Last Meal – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Last Meal – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

[Meloncholic Music] Well, it looks like my time’s about up. We hate to see you go, Pops. You’ve redeemed yourself in God’s eyes. Now, are you sure about your last meal? I’m sure. I just want a mouthful of sweet, sweet corn. (Clanking) Do you have any last words? (Clamp) (Buzzing) (Popping) His last act was truly a kindness. [End Credits] This just in: A new study finds that viewers
who subscribe to our channel are twice as likely to win the lottery. In that they are not likely at all and two
times zero is still zero. [End Credits]

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Last Meal – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. Saad Zafar says:

    why this look like the green mile

  2. Dude191 says:

    I’d like to question the physics of this, how is that possible. (I know it’s a cartoon world, but can this happen IRL?)

  3. Damian Simmonds says:

    That was very nice

  4. Jacob Kaiser says:

    This is a parody of the Green Mile

  5. Brian Kristofer Perez says:

    I don't know if i should cry or laugh

  6. The Cat In The Hat says:

    Not every villian wears a cape

  7. Andrew Knowles says:


  8. 77 Jean Lin & Jessica Lin says:

    Ew there’s no butter

  9. millennial sleek says:


    Read more

  10. EDSBeGaming says:

    Wait was that the edible corn or the seeds? Cause as far as I know popcorn only pops from the seeds…

  11. Isla Wright says:

    No wonder is name was POPS

  12. BTS Pearls says:

    I hate the fact that im eating popcorn rn

  13. Gabemario says:

    Irish Priest is best character in the history of this channel.

  14. Jahlil Hill says:


  15. Apc -_- says:

    Wow… so that’s why prison popcorn tastes like insides… hmmm eats prison popcorn

  16. The puppet cool777 says:

    Reston peace 😇😂😭

  17. Dr Mouse says:

    Old man gay

  18. Andrew Curtin says:

    I was fully expecting him to explode in a shower of popcorn, this is a much better outcome

  19. Jonathan Kocian says:

    That was actually really moving.

  20. gil pima says:

    Yammy whammy cummy in the tummy of mummy

  21. Dwayz says:

    That was so corny

    for fuck's sake okay i'll go jump off some high bridge to guarentee my death

  22. Can we get 1000 subcribers with 1 video? says:

    I wanna try that

  23. Chloe Motsinger says:


  24. Denis Kotnik says:

    lol electric chair is plugged in to the wall socket, that's ~220V in Europe

  25. Justifier says:

    He should’ve asked for a 1-up mushroom.

  26. Ginka Stoynova says:

    TBH I thought he'd suddenly start to projectile popcorn from his mouth and kill everyone "I'm free suckers!" and run away in a stolen polce car.
    I was disappointed

  27. Dakota Stein says:

    anyone know the name of the musical score for this one?

  28. Ze Mocha says:

    This made me cry. ):

  29. dalibor dvorak says:

    This is the most metal way to prepare popcorn

  30. Skystoner585 says:

    Every once in a while there is a real heartbreaker episode. This is one.

  31. CapitalistPig says:

    this is fucked up

  32. the human god says:

    0:59 why did THE FATHER bring a popcorn bag to an electrocution?

  33. Ice king 472 says:

    So sad. Why was he the-th-ere😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Prabhat kiran says:

    Two times zero equals zero? Well that's news to me!

  35. Adam Purcell says:

    I need a full length version of this beautiful soundtrack

  36. MrBlargMaster says:

    Um? Ew?


    At least he didn't die in vein

  38. LT Arts says:

    What a CORNY ending!

  39. Jester of War says:

    I wanna see the background of this. Like…SO bad.

  40. Cooper Davis says:

    This is so sad, I’m cobbing

  41. ProfessionalDinksterReviews says:

    Wait so what did he do?

  42. the weird kid with a dog says:

    So messed up but so funny

  43. EbberDeeMills says:

    The Buttery Mile

  44. Just some random anime fan 1 says:

    I thought he was going to be the meal

  45. Eli- Family1983 says:

    That's just sad real sad

  46. Noisyduos3rd says:

    Someone give me a buncha cheese powders

  47. Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes says:

    I want to do this is I ever get an electric chair but I feel like I’d be denied

  48. Sapphirewingthefurrycritic says:

    I would never eat that popcorn. Just no.

  49. bjhe333 says:


  50. wolf 1 says:

    Now the old guy can rest and go on to the other side

  51. Evil Trapezium says:

    As soon as he said Sweet corn, I knew exactly what was going to happen.

  52. jose luis capote says:

    I almost cried on this video rip pops

  53. Dead Cool says:

    This was dark, funny and hearwarming at the same time.

  54. Emma Hamilton says:

    I thought for sure he was going to say 'peanut butter sandwich', knowing he was allergic, and dying by that to spite the guards

  55. Patchwork The Dragon Noodle says:

    C o R n

  56. hobo 76830 says:

    I would not eat the popcorn

  57. Victor Peterson says:

    If they waited a couple of years they wouldn't need the chair!

  58. CrappyContent Studios says:

    What did pa do to get the electric chair?

  59. Nonexistant _ says:

    Pop khorne is a chaos space marines favorite battle snack.

  60. Jan With Banan says:

    why was he electric chaired anyway?

  61. SrIncreased says:

    Anyone else notice that the guard who pulls the lever changes skin color?

  62. DI 05 says:

    This is very emotional, and the popcorn really adds up

  63. Demon Production's says:

    Should've been 1-UP mushrooms

  64. Rumor says:

    What a genius

  65. hi bye says:

    And that's how popcorn was made

  66. Inside animations says:

    Omg they called him POPS

  67. Scottish Banana Clan says:

    Are we going to forget that the guy left the electric chair on

  68. Bennie says:

    what the fuck did i just watch

  69. David Fernandez II says:

    Is this trolley Tom?

  70. Night Wolf27 says:

    So thats why his name is pops!

  71. aqil hail says:

    I'm actually thinking about Ted Bundy for a moment

  72. JJModerea says:

    Michael Jackson pulled the switch?

  73. Jocom Firesin says:

    Ok who gave him the oil?

  74. BlazingFury says:

    I wonder what he’s in for

  75. Lucas Fisher says:

    Sad to know the last meal is a offering to appease the sole into not haunting people

  76. JVGardiner says:

    Mythbusters get on this

    Oh wait they disbanded.

    Film theory get on this

  77. Pål Juliebø Osnes says:

    His last word was corn.

  78. Edward Balmaceda says:

    This is one of the most not dark shorts yet

  79. Gunthré William says:

    Prison architect ?

  80. Jak Aurora says:

    Green Mile, anyone?

  81. Rainey Hayes says:

    I don't often get to say this about Cyanide and Happiness shorts but I saw the punchline coming a mile away.

  82. LOCKnLOAD says:

    knew it

  83. Gliders Mc1 says:

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  84. Not your typical weeab says:

    Thanks chip chapley! I subscribed and didn't won the lottery just like you said! I knew I could trust you chip!

  85. Anaïs Neumann says:

    In the memory of " Popscorn" 😛

  86. Anaïs Neumann says:

    In the memory of " Popscorn" 😛

  87. pastel._ child says:

    Damn. He did it

  88. ST372 Mark III says:

    I cri every time 😢😭

  89. Stefan Leca says:

    I expected that popcorn thing

  90. Jack Sparrow says:

    Reminds me of the green mile

  91. sakata gintoki says:

    It's been a year and just now I realize that the guy flipping the switch change skin colour

    guess I was too focus on pop's kindness

  92. WizardShark says:

    I’m actually scared someone tried this after watching this

  93. ST372 Mark III says:

    Who else was watching this while eating popcorn

  94. ST372 Mark III says:

    That was a corny death

  95. Lucas Brown says:

    0:11 the priest switches from an american to an irish accent

  96. rilan bullard says:

    so sad

  97. Jelena Bubanić says:

    Get in your videos some ROBLOX stuff

  98. Jelena Bubanić says:

    A like ROBLOX

  99. detox 57 says:

    Anybody who's seen The green mile:John Coffey flashbacks

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