Keeping Your Brain Healthy | Living Healthy Chicago

Keeping Your Brain Healthy | Living Healthy Chicago

We know that our lifestyle
can affect our health in a lot of different
ways and that includes keeping our brains healthy. So today we’re
getting some advice on what we should do to
give our brains a boost. The first tip is a big one. If you’re a smoker,
it’s time to quit. – So I think really
critical for brain health. Don’t smoke. Cigarette smoking appears
to increase the risk of multiple sclerosis and it
may offset the effectiveness of many of our medications. Smoking is not healthy. – [Jane] It’s also
important to eat healthy so you’re fueling
your brain well. – Diet very likely plays
a role in brain health. One, it’s supplying
essential vitamins you need to restore the brain. And two, diet can
influence other factors. High blood pressure,
diabetes, high cholesterol, all which increase the
risk of brain injury through mechanisms
such as stroke. – [Jane] And finally, make
time for movement in your day. Your brain will thank you. – From a brain
health standpoint, there is good data that exercise
helps improve things like memory and cognition and
brain volume which can support things like memory function. So it’s as simple as exercise
around 30 minutes a day. – There you have it. Three great ways you can
help keep your brain healthy.

Daniel Yohans

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  1. MrJamesdryable says:

    Dr McCoyd, That is some serious yoke. what neck exercises do you do? Or is that your natural neck? I look forward to your reply.

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