How to Make Healthy Tortilla Choices and Read Nutrition Labels – Mind Over Munch

How to Make Healthy Tortilla Choices and Read Nutrition Labels – Mind Over Munch

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “How to Make Healthy Tortilla Choices and Read Nutrition Labels – Mind Over Munch

  1. Fill 'em with wonder says:

    OLE Xtreme Wellness are the most recent tortillas I've purchased. High fiber low carb. 50 calories, 1.5 g fat, 16 carbs, 11g fiber, 4g protein. Whole wheat flour. I found them at Wal-Mart.

  2. Bethzaida Vasquez says:

    how about the corn tortilla which one you prefer?

  3. Emily O’Neil says:

    I just found your channel a few days ago and I've been binge watching a lot of your videos! I'm really into counting my macros and knowing what goes into my food. I've been pretty dedicated to make choices that fuel my body for about 2 years straight now! I do have to say you've opened my eyes to watching my sodium intake, and I can't wait to see other ideas/inspo that I can get from you! Thanks for putting out amazing content. Love, your newest subscriber. 🙂

  4. The Shady Brunch says:

    I use la tortilla factory i love them!

  5. R Oki says:

    Thank you very much for the details you put into this. I do read the ingredients and get heart broken when I realize some of my old favorites are not very good for me or just don't process through my system well anymore. Thank you for your honest opinion of the Ezekiel tortillas. I may still pick up a small pack to try.

  6. Rebekah C says:

    ole tortillas are awesome 50 calories 2gm of fat 4gm protien

  7. Kelsi Lee says:

    Does anyone know if we can get ezekiel breads in Australia and if not, do we have a substitute? i have never seen it myself

  8. Maria Jose Aguilar Amezcua says:

    Just buy corn tortillas, they are a better option.

  9. David Arnold says:

    I am hooked on the Ole X-Treme Wellness High Fiber tortillas. Only 50 calories, 16 carbs and 11 fiber and 4 protein. A bit high with sodium at 310 but I can accept that. I keep thinking there must be a catch but I have looked up the ingredients and while some are those weird sounding things it doesn't seem like any are hidden forms of poison. Opinions? Please don't ruin my tortilla passion!

  10. Gitti Hernandez says:

    Where do you get the ezequiel tortilla?

  11. Meredith Hinton says:

    Flat out wraps are awesome!!

  12. amanda nelson says:

    Omg it's always poori g outside in your vids

  13. shellina reed says:

    when doing this video you should include the sodium in the tortillas

  14. Ebone Cardenas says:

    I make my own with Masa which is corn

  15. Diana Lucio says:

    Oops I forgot to ask for your thoughts on the post one I posted below 😊 please and thank you

  16. Average Savage says:

    woah, thats not a tortilla. wheres the yellow lake 7? ( country accent )

  17. Iram M says:

    + mind over munch ..I am concerned about additives in the ingredient list like sodium,gluten and other additives that are very unhealthy. can you tell me how to choose any product according to that

  18. Nicole Alexis says:

    Low-cal and "healthy" options usually are a waste of time because they tend to crumble or tear or they taste like crap. I find it much easier to skip tortillas altogether and either opt for a lettuce wrap, whole wheat pita or some kind of flatbread. You can also put your burrito contents into a bowl like they do at Chipotle, which is especially good if you're lazy and suck at rolling burritos like me. I generally regard tortillas as a treat and just indulge in the classic kind once in a while.

  19. Mars Amet says:

    I can easily find flour tortillas with only 3-5 ingredients :3

  20. Yesenia Arroyo says:

    How do you feel about the TortillaLand raw flour tortillas? They are my favorites but idk how macro friendly they are.

  21. Nancy Rudy says:

    Thank you for these – makes you pay closer attention to what you are purchasing and putting in your body.

  22. Inubran Tain says:

    I would say the healthiest option is actually also the cheapest. Just take masa harina and water and cook on the stove. Theres also tortilla makers but a skillet will work too. It takes marginally more work because obviously you actually have to go out of your way to heat them on the stove and they probably don't have quite as long of a shelf life. But the bottom line is you get a product that is literally only two ingredients. One of which is water…. sooo. I don't really know the macros or micros or whatever but its the traditional way of making it and i cant imagine it being worse than buying pre packaged.

  23. Vicki G Solomon says:

    "Cellulose fiber" is generally sawdust aka finely processed wood. It really ups the fiber content. Yuck!

  24. Michael Domeier says:

    Ole Xtreme health and wellness are good.

  25. christophercrypt says:

    I've never subscribed to a channel so fast. Your realistic approach to making healthy choices has been extremely helpful. Thank you!

  26. Kay V says:

    thaanx pretty lady

  27. Xine D says:

    Ever since I'm watching your videos about taking time to look at Nutrition Facts, I've been taking my time whenever I go to the store. I had to check the calories and ingredients every time since not every package that says healthy is actually healthy! Thanks for this! You and Sarah are the best! thumbsup

  28. Ana Finau says:

    Try tortilla land tortillas next time, only 5 ingredients

  29. Jonathan Dominguez says:

    I'm not really trying to lose weight, My tortillas are 100 calories and whole wheat, 80 soidium but 19 carbs, Is it good?

  30. Marisa Arielle Nelson says:

    Thank for all your time and hard work you put in these videos! They are so informative and helpful 👍

  31. Kathie Phillips says:

    do a vid about gmos

  32. Christine Kafont says:

    do you have a salad dressing recipe video by any chance. maybe even kid friendly types.

  33. Mac B1tch says:

    Can any one tell me where so gets the Tortillas she prefers the last 2 at the end

  34. 김현정 says:

    Thank you so much. Your videos are so useful and educational!

  35. Bonnie Bennett says:

    My favorite tortilla shell is the Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas

  36. Mac B1tch says:

    Omg thank you

  37. Linda Redden says:

    I Bought LaTortilla Factory TORTILLAS , 30 calories 3 Net Carbs 8GrAm ,

    Fiber 5 grams protein whole wheat tortillas ! yummo !!!! 36 gram weight 0 sugars ,water,oat fiber whole wheat flour, soy flour calories 50, fiber 8 grams

  38. Claudia Sosa says:

    Good video 👍👍👍

  39. Precious Dol Face says:

    Thank You for the 411!

  40. SIX says:

    Spectacular! Great information delivered by a beautiful woman! Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks!!

  41. Raven 21 says:

    I love torilla made out of air 😄

  42. Diana Choi says:

    so what i learned from doing Keto years back is that net carbs are important to look at when following a low-carb diet because the fiber cannot be digested for fuel in your body. Of course, fiber is still important in our nutrition but I was taught that those carbs were not burned for calories like the other carbohydrates. Quest bars, for example, market net carbs because many low carb dieters (who are their prime target groups) already subtract fiber from total carb counts in order to track their carb intake. I don't think it's purely marketing ploy, I think for people trying to follow a low carb diet it is important to know what net carbs means

  43. Idea Baker says:

    Ole Mexican Foods makes the Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb whole wheat flour tortilla; for a 45 gram serving, it's only 50 calories , has 11 grams of fiber and only 1.5 grams of fat. Net carbs are 5 grams (16 total). Made in America. A nutritional bargain.

  44. Remy N. says:

    Woohoo, my fiber one tortilla is healthy after all!

  45. Glenn Swindler says:

    Ole xtreme wellness high fiber tortillas. You're welcome

  46. Broseph says:

    Wow great video.

  47. Jackie Alfaro says:

    Tysm 😍

  48. Lakean Bacon says:

    If you’re going for a more processed tortilla I use the Ole extreme wellness tortillas. They are low in carbs, and high in fiber, no added sugars, and no fat.

  49. Cope3am says:

    I wish i had a waterfall in my backyard

  50. Ary Trinidad says:

    My fav is Siete almond flour tortillas.

  51. Ed Keaton says:

    "A falta de pan, tortillas." (In the absence of bread, tortillas will do.) — Mexican Proverb. 🌽🍞

  52. Ed Keaton says:

    "When a person is hungry, he only thinks about tortillas." — Mexican American saying.

  53. Kristina Mikkelson Casanova says:

    we make our own….. we know what goes in them then

  54. Spider Girl 2 says:

    Ezekial tortillas!!! I knew it😀Just like the ezekial bread😍😍😍

  55. PeaceMaker2014 says:

    Important Note : Most important is buy only Organic / Non-GMO Tortilla's. Most that were shown here not Organic & are most probably GMO. Thus causing Cancer,Heart disease, Diabetes etc … backed by Evil – Monsanto and The FDA

  56. okfishingal says:

    So glad I found this video. After watching this video, I went on a shopping trip with my family and I found a sale on olé Mexican foods tortillas. I picked their sprouted whole grains option, which had a short list of ingredients. In fact, the only thing I couldn’t read were the dough conditioners. It was an amazing price (8 packages for $2.99) and had some decent numbers.

  57. Jackie Patti says:

    I wish I could find traditional tortillas, made with lard.

  58. Stop It says:

    I eat the Mission 100% Whole Grain Tortillas. Would you say those are good?

  59. Jordan Sparte says:

    My go to tortilla’s are Tumaro’s. Their 8” wraps are only 60 calories and their 10” is 80 cals.

  60. Jupiter Lane says:

    So what is the best tortilla???

  61. Breanna Sumner says:

    My favorite tortillas are the raw ones from Costco👍🏻so good!

  62. Ariel Aron says:

    I usually eat corn tortillas but I do buy. A brand called Ole Xtreme wellness High fiber low carb. On front says no hydrogenated oils, no sugar added. It has 50 cal, 1.5 total fat, 16v carbs, 11g fiber, no sugar and 4g protein. First 3 ingredients are whole wheat flour, water, cellulose flour. Still not the best but the macros are good.

  63. TaylorEZE says:

    Which store do you get that Banderita tortilla from?

  64. Tom says:

    Flour Tortillas are addicting

  65. Usa France says:

    So pretty much, don't eat tortillas.

  66. Francis Potter says:

    What about the wheat in the items l seem to have a problem with wheat and blood sugar lately what about ones made with just corn

  67. CaliforniaGumbo says:

    GREAT VIDEO. THX. What's yr fav tortilla recipe?

  68. mainenwo says:

    if you're a Diabetic please remember that Fiber Carbs does not raise blood sugar and can be ignored, but if you're on a low carb diet or keto then you may want to take note

  69. John Mortensen says:

    The Mama Mia Low Carb Tortillas are terrific. 60 Calories, 7g Carbs, 3g Fat, 5g Protein, 4g Fiber and TASTE GREAT! I get them on Amazon.

  70. Angel Gallardo says:

    Great video! when you said "La banderitaaaa" you should've gone "ayayaya" just kidding! Can you take a joke??!! I'm subcribing because I liked how you went about nutritional value and all. by the way I have a few bruskies on me in case you see any misspellings. subscribed!!

  71. Amar Banwait says:

    If they take something out they have to put something else in to replace it, why so food claiming to be healthier is actually worst then the original product

  72. Cara Stone says:

    if you want a tortillas that low in calories, carbs, AND fat, try Joseph's Lavash bread. It's a flat bread that's VERY close to the texture of a tortilla and fits those goals very well.

  73. HALLIWEL07 says:

    Thank you you’re helping me a lot

  74. KISSARRAH says:

    She says they're all similar in size, but they're only similar in weight. The tortillas smaller in diameter are harder to make into burritos. That's why the one she buys reads "soft taco".

  75. robotnik77 says:

    You mentioned sodium (salt, NaCL) at the end of your presentation. I am on a low sodium diet, and I found that I can pack any low sodium ingredients into a wrap. However, as you mention, just ONE flour tortilla wrap, itself, can be loaded with sodium. I checked several brands of white and whole wheat flour wraps, and found the range of sodium was between 192mg and 660mg per tort !!. I switched to corn tortillas that have zero sodium. Unfortunately, I cannot find a corn tort in an 8" diameter size, and it's hard to get a full meal into a smaller tort. Tortillas are now the staple of my low-salt diet. You can put just about any mix of meat and vegetables into them. I usually buy a roast chicken, remove the skin, and use that as my meat base, and load it with any variety of veggies as accompaniment, and it makes a complete meal. It's especially great for those who are not cooks. Use a grater on the veggies to make them easier to pack into a small wrap. Think beyond lettuce. Any veggie. Corn tortillas separate easily, so it helps to zap then in the micro for 20 seconds on a plate, which makes them more pliable, and less likely to fall apart. Add a bit of salsa. See the sal in salsa? That's salt – just use less. You only need the flavor. Since I've been on my tortilla diet, my BP has gone back to normal. Daily exercise is a must. Walk 20-30 minutes every day. Can't go outside? Walk in a circle in your home, or back yard. Use a timer. For breakfast, try microwaving a sweet potato/yam. It makes a great breakfast for low-salters. If you use butter, or margarine, you don't need much. An added advantage is that you can lose weight, unless you're a snacker. Snacks? Substitute finger-size carrots, or celery, in place of potato chips.

  76. HeyitsGina! says:

    are there any that are soy free?

  77. Allen Rivera says:

    Looks like a water main break lol!

  78. Melyssa RLopez says:

    La banderita is my go to on lazy dirty keto I use them once a week or so

  79. judy gomez says:

    Sadly the Ezekiel tortillas tastes pretty bad but the bread is okay. I really wanted to like the tortillas but I just couldn’t stand the taste.

  80. Ricky C. says:

    What about corn tortillas?

  81. 4everVegeta says:

    I dont understand why a simple flat bread has all that sh!t

  82. Christina L says:

    What are your thoughts on homemade tortillas?

  83. Carla Cordova says:

    Love your videos, you miss the one I used to eat and I want to know your opinion. Ole xtreme wellness

  84. Marilyn Lira says:

    Thank you this was so helpful 😊

  85. L L says:

    Skip the processed foods and please just make them. 4 ingredients and you can even use coconut oil, they’re to die for. Find yourself a good you tube video and void all that extra junk. I recommend Jauja cocina on YouTube, authentic Mexican recipes

  86. Gerardo Garcia Jr says:

    What about all that salt though quite a bit for one tortilla lol

  87. Truetothat454 says:

    Also look at the Sodium, which was twice or more in the Flour tortillas compared to others. Sodium is just as important as other Nutrition Facts listed values.

  88. Little Mouse says:

    What an amazing video I've been struggling to find a good tortilla for a long time this video helped tons!

  89. zach Barahona says:

    Do the tortillas have 6 grams of carbs or 19?

  90. Rose Tyler says:

    quickly drives to the nearest mexican grocery store

  91. Helen Nelson says:

    What about La Tortilla. They have been around since 1977. They come in light, organic, gluten free.

  92. Brenda Murray says:

    Gluten free

  93. Harold Hart says:


  94. PancakesPusheen ! says:

    im a little bit confused. does the deceiving “low carb” tortilla have 6g of carbs or 19g??

  95. Serapio Pena says:

    Can you Have La Badita on keto ?

  96. 1000 subscriptores con 0 videos says:

    Grandmas tortillas are the best, just corn and water

  97. Mr Q says:

    Fiber won’t be digested, that’s why it’s net carbs. You’re not digesting it, it doesn’t count. Though with that specific tortilla they’re using modified food starch as the fiber, which I’m not sure whether that’s actually fiber and or acts as fiber. Other brands use powdered cellulose which is actually fiber which definitely cannot be digested. I’d like to find a tortilla recipe for something with 25g of fiber and 30g of protein, wheat gluten, and then with corn.

  98. TheFather246 says:

    Almond flour tortilla

  99. Nightwing says:

    The Net carbs is refering to the insulin spiking carbs …as we all know fiber does not spike your insulin and actually aids in moving bad carbs out and preventing them from spiking insulin as the net is just refering to the leftover bad carbs that will still have an effect on your body. Not all carbs are equal …thats like claiming all protien is the same and saying pea protien is same as whey or animal. Its just not and all have diff impacts to your bodys functions.

  100. Dingus Squatford Jr says:

    Get to the point, traditional tortillas are not flour it’s corn yadumb broad

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