How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Exercise

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Exercise

how to lose belly fat naturally without
exercise whether your goal is just to get a little bit flatter belly for the
beach or if you want to lose some of that intra-abdominal belly fat that’s
associated with metabolic syndrome and a whole range of different degenerative
diseases we’re going to talk about the mechanisms how it works what won’t work
so that you understand how to do it right so you can get healthy and reach
your goal coming right up I’m doctor Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
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that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything so I wanted to do this
video because I saw some other videos that were just so full of nonsense that
suggested that or we’ll just do these exercises for seven days and you will
have a flat belly and they showed all these ridiculous before-and-after
pictures so it gets people into the wrong idea of what’s required and what
works so when I say that you can do it without exercise that doesn’t mean that
you want to do it without exercise it just means that the exercise that most
people suggest is not going to get you a flatter belly and it is not going to get
you healthier it’s not going to reverse the underlying mechanisms some people
are looking for that six-pack look or they just want to tone look and other
people are looking to get rid of that Apple shape where they don’t have a
waist where most of the weight sits in the mid section which is a very
unhealthy place because that intra-abdominal fat is the result of
insulin resistance and because of that it is driving you toward metabolic
syndrome with high blood pressure high cholesterol obesity diabetes etc so
that’s what we want to avoid now first let’s just look a little bit at the
anatomy this so some people suggest that all
will just do some sit-ups let’s that’s how you get that sit six-pack first you
have your abdominal cavity with your vital organs with your intestines and
then you can have the intra-abdominal fat which is the visceral fat it’s fat
intermingle it’s filling out the spaces between the abdominal organs and it’s
supposed to be there but it’s not supposed to grow huge it’s not we’re not
supposed to have a lot of fat there and then you have your subcutaneous fat
that’s the outer layer and in order for you to have a six-pack that needs to be
really really thin so that the muscle can show through and then the muscle
itself it’s called rectus abdominis that’s the
flat belly that that’s the six-pack look that muscle is only about 3/8 of an inch
thick so if it’s not showing you’re not going to be able to exercise that muscle
and make it show it’s not about the muscle you’re not going to be able to do
sit-ups or core strength and have that show through an inch and a half of belly
fat so even if you were to double that 3 and 1/8 inches or about 10 millimeters
it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference I’m sure there’s some
bodybuilders that have more than the 3/8 of an inch but the key is that
exercising the muscle is not gonna make it show through the fat and it’s not
gonna burn fat specifically there it’s not like the the nutrients for that
muscle comes from that fat that’s just not the way it works
energy is processed systemically and you’re not going to burn more in one
place just because you exercise that area so I just want to dispel some of
that and some of those myths so it doesn’t mean that exercise is bad I
think you should do core strength I just think you should exercise I think you
should go for walks because it’s good for your brain it’s good for circulation
it’s good for hormones just get out the mindset that you can get a six-pack
by doing crunches and exercise if you are a bodybuilder and you already have
very very low belly fat and subcutaneous fat then obviously getting a little bit
more tone in that muscle can make the 6-pack show a little more but for most
people that’s not where it’s at so for most people it’s not about crunches it’s
about reversing the underlying mechanism of what put that fat there in the first
place I want to bring to your attention something about body shape that’s gonna
make a lot of sense to you there’s something called Cushing’s
disease or Cushing’s syndrome also known as hypercortisolism and this is where
they have a pathology it’s usually a pituitary tumor the pituitary is a
hormonal gland and it produces hormones to stimulate a bunch of other glands and
one of the glands they stimulate are the adrenals so if you have a tumor then
that gland can put out an excessive amount a pathological amount of adrenal
stimulating hormone so now the adrenals just go to work and they’re cranking out
cortisol around the clock and as a result the body type gets a very
particular very characteristic shape so these people are gonna have a lot of
belly fat the cortisol creates belly fat and they’re gonna have a lot of
intra-abdominal fat and they’re gonna have a lot of subcutaneous fat but it
mostly it just starts growing in the midsection they’re also going to have
thin legs the muscles are gonna be eaten away from their legs so they got thin
skinny legs they’re gonna have a flat butt they’re gonna have stretch marks
they’re gonna have easy bruising and also in addition to the belly they’re
going to put fat in one more place and that’s at the top of the back of the
upper back called the Buffalo Hump all of these are very characteristic marks
of Cushing’s disease but if you think and if you look around and you
think about how many people do I know that kind of sort of looks like this
that they may not have a full-blown Cushing’s but they look a lot like that
and the reason they look a lot like that is that they have a very high level of
cortisol they have a very high level of insulin so even though it’s not a
disease it’s not a pathology they have just through lifestyle through
stress and sugar they have driven their body like halfway to Cushing’s and if
you think about it this probably describes a lot of people like maybe
half the population over 50 here is what’s happening this is why they’re
gonna get that particular body shape cortisol is a stress hormone whenever
you have stress whenever you put an increased demand on your body when your
body has to defend itself it’s going to produce additional blood sugar if the
cortisol is there to increase blood sugar but it’s not for the blood sugar
itself it’s to provide additional fuel for the cell so cortisol puts the sugar
into the blood and it’s the liver typically that makes that blood sugar it
starts making it from glycogen that’s stored in the liver and then when it
runs out of glycogen it’s going to start breaking down muscle or even before it
runs out of glycogen because if there’s enough cortisol the body is just gonna
pull glucose resources from anywhere it can so it breaks down glycogen from the
liver it breaks down muscle protein to make glucose the glucose goes into the
blood glucose the blood sugar increases and now we have more blood sugar to go
to the muscles to handle the stress to wherever the body needs the resources
whether it’s real or imagined but now we also need insulin to get that sugar out
of the bloodstream and into the cell to deliver it to its target the other thing
that cortisol does is it inflammation so there’s a drug there’s a
synthetic version of cortisol called cortisone or prednisone and people can
get this as a medication and now they give it to reduce systemic inflammation
so people with rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory diseases of various kinds
they get prednisone if they have pain from inflammation they get cortisone or
prednisone if people have swollen inflamed joints they get cortisone
injections and what that does of course it reduces inflammation why does it do
that why does cortisol stop inflammation because when you’re in a fight flight
your body is concerned with survival in this moment and inflammation is part of
the healing process that takes place after your back to safety so right now
we’re trying to survive tomorrow we’re gonna worry about inflammation and
healing when we’re safe so in the acute stage cortisol shuts down inflammation
and that’s why this is used as an anti-inflammatory drug but of course
what this drug does it increases blood sugar it increases insulin it makes
people gain weight in the midsection and make people swell up it makes people
pre-diabetic and so forth we also said that cortisol breaks down protein it’s
destructive to protein so this is why these people are gonna get thin legs
because it breaks down the large muscle groups first they’re gonna get a flat
butt because that’s another large muscle group the skin also has protein in the
collagen so when we break down that protein now we get stretch marks because
the skin is not as strong and elastic as it used to be we bruise easily because
the tissue is very fragile so any little bump we get we’re going to break the
tissue and get a bruise because cortisol broke down the protein so all of these
body type characteristics and and the bruising and the stretch marks is
because of cortisol so if we have a lifestyle where we start
looking like this then chances are really really high that we have excess
cortisol so when I saw all these videos to talk about a flat stomach and nine
exercises to a flat stomach in seven days and so forth
it really is frustrating because they give people the wrong idea they give
people false hope they give people the idea that if they
don’t end up with a flat stomach then they’re just not trying hard enough and
then they get guilty but there is no quick fix you’re not going to turn this
around in nine days or three weeks or overnight like these videos suggest so
do we want to do exercise yes and we’ve talked about that in other videos or
sit-ups gonna do it no our sit-ups good yes do some core strength do some
sit-ups do some crunches because it’s good to have a strong core that fires up
and strengthens the brain so what kind of exercise do you want to do well
aerobics are good except and please understand this the thing we call
aerobics is not aerobic exercise when you go to a spin class when you go to an
aerobics class with an instructor with an upbeat music tempo that encourages
you that motivates you to go faster and faster and sweat and huff and puff and
that is not aerobic exercise that’s an aerobic exercise and again we’ve talked
about these in other videos that if you huff and puff now you’re making cortisol
you are making this worse so exercise is good but if you exercise and you trigger
additional cortisol now you are depositing additional body fat you are
triggering cortisol to raise blood sugar that will trigger insulin and the
insulin and the cortisol are going to put the weight right back where you
started from so if you have anything like this body type or if you have
anything like adrenal fatigue then do not do any exercise where you
huff and puff and the only exception is high-intensity interval training which
you can do a little bit and watch those videos to understand that part
so if we have intra-abdominal fat or if we have a large amount of subcutaneous
fat that’s a result of hormones and the exercise cannot be in such a way as to
stimulate those two hormones because then you’re gonna make it worse
at best you’ll be able to burn off a few extra calories you will feel good
because you sweated and you made some hormones and so forth but now you just
pushed your body back into carbohydrate metabolism and you’re gonna get cravings
and you might be able to withstand those cravings for a few days or a few weeks
but because you’re shifting your body to a carb metabolism because you’re not
addressing the underlying issue you will not be able to sustain it and then you
feel guilty because you couldn’t keep it up so just don’t go there we have to get
over the idea of no pain no gain all right pain is stress stress triggers
cortisol and it will put us right back in this situation the only time that
there’s some benefit to some pain with exercise is if you’re trying to get fit
if you try to be at peak performance for a specific event if you’re gonna do
Ironman or if you’re doing something in in track and field where you need to
produce a lot of lactic acid in a short period of time like 400 meters or 1500
meters then you’re gonna have to go through some pain to get really fit but
if you’re looking to be healthy there is no need for that so how do we reverse
the underlying mechanism we do the things that will reduce insulin that
will reduce cortisol step number one eat less sugar go to a low carb high fat
diet and even a ketogenic diet on how insulin resistance you are
depending on how long it’s been there most people will benefit from being in
ketosis a good amount of the time some people don’t necessarily need to go
there all the time but I think it’s a great place to see how it works for you
and then maybe alternate between keto and and low carb you want to combine it
with intermittent fasting because sugar and carbohydrate are the root cause that
drive the insulin and eating carbohydrates and sugar many times a day
will stimulate sugar storage fat storage many times a day so intermittent fasting
is where you eat less carb in fact you eat zero carbs when you’re fasting and
you’re eating fewer meals so you’re stimulating this process fewer times
you’re giving it a chance to reverse itself so these are tools that you can
use low carb keto and intermittent fasting they’re increasing power in that
order so low carb is powerful keto is more powerful intermittent fasting is
most powerful then you want to add some low intensity exercise meaning truly
aerobic exercise when you are not huffing and puffing if you go for a walk
if you go for an easy bike ride or if you’re rollerblading if you’re not
huffing and puffing you are keeping up your breathing slowly that’s aerobic
with air and when you’re aerobic when you’re providing oxygen at a rate that
you can metabolize fuel your body burns primarily fat especially if your fat
adapted then the vast majority of fuel is going to come from fat and that’s
what you want you want to lose the belly fat as soon as you start huffing and
puffing you switch from burning fat to burning carbohydrates and it’s not like
you’re burning a hundred percent of one and zero of the other and vice versa
but it’s the dominance so in aerobic exercise you burn predominantly fat in
huffing and puffing and aerobic exercise you
predominantly carbohydrate and sugar so low intensity exercise is the key and
that’s where you want to spend a lot of time you can do that 30 minutes a day if
you have time and you feel like it then you can do it 60 or 90 or 120
minutes a day it is not fatiguing it’s not exhausting
because you’re operating within your threshold within your capacity for
aerobic training so you have infinite fuel you have all the oxygen in the
world and you have all the fat on your body to provide fuel for that you’re not
gonna run out of fuel then you want to add a little bit of hit high-intensity
interval training and here we’re talking very very high intensity so there’s a
little bit of pain maybe but you’re doing it for such a short time it’s just
fun to push yourself a little bit we’re talking seconds you do 15 20 30 seconds
at a time you relax rest for a few seconds and
then you hit it again and you only do that four or five times to get your
heart rate up close to your maximum and then you’re done the whole workout is
like five minutes and what that does it does produce cortisol but it does it for
such a short period of time that it doesn’t affect your overall situation
and the benefits is that you increase your growth hormone by three to four
hundred percent and growth hormone is muscle sparing and it is fat burning all
right so if you can make three to four times more growth hormone then you’re
gonna accomplish both of those goals you kind of do the opposite of what the
court is all does so yes you’re gonna produce cortisol during the hit but the
cortisol is for a few minutes the growth hormone lasts for days and the other
thing that’s going to produce a lot of growth hormone is fasting so doing these
two together is going to put you in the best place possible for growth hormone
number 5 cortisol is produced in response to stress so we could have
stress from exercise and aerobic huffing and puffing exercise
but we can also have it from emotional stress anytime that you feel frustrated
tense upset angry etc overwhelmed you are in stress your body makes cortisol
your blood sugar goes up and this blood sugar is there for you to be able to
deal with fight and flight for you to be able to increase your energy energy
expenditure to get out of a dangerous situation but if you have emotional
stress from your lifestyle situation when you’re sitting in traffic if you
have too many deadlines if the kids are screaming and you feel stressed now
you’re making cortisol which raises blood sugar but you’re not going to do
any additional exercise in that moment to use up the glucose so now that excess
glucose gets into the cell by insulin and you’re not going to use it so it
gets turned back into fat so cortisol turns sugar into fat cortisol turns
protein into fat and where does it gather up where does it deposit in the
midsection that’s what cortisol does stress management is enormous Lea
important and for some people that might be as important as doing all the other
stuff together so we want to understand that there are can be multiple
components and for different people they could be the primary the key one could
be different for different people so we want to optimize our chances we do all
of them of course that’s just how it works if something makes you healthier
then do all of those things so how do you get rid of belly fat by reversing
the underlying mechanism and can you do it without exercise yes would you want
to know because exercise is not optional but you want to do it without the wrong
kind of exercise because the wrong kind of exercise will perpetuate the problem
if you enjoyed this video you’re going to love this video thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you next time

Daniel Yohans

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  77. John James says:

    When I get emotional stress if possible I use shadow boxing as a form of HIITS, works great for me.

  78. Brian Mashego says:

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  79. Kiya says:

    I've lost over 30 lbs in under 2 months just eating healthier and walking. When people ask me what exercises I've been doing, they don't usually believe me. It somehow clicked in my head that stress was a major contributor to my weight gain. I understood that I usually became stressed when doing workouts like the elliptical or running. People even keep telling me I need to workout more and sweat.. but I'm always like "when I am healthy that us an option but I'm obese right now".. even changing my eating habits has been stressful.. thanks for the confirmation

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    Question: Do you think weight training is helpful? Not sure if I missed that. Thank you for the video.

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  82. err27nuc says:

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  83. Koakoa45 says:

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  85. Maureen Theresa says:

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    So I loved this video. It affirmed what I did years ago

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    It is very important and easy to understand.Thank you. Could you please create a video on how to combat with consequences after you lost weight, – like deflated skin, stretch marks, how to get better skin turgor etc.

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    Go for walk – truly aerobic (no huffing & puffing – burn fat). So huffing means I'm not burning fat.
    Low intensity
    HIIT – 5 minutes only!! (Increase Growth hormones as a benefit which last for days)
    Get stress under control (emotional, upset, angry etc will make cortisol!!) Excess glucose will not be used but turn protein into fat.

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    After yoga class today (1,5 hours) i felt like flying over the pavement back to my home……

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