolkit I Learned that a hammer is the right tool for nail and a driver is the right tool for a screw and after about six months of coaching clients one-on-one my success rate improved greatly after another six months it got to the point where people started noticing the Transformations my clients were making at the gym and the referrals started flowing in So I decided to put the four-hour work week for the tests and created an online Nutrition course thinking that as soon as I press publish the internet would take notice and I’d have thousands of people signing up But the funny thing is I didn’t have thousands people on my list What I did do is I spent countless nights After coaching and training creating the content and getting everything just right in that course I spent in another month getting the sales page and email sales sequence exactly how I wanted it. I published it for the world I sent an email to a list of whopping 200 people which is roughly how many subscribers I get per week now and Two people signed up. It’s a really good conversion rate. They both went to my gym and I was able to track their progress They both pretty much dropped off after the first two modules of six in the course They told me nah, I don’t have time for all this content and I didn’t really see any results I thought it was gonna make it easier not harder for me to figure out what to do to improve my nutrition. I was devastated I literally spent two months creating a course sold $200 worth of membership And neither of those members would be a success story that generated referrals where was a transformation story for the sales page and Nobody else was buying even if I were to drive tons of eyes to the sales page by a paid ads And would not have been right knew it wasn’t a product that got people results So I’d have to spend loads of money to get people onto the course because those members wouldn’t get results It wouldn’t refer any new members. They wouldn’t trust any other services I offer and they might even generate negative word-of-mouth So I decided to just pull the plug on that course and move back to one on one coaching But if you’ve watched my coaching story video, this is just about the point where I signed up for an expensive coaching mastermind Which meant I had about six months working with only two clients because I raised my prices through the roof even though I had to dig myself out of debt after that mastermind and Didn’t get to work with the same volume of clients that helped fast-track my learning curve as a coach I did learn how to create a VIP experience Those two clients were willing to pay $3,000 for so when I lowered my prices back to what people were willing to pay for one-on-one coaching I then knew how to provide a VIP experience and that had clients Breathing about the value of my coaching and I ended up with a waitlist again after just a short period of time Starting to accept new clients again after that mastermind was at this point where I was getting great results 101 and had a consistent business based on referrals that it was right to get some my coaching What I did from here is I started coaching six-week nutrition workshops that were the equivalent of doing Semi-private training with just one hour of my time per week Which is about how long it took me to work with each client at the time I can work with ten plus clients during these six week workshops gave me a place to direct people on my wait list And it was also a value-add for my clients who couldn’t attend as part of their monthly membership with me I could not have made this transition Had I not started with one-on-one coaching one-on-one coaching allowed me to create the dial-in systems learn how to use the tools of my tool kit and Ultimately create a service people wanted because I was intimately familiar with what they struggled with what solutions they were willing to pay for How much they were willing to pay for them and even how much time I could expect them to commit each week to the process And how much time I needed to commit to their process one on one coaching There’s also the foundation of any leverage product whether that be in person workshops or online courses don’t skip the important foundational step and if you want to get a deep dive on how to build a one-on-one coaching business that ranges from teaching you how to create a nutrition plan that gets clients or results to delivering a VIP client experience to the foundational business practices and marketing funnels You must create to attract the clients who jump out of bed to work with the beyond macro certified coach program has you covered so if this video Helped you out in any way Please like it subscribe to the channel and definitely leave a comment to let me know what action steps you plan to take

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