Live Large | Jay Cutler Living Large | Mass-Building Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition Plan | Ep 1

Live Large | Jay Cutler Living Large | Mass-Building Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition Plan | Ep 1

[music] [music] I always say to people about
the mentality of a bodybuilder, you have to have–something has
to be triggered inside of you. You can’t be normal. [music] You know, you have to have
that satisfaction of never being satisfied because you
always want to be better. You always want
a better physique. You have to push yourself
beyond limitations. You look at some guys that
potentially could be the best physiques in the world but they
don’t have the mental capability to push themselves. Mentally, you have to be,
I think, a little crazy. [music] You don’t understand
the benefits of being a normal person ’til you look at someone
like me, who, you know, can’t buy clothes off the shelf, can’t
eat normal places to eat, can’t ride in certain size cars, can’t
ride in certain size airplane seats, going to hotels overseas
staying in small beds, trying to fit in small showers. It’s hard to shop, it’s hard
to go out to eat, it’s hard to travel. So I mean, when
you’re 290 pounds, it’s very difficult
to do a lot of things. You know, you’re so abnormal, I
mean, as compared to what people are used to seeing, people laugh
’cause they just never see anyone so huge, you know. It’s hard to hide it. And I’m, you know, I don’t
wear big baggy clothes. A lot of times, I wear more
form-fitting stuff and, you know, people don’t–
it’s not the norm. You have certain places where
you grow up and you’re like, “I want to be there.” I mean, this is one
of those places. I came to Vegas for
the first time in ’97. I fell in love
with it, you know? And that was before it was built
up even the way it is now. But what other place can you go
and 24 hours a day you just wake up and decide I want to go do
this or I want to go do that? Like, I want to eat. I want to go work out. I want to go see
a movie, you know, I want to go to the supermarket. I want to go eat at this
restaurant, you know? It’s just–you can do anything
you want, pretty much. You can have sushi
’til 6 in the morning. I don’t know any place in
the world really that does that you know, on a consistent basis
that you can do that stuff. I like the fast tempo of Vegas. I couldn’t live in
a slow environment. People always ask me, “Are you
ever gonna move back to–” I could never go back to
the slow pace, you know? People ask me, “How do you
train and focus in Vegas when there’s so many outside
things pulling at you?” And I think that I thrive on
that, I love to be able to know that most people can’t do that. I mean, I love to be able to
have that at my fingertips even though I never take
advantage of it. It gives me more drive, being
in a place that’s so actively just crazy and I’m still
so focused on what I do. It’s kind of like the opposite
thinking a little bit, you know? Here we are. What’s up, guys? What up? What’s going on, man? All right, pull ups. Shirts off. Kelly, you’re getting
all swelled up. Got to do something
for the Olympia. Got to put
in the back of my head. Jay Cutler, trainer. Yeah, it’s been over
a couple some months. So we’re taking
it down again? Just like we did last time? Yeah, and you’ve got
to shave my face too. Keep it tight? Yeah, yeah. Just a little tight, you know. Tight at the bottom,
nice and clean, like. Like a taper, right? You know, I find myself
nowadays I don’t even touch my hair in the morning. I get up. That’s what my hair looks like. Then I jump in the pool. Traveling and being Jay Cutler, it’s not an easy thing. Everywhere you go, you’re
noticed and, of course, you’re in demand. People say, “What do
you do for a living?” I said, “I eat, sleep,
and train and that’s it.” I kind of joke like that because
it does seem like that a lot of times but there is some
fun built in there. But I never looked at myself and
said, “I’m so obsessed,” because I always seem to have some sort
of balance in there and I always realized that this is a career
and, obviously, if you go at it full tilt all the time, you’re
gonna burn yourself down so you have to set a certain
pace for yourself. To the point where you’re
continually moving forward and being great. Very good or you want
something else on top? No, that’s good, right. It’s good. Want some gel? No, no, no. I’m gonna take a
shower and clean up. The Olympic chair. Larry, I need your help. What’s going on with the shirts? I just called
Kevin, actually. So he is gonna call me back. Everything should
be done this week. I know, but “this
week” meaning what? Tomorrow,
Wednesday the latest. I would, honestly, I
believe they’re done. Usually, like, I
show up at, like– When he wants to. Between–no, 9 and 10. When he wants to show up. Nine and ten. I don’t– It depends if he goes
out the night before. No, I don’t even
go out anymore. I just work at night, that’s it. Every day it’s
different, you know? I say, “Pay this bill.” Okay, you’ve got to call these
people and, you know, it’s, literally I sit in the kitchen
and I scream to him, “Hey,” you know, “do
this, do that,” you know? So he’s trying to do a job that
probably takes three or four people and, for a 21-year-old
kid to be able to do that, like, I mean, it takes
a lot of his time. He works 6 days a week at
least, you know, sometimes 7. You know, when you think
you’ve seen someone work hard, like, “Oh, man, he works hard.” And then you meet someone like
Jay and you’re like, “This is a whole
‘nother ball game.” You know, it’s not like we’re
operating a huge operation over here. I mean, running out of my house
and my garage and, yes, there’s a lot of space but, you know, we
have day-to-day things that we need to get done and I’m
only home on certain times. I traveled this year extensively
and we had 1 or 2 days to get stuff done when I was home and
we rely on other people and it’s impossible to do that so
we try to do everything, you know, on our own. What did I overnight that? I never overnight anything. I know you like
to spend money, dude. I see how much it cost. It cost 35 bucks to
send a damn poster. No, it doesn’t. What are you talking– It cost you 35 bucks
to have one poster cost. No, it didn’t. I saw it. Did I not see it? I saw it. No it didn’t cost me $35. I’ll show you right now. What did I say about
that poster that day? Don’t lie. Yeah, I did see
that it said that. Oh, you said that
I have no choice. That’s what they choose. Whoa. What day–was it a
poster in a large box? No, it’s a poster. By itself? Yes. And it cost $35? Yes. Okay, I’ll pull it up right
now and if it’s $35, then you can have my check. You can have my whole check. It’s gonna come
out of your pay. Don’t start, Monique. I’m in a bad mood that even
Larry said I came out in a bad mood this morning. And that’s the thing, you run
with the crew and there’s time when we play and there’s
time when we work. And this is all business now. I mean, this is–I admit
half my life is play time, three-quarters of my life is
play time but when it comes down to get the business and
the business is now, I mean, there’s no–we have
no time for fun. You know, I’ve been
a four-time champ, you know, and I’ve been 6-time runner-up and I’m the greatest
bodybuilder ever. There’s no question. I feel that I’m the greatest. I still want to compete at my
best even at the age I’m at and, you know, people say
“past your prime.” I mean, I don’t know if
there’s any past your prime. When I’m still competitive you
don’t want to think about that. You’re not gonna go and do a
show and say, “Well, I’m past my prime, I’m just doing it for
the, you know, just to stand up there.” That’s not how an athlete or a
champion bodybuilder, you know, trains for a
competition or things. They always want to think about
winning and being the absolute best. [music] There is no
failure at this point. I mean, I’ve done it all. There’s never gonna be a day
that passes that I’m gonna step out and people are gonna–aren’t
gonna know who Jay Cutler is. I don’t see it ever happening. Ron, what’s up? Oh, no… I’m back in Vegas for the week
and I think Dave’s coming next–this coming weekend. He’s gonna shoot some training
stuff and then I shoot with Bernell next week, I
think, for some features. Hey, what’s the name of that
pizza place next to Kyzen? I like more lounge-type
places like Hyde Lounge at Bellagio. Monique? Or Tryst at the Wynn. No, I don’t go to strip clubs. I got a stripper
pole in my bedroom, I don’t need strip clubs. [music] You know, when you
have, like, you know, 30-something-inch thighs
and you’ve got, you know, 22-1/2-inch arms and you’ve
got a 19-inch neck and a broad shoulder, it’s difficult to find
things other than tank tops and shorts. Everything’s custom. I mean, I can’t fit
into normal sleeves. Obviously, the dress shirts are
tailored, you know, like, the button-up shirts. My suit jackets, I think, are 58
or 60 or something like that. I mean, it’s crazy. If you look at what’s
considered an ideal drop to a manufacturer of suits,
it’s a 6-inch drop. That’s the difference between
your chest and your waist. I’ve got some guys that, you
know, are fairly serious bodybuilders and they’ve
got a 10-inch drop. And Jay has 20. It kind of defies the physics of
what you can do with fabric, you know, in a constructed sense
to go from here to here. Right, Jay, you
ready to go to work? I won’t stop
and tell you now. I’ll remember. Okay. Fifty-four and you
were fifty-seven. That’s a big difference. Feet together. Wow, that’s about
5 inches less, Jay. That’s pretty serious. I won my first Olympia
heavier than I weigh right now. I was competing against
Ronnie, you know, at 273. I mean, when I came back
and won in 2009 I was 254. It’s all illusion, you know? Thirty-seven. Actual thigh, twenty-nine. Nineteen. Go ahead and flex. Twenty-one-and-a-half. You’ve lost a lot of weight
so we’re gonna be doing some different things here. This thing’ll be full
by the end of the day. Yeah, it’s hard to hide it. You know, that’s the one thing
about being a professional bodybuilder, is where other
people can hide, you know, athletes, unless they’re,
like, real, real famous faces. You just can’t
hide the physique. I mean, and the thing is is,
like, you know, a lot of bodybuilders change from
on-season to off-season. Like, I don’t
change a whole lot. I’m pretty much visible. The hair’s the same, the face
stays the same, you know? And you know, I’m a unique look
for a lot of the bodybuilders, you know? You know, there’s not a lot of
huge, you know, big, blond, white guys, you know? Oh, look at all those zits. I’m gonna pop ’em after. How bad has it
grown in now. My God. Bad? You’re like a Chia pet. You know, I never had hair on
my back until I started shaving, you know that? When I got ready for my first
show when I was 18, it’s like when I started shaving my back,
it’s like I turned into a gorilla. Larry told me to do Nair. Less fuss. I’m gonna tell him he
has to shave my armpits. Yeah [laughing] Hey, Larry! I need your help. Larry! Dude, I need you to
shave my armpits. Oh, no. God, you’re good, she’s good. You sure? Yeah. No, look at my armpits. There’s nothing in there. And my lower
back, you did too? You know, when you’re my size
you never think you’re small. Like, I like the way I look now. You know, I’m always in decent
shape and I always check myself out. I never look at my face though. I mostly look at the physique,
you know, and flex the abs and, ha, ha. Ah, ah, right there. As you’ve seen
the progression in almost 50 years of bodybuilding in
the Mr. Olympia Competition, you know, we saw the days of
Arnold where they weren’t so conditioned or so big and
nowadays, I mean, the guys are so big, they’re so conditioned. There’s so many variables and
bodybuilding has become so scientific and trying to tune
the body into, you know, show the best conditioning
with the most size. Ah, am I getting too big? You know, bodies aren’t made
to be as strong as I guess that Mr. Olympia competitors become. [rifle firing] [laughing] [music] Jay, man, I’m gonna give you
a safety briefing before we go on the range. We’re gonna treat every gun as
if it’s loaded at all times, even if you know it’s unloaded. Always keep your trigger finger
off the trigger ’til you’re on target and ready to fire. And always keep the gun
pointed in a safe direction. Pretty crazy. If at any time, you hear
someone call out, “Cease fire,” please stop shooting. Take your finger off
the trigger, put the gun down on the counter and step
back away from it. Put your body weight forward. It helps you to
absorb the recoil. [rifle firing] You’re a gangster. I know. Single shot, full auto. [rifle firing] [pistol firing] You can never teach
anyone training advice. It’s always the business. ‘Cause everyone wants
to make the money. They want to be a superstar
and look like a superstar. The magazines expose you as
a superstar because you’re featured with the muscles
and the look, you know, but financially they
want the back-up of that and that’s what I have. I have all the tools to create
that and a lot of people have come to me for that opportunity. Yeah, we may stumble but we
always land higher and get to where we need to be. Even when I was smaller, I hate
to say small but I’d look at these guys and still say, “I’m
still the best and still the greatest and still th6e
biggest name in bodybuilding.” Stack ’em is the show. Come on. Let’s go, Jay, come on. Suck it up, suck it up,
suck it up, suck it up. Mentally, you have to be,
I think, a little crazy. People approach me and they
say, “Jay, what’s the secret? What’s the secret?
What’s the secret?” I don’t like to eat anything. If you ask me what
my favorite food is, I don’t have a favorite food. I don’t look forward
to any meal at all. You’re a living legend, that’s what’s amazing
about what I do. Jay Cutler! And I tell you, Jay Cutler’s
the greatest of all time.

Daniel Yohans

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