Ireland’s Health Care System Explained

Ireland’s Health Care System Explained

Daniel Yohans

13 thoughts on “Ireland’s Health Care System Explained

  1. YK KY says:

    Thank you for this! I'm an expat living in Ireland and your healthcare system is very confusing. This is helping me to understand little more, although not good to hear some of the things, but at least I can be prepared!

  2. jimbob jim says:

    If you have a medical card, its free.

  3. Sean Kelly says:

    This doesn't include Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the UK so therefore its under the National Health Service (NHS) which is free for all UK citizens and will be free for those that visit the UK but only for emergency care. The NHS is funded by taxes taken from citizens pay i.e. National Insurance and Government Taxes.

  4. Igor P says:

    It works like this: you pay your health insurance (which covers almost nothing), if you need a simple procedure you have to pay a huge amount in a private hospital or you can wait at least 2-3 months to get it for free #scammers. It is like this practically in all systems in Ireland, nothing works properly

  5. Haneen Khalid says:

    thank you for this video! I've got a presentation about healthcare system in ireland and that was really helpful.

  6. Maximilian Joseph says:

    Blah blah blah, if you have a pre-existing condition, you will wait several years for your insurance cover to kick in.

  7. Didymus Kek says:

    So the long wait is for scheduled appointments… is it the same for emergencies (obviously trauma victims can't be on waiting lists)? What non-emergency stuff (i.e. if you get strep-throat and just need a prescription for antibiotics or something)?

    Still, that $850/year doesn't sound bad… Say you have a family of 5, is that for each person? Or is there some family rate?

    To compare against the american system: I have what's seen as "Very good" health care in America. Emergency room visits cost me $75 every time, and I can go to a same-day walk-in clinic for about $20… but this costs me about $3000/year to cover my family of 5 after my company contributes $25,000/year as an insurance benefit, rather than going to my paycheck. (on top of also paying $1300 for medicare to cover others).

  8. Rytis Kurcinskas says:

    Irish healthcare system is a joke. you pay your taxes for what , so the unemployed bloke can get his 188e per week ?
    Ireland should follow UK example pay taxes and get free healthcare but rather then being smart irish copy the usa system.

  9. atem 941 says:

    Ireland is all right for a visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

  10. Conal Melarkey says:

    Why can't taxes be slightly raise to cover health care for all let education is,its down to the state to look after there own people who pay the government's wages which are over inflated and not in line with the rest of the country's wages it's a disgrace for them then who can pay no bother cause the have plenty because there well paid for sitting about taking about how much more the can shaft the average man or women on the ground and still can't come up with a health care plan cheaper and more effective for all

  11. Willy Bragg says:

    The American system was a nightmare prior to Obamacare, and it is still a nightmare. Ireland should follow the example of the UK National Health Service….

  12. Kobryk Bogdan says:

    Really!! Thank you very much! I live in Ireland few months and have asked a lot of people, colleagues… And nobody could gave me an adequate answer! Thank you guys! You did a good job!

  13. MercilusPro says:

    3:10 that’s completely false, if you need an urgent scan you will get it done urgently. The whole point of the waiting system is that you’re prioritized based on your status.

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