How to Plan Your Dream Life: Vivid Vision Exercise ✨

How to Plan Your Dream Life: Vivid Vision Exercise ✨

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Today I want to share a journaling prompt/vision
exercise that you can do to help you envision your dream life more
clearly. It’s called the Vivid Vision, and you can do it in two ways. I actually recommend you do both. You could do the Vivid Vision envisioning
your dream life in the next three years, and then the other one is using the Vivid
Vision to envision your ideal day. Let’s start with the three years ahead. What I’m saying is: You have to look into the future three years. Lean into the future. So now, if you’re watching this in 2017, then three years later is 2020. Wow, that feels really far off into the future, but three years later. What you want to do is you want to imagine exactly what your life looks like in 2020,
in your ideal situation. You want to be as detailed as possible and
hit every area of your life. Think about how do wake up, what time do you
wake up, where do you live, what do you do during your day, what people
do you hang out with, what are your hobbies, what are you feeling, what are the things
that you smell. Bring your senses into it and try to see if you can imagine very excruciatingly
detailed, of what you see, what you hear, what you smell, taste, touch,
everything. Be as detailed as possible and really paint
the picture for yourself. What does your life look like as a whole and in all the different areas? Maybe peek into your health, personal growth, career, your relationships, your happiness,
your creativity, how much you travel. And you can really go on and on depending
on what’s important to you. Open up a notebook or a Word doc on your computer,
and just start writing. Like I said, be as detailed as possible. Try to hit all the areas. Paint that picture of what your life will look like in 2020. This is your Vivid Vision. Once you’re done writing that whole thing,
put that in your phone. Put it on your wall. Put it somewhere that you can read it every
day and revisit it every day. This exercise is an amazing tool to help you
bring your ideal life into a reality because the more detailed that you are, the
more you can actually see different parts of your life and what they look like, the more you can
be able to take action to make those a reality. Because it’s kind of like you’ve laid out
your goal, you’ve laid out your end point, and all you have to do is take the steps to
put together the pieces to make it happen. And the more you read this Vivid Vision every
day, the more that you’re going to feel that you’re already there, the more you’re
going to feel like how it feels to have already accomplished it. Just bringing that emotion to it will help use that law of attraction to bring you closer
to that reality. If you haven’t watched my law of attraction
video, I’ll post the link here and below. This is just one exercise you can use to utilize
law of attraction, but also lay out the practical foundation on what you want
in your life and how to get there. Another way you can use this Vivid Vision
exercise is to use it to visualize your ideal day. Try to envision what your dream, ideal day
looks like from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. What fills up your day? Just have fun with it. Honestly, it’s just a journaling prompt to
do for fun. But once you have it, put it in your phone. Put it somewhere where you’ll read it every
day so that you can bring more of that into your life. Whatever is in that ideal day, maybe you can
start doing it tomorrow. Maybe you can incorporate pieces of it into
your life. And the sooner you realize what exactly it is you want in your ideal
day or your ideal life, the sooner you can start bringing that and turning it reality. By the way, if you’d like to see an example
of a Vivid Vision, then I shared the one that I wrote in 2015 down below. You can download it at that link. I really hope this exercise can help you clarify
what it is you want in your dream life, in your ideal day, whatever it is. Knowing it is the first step to getting it. Alright, have a beautiful day. I love you all. See you next time. Bye!

Daniel Yohans

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    I revisited the Vivid Vision Exercise recently for the Dream Life Series! If you want an updated overview and some more related exercises, check it out below:
    → Clarify What You Want |

    QUESTION: Do you have any trouble completing the exercise? What do you think is holding you back? Let me know so I can create more thorough exercises for future videos!

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