How To Get Rid Of DOUBLE CHIN | Jawline Exercise To Reduce Face Fat

How To Get Rid Of DOUBLE CHIN | Jawline Exercise To Reduce Face Fat

How to get rid of your flap below your neck
is being most common concern.These exercise’s will help you see a tremendous change.Let’s
start with the warm up exercises.Gently turn your chin on the right shoulder come to the
centre and take it to your left come to the centre and let’s do it one more time.Take it
to your right then the centre to your left and centre now gently tuck your chin and take
to your right and gently come in a similar fashion to your left making a semi circle
do it one more time.Gently take to your right come to your left come to the centre and relax.
From this position take your chin to one side slightly lift your chin up hold this position
and gently jutting your chin up to the ceiling and keep jutting up and down as much as you can
and you will be able to see the contraction of your vocal muscles Now hold the position their and gently open your mouth and close repeat this. This might look funny but it will work on
your extra flab.Try for 10 reps and gently relax and bring your chin to the resting position. Now turn your chin to the other side with chin up Jut your chin. Hold the position their
and open your mouth and close your mouth. Do this for 10 repetitions.Come to the centre and gently relax come to the other side chin
up jut your chin. Hold the position their and open your mouth and close your mouth. Now stop.
come to the centre and relax. Everyday you can do this exercise and you will see a tremendous

Daniel Yohans

22 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of DOUBLE CHIN | Jawline Exercise To Reduce Face Fat

  1. Meena Baqir says:

    day 1: my jaw feels tight af and lowkey hurts (I did this twice today)

  2. Bboy Aman marc says:

    Oops the video is already finished..while I was busy checking in the comments section if this work..or not

  3. Leigh Cordingley says:

    Honestly I have been doing this every single day for a month now and the change has been absolutely amazing!!!!! If I could post pictures on YouTube to show you my progress I would do 😂😂😂

  4. Glenda's World says:

    This won’t work. We can’t target the fat a specific area of the body. If we want to lose fat including the one under our chin, we have to lose EVERYWHERE.

  5. Toyosi A says:

    I am so skinny but I have a double chin because of my mums genes. Thank a lot mum🙄😭

  6. faxnoprinter says:

    She can’t even make i double chin—

  7. Agoonga says:

    Goodbye double chin! Now what excercise can I do to make my penis longer?

  8. J C says:

    If you gotta do this then you are just plain old


    These exercises actually work
    My face fat is gone
    Along with the 20 kgs weight loss in 5 months 😊

  10. Shikha Biswas says:

    Day1. No change

  11. kr kr says:

    this doesnt reduce face fat but it makes your weak muscles stronger so it wont sag the skin as much

  12. Judgy Judy says:


    Me when I look down: :))

  13. GunMasterG9 YT says:

    Awesome video

  14. riverz z says:

    I'm doing a update
    Day 1: no change
    Day 2 : still no change

  15. jiminie says:

    Why do I feel like I'm gonna break my neck doing this?

  16. Loli Edits says:

    Updating daily for you guys

    Day 1 – No changes, yet.
    Day 2 – No changes, yet. I can kind of see a line forming where my jawline is, but thats it.

  17. Panda Jam says:

    On day 2 it was gone 😱😱

  18. Slippy The Toad says:

    I'm actually gonna do it not like none of yall
    Day 1: Doubting it will do anything at all
    Day 2: Forgot to do it

  19. Zartafraza Khan says:

    2nd position ham namaz m karte h I love Islam I love namaz

  20. Crispeyz says:

    I think this glitch is patched it didn’t work for me

  21. S H R E Y A says:

    Wow 11 freakin million people are trying to get rid of their dog me
    *face palm*

  22. hotel? trivago. says:

    I’m gonna post my results in the comments every week because the first few days show nothing.

  23. Soul Wsed says:

    I'm gonna try to keep u updated (sorry if I dont)
    Day 1: nothing…

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