How To Make Bones Strong | Eight Ways To Strengthen Bones | Healthy Bones

How To Make Bones Strong | Eight Ways To Strengthen Bones | Healthy Bones

Eight ways to strengthen bones. Did you know that exercises using weights
not only affect muscles, but also have the effect of strengthening bones? It has the effect of lowering the risk of
osteoporosis and fractures. Have you ever felt that you must strengthen
your bones? Today, I would like to talk about strengthening bones. The human body has 206 bones with various
sizes, shapes and functions. All of them form a skeletal system. Bones are connected to joints . So you can
move it. In general the skeletal system functions include
the following. Support weight,
Can move, Protect the internal or underlying bone of
the bone. Based on the importance of the skeletal system,
let us borrow the power of nature and make healthy and strong bones . 1. Eat vegetables: Generally speaking, vegetables are indispensable
in strengthening bones and maintaining health. Vitamin C promotes the production of osteogenic
cells . The antioxidant action of vitamin C helps repair damage which has already been
done to skeletal system. Eating vegetables raises bone density . This
is because the amount of minerals contained in calcium and other bones increases. As bone density increases, it will be less
likely to cause diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. 2. Take protein: If you do not take enough of the protein,
the percentage of calcium absorbed in the bone will begin to decline. Always try to ingest a proper amount of protein.
If you ingest it excessively it will hinder bone strengthening. Protein intake of 100 g per day will have
the following effects. Maintain bone mass during menopause.
Reduce the risk of fractures at elderly age. 3. Eat calcium-rich food: Eating food containing calcium every day leads
to bone strengthening. Calcium is one of the minerals needed to build the bone structure. The best way to absorb calcium is to incorporate
calcium from various foods, not the same thing. There is also a way to drink calcium supplements,
but the absorption rate is not as good as when you take it from food.
It may not be enough to prevent deficiency if you are taking only the calcium proportion
required per day. In the long term, bone troubles may occur. 4. Eat enough vitamin D: Vitamin D helps calcium to be absorbed into
bone. Vitamin D can be ingested by eating fish, liver, cheese, or taking sunlight. There are many people who do not have vitamin
D, so supplements may be a good supplement. If you want to strengthen your bones, it is
good to walk about 30 minutes each day . You can ingest vitamin D from sunlight, but please
do not forget sunscreen. 5. Avoid low calorie diet: Low calorie diet slows metabolism, reduces
muscle mass, raises anxiety. At the same time, bone mineral density will be lost, which will
have a bad influence on the bone structure. If you want to lose weight, send a balanced
eating habit including plentiful variety of food. You can strengthen not only the diet
effect but also the bones. In other words, let’s take vegetables containing
protein , foods containing healthy fat. 6. Collagen: 7. Eat magnesium and zinc rich food: In addition to calcium, magnesium and zinc
are also indispensable for bone. Magnesium promotes absorption of calcium by taking it
at the same time as vitamin D. Zinc promotes the formation of bone marrow
cells and prevents loss of bone mineral density. In order to take this mineral let’s take in
the following food. spinach,
shrimp, Flack seed, pumpkin seed,
Red meat. 8. Weight training: Weight training is effective for improving
bone density and making it less prone to pain and inflammation . This type of exercise not only increases muscle
mass but also has the effect of strengthening bones. Teenagers and young people should exercise
with weights. The bones will get stronger. It is easy to strengthen the bones: As you can see, it is not difficult to make
bones healthy and strong. Beware of the food that you incorporate into your regular eating
habits, and firming your exercise increases your bone density. With a small effort every day, you can reduce
the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Daniel Yohans

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