How To Use Nutrition To Enhance Your Cycling

How To Use Nutrition To Enhance Your Cycling

(upbeat energetic music) – Nutrition plays a vital role
in better training strategy, and what you eat has a direct
impact on your performance. Cool, Hanks on a good day. – We’ve all heard of the infamous bonk and its unwanted effects of running out of energy too soon into a ride. – So hopefully, we’re going to
show you how to prevent this and not end up like that. – That’s a big bonk. – Try to use a range of different foods when fueling on our bikes. It can be mentally difficult to get all those carbs in when out on your bike. – Variety’s spice of life
really can help throw that little bit of extra
something in your pockets to look forward to throughout the ride. This can be anything really, from well, a bar, to a little bit of Haribo, if I can find it in my
pockets, yeah I can. Little bit of Hari’s, you want that James? Can help to have that
something to look forward to throughout the ride when you’re too tired to think about it and you just don’t feel like eating. – Equally, find out what works for you. Brands these days like Enervit have such a wide variety
of different products. So all I suggest you do, is
go out on your training rides, get a load of different
products, try of them all. That way you know exactly
what works for your stomach. So when it comes to racing, hopefully, you won’t have any upset stomachs, ’cause, well no one needs that. It’s possible to metabolize up to 90 grams of carbohydrates, per hour
of endurance exercise. Look at the nutritional content of what you plan to take on your ride, including the carbohydrate
content, and do the math. Organize your pockets so that you know what you should’ve consumed
at the end of each hour. – Once you’ve found what works for you, try and stick to that brand or product. Definitely don’t go mixing
things up on race day, you don’t want to risk
upsetting your stomach. – Training is no different to competition. You want to maintain a good
amount of carbohydrate intake throughout those hard training sessions. The last thing you want
to do is underestimate how much energy you’re going to need for those hard sessions. That way, you’ll get the
most out of every session. When it comes to those shorter rides when you don’t need so much fuel, I would suggest you go
for the healthier options. So a bit of fruit, like
a banana, a cereal bar. What you don’t want to do, is
fill up on those junk food, like croissants, ’cause
that’ll do more damage than good when you’re training. – Fasted rides have been much
talked about in recent years, with potential performance benefits of improving fat metabolism, and also, positive performance gains. Now, everyone is different. So it’s worth giving fasted rides a try to see if they work for you. Personally, they didn’t
really work for me. I just love my breakfast too
much, but you never know, it might be your next big thing. Try 45 to 90 minutes of fasted
ride in before breakfast, with maybe a coffee or tea as
you’re heading out the door. Don’t forget, this is all
about getting your body used to using fat as an energy source, as well as carbohydrates. So, keep it relatively steady. Don’t try any big, intense efforts. Just take this for me
mate, thanks, thanks. All right, I’ll catch ‘ya in a bit. – If this works for you,
and you can get used to it, you can potentially give your
body an extra source of energy using fats and carbohydrates
on those longer rides. We would though say start
small, start with a ride like Connor’s doing,
around 30 to 45 minutes. Work your way up to 120
minute ride before breakfast. It’s also a great way of
getting a bit of training in before you start the day, or even work. (soft fun music) – Timing is a crucial
part to fueling on a ride. Try not to eat everything in one go, instead, spread out through
the duration of the ride. – I always found it very useful to have a time function up on my
head unit or bike computer. It’s very useful to have the
time there in front of you, to remind yourself to
eat at regular intervals. You can see every 30 minutes
I need to eat something, and you get it in your belly. – Equally, it’s good to get a good portion of carbohydrates in before the ride, porridge, Wheetabix, or brown toast. Then every 30 minutes, look to have little top-ups on your ride. – Keep those tanks topped up. It is so easy to forget to eat at the beginning of a ride. Making sure you have schedule to stick to, can really remove the guess work, out of when you last ate, and
when you need to eat next. – Cycling is a great way to
stay healthy and lose weight, but there is a big
temptation to carry on eating throughout the day after your long ride. – Yeah, try to be conscious
of what you’re eating for the rest of the day. A good plan, is to fill up
on fruits and vegetables. For instance, try having
soup, or a big bowl of salad before your main meal to
help alleviate that hunger after a long day’s training. – How’s your salad? – Lovely. – I’m losing weight. – Don’t forget to drink. It’s the number one phrase heard from pretty much every team gone, every race around the globe. It’s so hard to remember, that even the pros need reminding. – [Cyclist] Remember to
stay hydrated Connor! – I’ve got two bottles there mate. Hydrating properly is
part of nutrition too, and it’s very important
that you take constant sips throughout a ride. When the temperature heats
up, it is even more important you get those fluids on
board, just like this. Maybe not quite like that,
but you know what I mean. Using an isotonic mix
in your water bottles will make a massive
difference, and help make sure you replace any lost
electrolytes lost from sweating. Enervit recommends including two scoops of their isotonic mix in
a 500 mil bottle of water, and consuming one of these every hour in addition to plain water. Forgetting to drink,
and becoming dehydrated can really limit your
performance, so remember to do so, and keep your fluids topped up. Even when you don’t feel the
urge to drink on those long, cold winter rides, it is still important. It is surprising how
much sweat you can lose underneath all those winter layers. So we hope these nutrition
tips help you manage your training that little bit better, keeping you out on the road
for long around faster. – Don’t forget to give
this video a big thumbs up. – And for more how-to’s, why
don’t you click on Connor.

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