Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Keeping Your Liver Healthy

the liver plays an important role in
keeping us living healthy so today we’re gonna give you some great tips on how
you can show your liver some love and keep it working for you first watch your
weight today at a healthy weight or reach a healthy weight if you’re not in
a healthy weight right now this has beneficial effects and that it could
reduce fat inflammation and even scarring in the liver if you do have
that next doctor Rinella suggest reaching for a cup of coffee as long as
you take it black up to four cups of coffee a day without sugar and and cream
for example I can reduce liver scarring and can be healthy as long as your
doctor doesn’t advise against it because of heart conditions third when you’re
making a meal reach for some olive oil olive oil intake and a beneficial
effects on the liver potentially reducing fat and inflammation it
produces a less inflammatory fat profile on the liver and it’s also healthy for
the heart fourth doctor Rinella recommends cutting back on alcohol so
alcohol leads to an inflammatory response in addition to fat accumulation
that rapidly develops into scarring in the liver if it’s in excess for women
less than one drink per day and for men less than two drinks per day as would be
within a generally healthy realm for the liver and finally get up and get moving
you’ll see both liver and full body benefits exercise sure it’s beneficial
in general we think it might decrease the fat content in the liver we don’t
have a specific exercise prescription that we are convinced is specifically
beneficial but generally exercise is good there you have it five great tips
on how to help keep your liver healthy

Daniel Yohans

19 thoughts on “Keeping Your Liver Healthy

  1. says:

    i dont like coffee,i dont have habbit to use olive oil ,i dont take alcohol i walk often,my liver is damaged by depression pills,pills left but ant to recover liver

  2. jimi barker says:

    What a fucking joke video

  3. mj lives says:

    So 2 or under drinks a week 4 cups black coffee a day….How is 14 drinks a week and 28 cups of coffee possibly healthy for the liver?CMON…..

  4. Sunil says:

    In Ayurvedic system of medicine, the treatment of liver failure is possible with the help of herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Yakrit Plihantak Churna and Liver Detox Formula Capsules which are really very effective for the treatment of all kinds of liver problems.

  5. Sigma Blade says:

    Everyone hot water or hot natural fruit juice

  6. W BAMI says:


  7. alpha7ization says:

    Coffee has caffeine…I dont think so. What about some herbal teas instead?

  8. EarthCamper.com_Vinay says:

    Everyday 2 glass of wine is ok? Good bye liver

  9. muaadh bawa says:

    No amount of alcohol is good for you

  10. MaddenFootball Talk says:

    None of what she saying is accurate, I mean coffee really? Also olive oil cooking or frying with it isn't good, the oils isn't stable under lots of heat.

  11. Don’t-hate- Appreciate says:

    I can’t drink coffe because I have epilepsy lmao grape seed oil is waay healthier than olive this video is dum

  12. Keith Cox says:

    Fish and olive oil here in Canada is expensive

  13. Cyb3rJ05h says:

    Who hear after drinking too many tequila shots?

  14. Jason Zeigler says:

    I get a workout every day at work, my body doesn't feel good afterwards at all, everything hurts all the time.

  15. gourmet cavewoman says:

    Missing most important points

  16. ZaelHaelAway says:

    Oil and Coffee are you kidding me? look elsewhere for knowledge friends.

  17. Thanks Obama says:

    but how do get rid of the bags that the coffee creates

  18. Aser Dada says:

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  19. Sanja Sanjic says:

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