I am the Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Cleveland Indians

Let me walk you through where i work
everyday It’s a very small kitchen. It’s a
home style kind of setting. We cook three meals a day. My name is Miguel Solis. I am the
Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Cleveland Indians. Right now, we are in the home clubhouse kitchen. I get to cook for the players. I get to interact with them on a daily basis and they rely on me for any type of nutrition information that
they might need any type of question any concern that they might have about their
diet they can come up to me and I can guide them in the right direction. On
game days we will usually set up the line right here with the three cold stations.
What we have every day is a pasta bar and stir fry bar. I went to college for two years and got my associates in culinary arts and then I did two years of
culinary nutrition. What that did… it basically combined food and nutrition
which is I think the most adequate way of looking at nutrition because a lot of
dietitians today know nutrition but they don’t know food so there’s a
disconnection. You know I wanted to make that connection between food and
nutrition and before I told someone, ‘hey go make this recipe’. I can be
sure that their recipes good because more than likely i prepared that recipe
myself. We have these readily available for the players they want something quick after they are done working out. We try to bury their protein sources as much as possible. We will do about two scoops of that. Find something that you’re passionate about. Food for me was definitely something that became more than just what you eat every day it was just a way to express myself a way to bring people back to where they come from created
that feeling of comfort and that’s what’s my passion you know obviously
everyone has different passion it’s just finding it and picking it up and running with it

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