Kinesiology at the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] I chose to pursue a
degree in kinesiology because of my passion
to help others in health-related aspects. My area specifically is
looking at multiple sclerosis and how exercise interventions
can be a non-pharmaceutical way to improve physical balance
and quality of life. If you like to be
challenged, if you want to help people quality
of life, public health, and you really want to
strengthen your foundations in teaching and research, UMass
Amherst Kinesiology Department is definitely the place for you. My research is concerned with
differences in muscle fatigue with aging. I think one of the
biggest strengths in the kinesiology department
lies with the faculty. We’ve got a well-known
faculty, in physical activity and health, particularly
in physiology and also in biomechanics. So that opens up doors for
interdisciplinary research. And facilities are really
good, cutting-edge. And people here are
supportive and will help you be successful. I want to be able to give
people an opportunity to improve their lives. I am in the Physical
Activity and Health Lab, we objectively measure
physical activity and sedentary behaviors. My focus is in consumer
activity monitors. I was able to teach anatomy
and physiology labs. I’m thankful that I had that
opportunity because it gave me a chance to grow as
an instructor and also the opportunity to work
with stellar researchers to help us formulate our ideas
and be co-sponsors on grants. I’m studying how cardiovascular
disease risk changes as women go through menopause. Hearing from my participants
how excited they are that we’re doing a study
that is looking at them and give the information
about their own health has been really
rewarding for me. What I’m focused
on now is looking at runners who
have anterior knee pain or patellofemoral
pain and looking to see how they’re different
from healthy runners. When we were at the
Conference for Biomechanics in Sports in
Germany this summer, out of the hundreds of
abstracts that were submitted, they chose eight to be in
the New Investigator Award. And three of those
eight were from UMass. And it clearly shows that our
program and the work that we do is being recognized on
the international stage. I think it’s an environment that
really fosters students’ ideas. I like the culture of
UMass, more importantly the culture of the School of
Public Health and Kinesiology. You’ll find a very strong
family, both faculty, grad students who can really
help you make your research thrive and really go someplace. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Daniel Yohans

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