Iran’s deputy health minister tests positive for COVID-19

Iran’s deputy health minister tests positive for COVID-19

amid a rapid uptick in cases around the
world Iran’s the Deputy Health Minister has
tested positive for the corona virus now the outbreak has spread to more European
countries following a surge in Italy and Asia China has reported 77662 in 2663
deaths herpexia with more after being seen
coughing sweating and wiping his forehead during a news conference on
Monday Iran’s deputy health minister Raj Shah Russia has tested positive for the
new corona virus he confirmed the news himself in a video clip published online
I would like to inform you that I have been infected with corona virus I had a
fever yesterday my first test was positive last night and I have isolated
myself they informed me a few minutes ago that my final test definitely is
positive I’m starting my treatment and my general condition is not bad IRA’s
death toll from the virus rose to 16 as of tuesday the highest outside of
mainland China the country has become the epicenter of the disease in the
Middle East with 95 confirmed cases so far however many have expressed concerns
that Tehran is under reporting the true numbers and with a rapid increase in
reported cases Italy is continuing his battle with Europe’s largest outbreak as
of Tuesday Italian officials had reported 11 deaths and 322 confirmed
cases in a bid to control the outbreak towns in the northern region of Lombardy
and neighboring Veneto have been put under strict quarantine however the
virus has crossed borders with Austria reporting its first two cases
Switzerland and Croatia have also confirmed their first cases as well all
of the people who tested positive were found to have had been in Italy in
recent days health ministers from countries bordering Italy met in Rome on
Tuesday to discuss the crisis in the u.s. the Secretary of Health and Human
Services said the country must prepare for more cases of the corona virus and
it must build up a stockpile of protective gear for health care workers
he said the u.s. currently has about 30 million face masks
but experts suggest 300 million would be needed in a widespread outbreak on
Monday the White House requested 2.5 billion u.s. dollars in emergency
funding to fight the virus park se-young arirang news

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55 thoughts on “Iran’s deputy health minister tests positive for COVID-19

  1. Christian White says:

    It was very irresponsible of him, definitely, but unfortunately this type of scenario is going to be very common for a lot of people. It doesn't matter what field they work in, or what Country they're from.

  2. Lookementheye says:

    It appears there are designated targets regardless of Human collateral. Be ready, Stay ready…it's coming.

  3. QueenMauri👑 says:

    Ohhhh shit

  4. Mandy's TOP 10 says:

    Health minister has infected .
    (The irony )

  5. Jan Harvey says:

    This donkey infected all other donkeys around.

  6. May I Live Faithfully says:

    May God heal him and all those who are infected.

  7. CreateDev says:

    i would not go to work if i was a oolitical leader of iran before they cleaned, but remember it's a muslim country wich means 5 prairs a day side by side like brothers and sisters. or in other words a perrfect way to spread like in that cult church in S.Korea. but now it's waiting to see how manny he has infected around him and if the goverment will survive that.

  8. gerard . A says:

    And you are infected hundreds more you Moron .

  9. Giovanni Tarini says:

    I think he was standing to a Chinese man

  10. Schauncy North says:

    I remember people was talking shit saying the beervirus was a hoax


    He is faking so he can say he was cured!!!

  12. memadman says:

    The whole is infected !! Thanks a lot buddy !!

  13. Jhangir khan Srosh says:

    I heard a confirmed case in Afghanistan and that person was recently came from Iran to Afghanistan.

  14. spike ng says:

    He isolated himself after he had infected everyone around him. Very smart huh! How did he got the virus? Doesn't think he was treating patients. Guess he was in China working on the virus with Chinese government and an accident happened.

  15. IꓕⱯNIWꓵꓶꓶI says:

    I'm gonna build my own rocket and fly to the moon, good luck everyone!

  16. DEMAND 247 says:

    He came to say nothing to worry about however ended up catching it. All i understand its kind of flu with a posh name corona.

  17. Surrounded byCowards says:

    This have no sens … We know that israel want the head of Iran (its destruction) & suddenly the only politician that have contract the virus is an Iranian … but hie is the iranian deputy health minister !
    This have no sens at all ! … everything is stage !

  18. Merlyn Mella says:

    Oh my Gosh!What a joke!Suppose to find remedy for the virus and he is infected.

  19. Bryan Lint says:

    That means the the US is carrying the virus around the world.

  20. Onslaught 306 says:


  21. Sebastian Moya says:

    F for Iran

  22. PATRIOT HAM says:

    Rouhani is a crazy terrorist kidnapper! U.S.A and U.K Victory in Arabian Gulf!

  23. Andi Ronaldo Marbun says:

    Should I laugh? I mean it's the evil Iran tho

  24. Steve Cole says:

    Pray for everyone, to get through this, is a great calling of our time.

  25. Basi XD says:

    looks like Mr.Bean

  26. Haley Tathem says:

    Lol he didn’t look good during the conference. It’s so ironic that it’s funny.

  27. Meyowee Yaaw says:

    God's will they say.. thats the problem with too much faith.

  28. Lo La says:

    I know the dude next to him must be like…FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCC

  29. Gideon one says:

    How he can get infected?

  30. Yeahoo says:

    He gets the virus from prostitute

  31. [ 시언이터 ]Sionitto A. says:

    all ppl in that room is doom t.t

  32. Mary Wristen says:

    What a idiot, the man next to him will get sick now and everyone in that room what a selfish man.

  33. UpsideDown XmasTree says:

    Its called COVERT-19 coroner-virus period! Meaning that if a health minister can catch it we're all prone to it?! Well fyi, you know where you can stick your demonic vaccination syringes dont you?!😷

  34. Biju Zachariah Zachariah says:

    China's gift to Iran receive it with grateful heart.

  35. In Vino Veritas says:

    Keep him away from the Holy Kaaba ! We dont want germs on the Holy Kaaba.

  36. Keng Yang says:

    Either he was ignorant and dumb or someone paid him to stand in front of the public to spread the virus.

  37. Trading Abal Abal says:

    COVID-19 IS A JOKE 😂

  38. MR AD says:

    And his is the freaking health minister? And he didn't FREAKING WEAR A MASK ???!!!!!!

  39. son dang says:

    fucking asshole , who care if he isolate himself , he infected the whole room. why are they not wearing mask ?

  40. JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    Perhaps they could stop funding terrorist groups and spend more money on buying kits to detect the virus. Millions were spent on enhancing their nuclear program vs building hospitals. The irony is that the supreme leader is a billionaire having a vast holdings in multinational corporations.

  41. RJ Noori says:

    Iran probably the second highest infected Covid19 according to deaths
    And they think it funny
    When the deputy health minister is Covid19 and even don’t using mask taking in crowd what could be consequences 😡😡😡

  42. christopher joseph says:

    Well they fucked up!!!’ Almost had us going!!! The Health minister himself, obviously in his position because he understands “health” has one the deadliest viruses we have seen in modern times that has shut down entire cities!!! Sold out masks around the globe , full body suits , etc etc..! Yet he himself is in a crowded room of people NO mask!!! His buddy who’s aware this virus apparently spreads like wildfire across countries doesn’t seem concerned he’s 1 ft away from his pal that has the disease!!! Nor does the minister care if he spreads it!!!! It’s all BULLSHIT!!! their all in on it!!! With his fake rag!!!!

  43. Appalachian girl says:

    By showing up at a gathering sweating with fever and sick shows a complete lack of care for his fellow human beings. Wow, is he ever in the wrong job.

  44. jake connors says:

    Eh fuck iran

  45. Linda Lopez says:

    Gee what a coincidence Iran deputy Health minister!!! 😂 Trying to downplay this virus to his people in his country what a dirty pig!!!! He knows he's not infected he's just trying to keep his people under control!!!

  46. nash11 says:

    The guy on the right was holding his breath the whole time!!

  47. Herry Bells says:

    China lies about the numbers.

  48. USA Latino says:

    I hope the ayatollahs get infected with the corona virus and get one way tickets to Paradise where they can f#&k their virgins for eternity. Iranians who want to leave Islam, I pray you all stay healthy.

  49. sirajuddin shaikh says:

    Lock the China or all universe will die…

  50. Chris Wilde says:

    Oh well, that's one less Iranian official the USA will have to take out…

  51. Um Alaia says:

    Good morning everyone 🙋 very onest from him to tell it. In germany are three more cases too. Keep eating Fruits and Vegetables for a strong health. All the best for everyone 🙏💚💗

  52. The Wood peck says:


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