I am Penn State Health – Julie Groh

[Music] My name is Julie Groh and I am Penn
State Health. I always wanted to be a nurse, I dreamed, I fantasized it about it
as a little girl. I’ve been community health nurse here for four years. “We’re gonna take a special picture of your eyes.” I do not have a typical day. [Engine Starts] It varies I could be going to a food
pantry for blood pressure checks I could be going to a school for health
assessment screenings I could be going to a church for CPR training I could be
going any number of places to give flu shots every day is a little bit
different which I love. Listening is a huge part of our job and I think
listening is what helped build the trust that especially in the food pantries
that people will come and they really might not know care what their blood
pressure’s that day but they know they have an ear and that their what they say
to us is safe. People really do open up to us. It’s incredible to know you make
an impact in someone’s life “So having the flu shot can make you kinda sore for the next few days.” Even if it’s just by listening I love to
help people so me being a nurse is really helping people no matter what it
is. I’m not doing brain surgery a lot of nurses out there do and a lot more
hardcore things but the little things we do I think really do make a big
difference and I feel really good about that My name is Julie Groh and we are
Penn State Health. [Music]

Daniel Yohans

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