March Milkness Taste Test: Healthy Cereals

March Milkness Taste Test: Healthy Cereals

Daniel Yohans

82 thoughts on “March Milkness Taste Test: Healthy Cereals

  1. I love doggos ! says:

    Keep it clean Rhett 7:30

  2. Ben Elliot says:

    Rhett: you know what the K stands for?
    Link: coochie
    Rhett: 👁️ . 👁️

  3. xsolidduckx says:

    No grape nuts. F that.

  4. AyeYerMa says:

    I've never seen anybody look so old and so young at the same time, I'm genuinely confused lol

  5. Lost in the Stars says:

    American cereals are a travesty, how come they don't have Milo cereal? Depressing

  6. wadiub says:

    you know what k stands for? c o o c h i e

  7. MichaelaSaysHai :3 says:

    i wanted special k to go on so that link could keep telling me what the k stood for

  8. Brian Tomlinson says:

    If you think regular Life is amazing, which it is, then you guys need to try Cinnamon Life. It will change your "life," and yes the pun was intend.

    I am so glad that Life won this bracket. it has been a favorite of mine since I was a wee little lad.

  9. Octavious Centuri says:

    nice save Link

  10. SuperDude01 says:

    When life gives you lemon's 🍋

  11. Manny M says:

    Does it piss anyone else’s that they poured milk first then cereal?

  12. Nick Oggard says:

    Yea I love life it's my favorite

  13. stev6963 says:

    Oh man Rhett’s in for a treat when he discovers Cinnamon Life.

  14. Matt The Cat says:

    They should have tried post rice krinkles. I always krinkle when I eat post rice krinkles.

  15. Jason Stewart says:

    Life cereal give it to mikey he hates everything, if he eats it its good

  16. Dylan Boss says:

    Put more milk with the cereal!

  17. HunptGaming says:

    Jean can get the Peen…

  18. Noxious Fumes says:

    Life cinnamon is really good, just a tip.

  19. Victoria Coronado says:

    rhett:"you know what the k stands for"
    rhett:*eyes widen*"i was going for kellogg"
    link:"🤡 oh yeah kellogg"

  20. its_n says:

    I cried when Kix got eliminated 😭 the best cereal

  21. NotBizzy says:

    Life is a really good cereal for being healthy.

  22. JR MCGRIFSTER says:

    Life is really good with cut up bananas in it

  23. Father And Son Team says:

    Haha my 1.5 year old carries baggies of cheerios all over lol

  24. Jared Gleisner says:

    Did rhet realy imply that he got castrated at 2:07?

  25. Bootleg Business says:

    Where's Cracklin' Oat Bran?!?!

  26. ncam says:

    Cinnamon Life is the best cereal of all time, but the reason Life cereal is great in general is the milk gets trapped inside the cereal creating a great cereal to milk ratio

  27. J’Aabi Joestar says:

    Guys remember “when life gives you lemons” 😂 now I can’t stop thinking about it.

  28. Oswald Sarceño says:

    Life cereal is like the mewtwo of cereal

  29. Matthew Gardner says:

    Im mad that they didn't mention Pops, that was my favorite as a kis

  30. Lynn 348 says:

    am i the only one who doesn’t put sugar packets in my rice krispies or cheerios?

  31. SlumpedNicckk says:

    just 9:20

  32. cade spaulding says:

    The reagons should have been post General Mills Kellogg’s and Quaker oats

  33. Peter Stilts says:

    Why is there always way too much cereal and not enough milk in the bowls?

  34. Emily Flanigan says:

    My favorite cereal won!!! Yayyy

  35. Casual Frog says:

    Wait… Polonium?!?!?! That is the most dangerous atomic elements

  36. Wakefieldgamer says:

    I love life

  37. RetroStation 1989 says:

    Corn Flakes – also known as 'My Albino Scab Collection'.

  38. Jayson Raphael Murdock says:

    Rice krispies and rice Chex are the only two I like.

  39. ll Tezren says:

    If only they tried blueberry chex 🤤

  40. Laynie Wollam says:

    I want rhets shirt

  41. Hey It's Jo says:

    Why am I binging middle-aged men eat cereal?

    Because it's my life, you can't tell me what to do.

  42. Shay Adair says:

    I don’t know why you would use original special k. Who even buys that? The strawberries in strawberry special k are what make it good

  43. Kayla Corak says:

    Kix are better than Rice Krispies🤷🏼‍♀️

  44. Layla Jensen says:

    I think it’s so funny that they were so surprised and loved the Life cereal so much because, my mom only bought me Chex and Life so all I ever wanted was something with more flavor, still love Life though

  45. q c says:

    People who’ve had cinnamon life know it’s top 5 cereals even when ctc in the same 5

  46. Bee The train says:

    When life gives you lemons

  47. Abduthegreat 786 says:

    rice krispies is way better than life

  48. Josie B says:

    I don't know if it's just new since I was a kid but the Special K I had was not in flake form like that. Weird to see.
    Cheerios is my favourite cereal but I do really like Life cereal as well so I'm still happy.

  49. Nexus says:

    What does link use for his hair

  50. Mason Moore says:

    Inspired to go buy a box of life..

  51. #CG Family says:

    the person that poured the cereal poured the milk first

  52. Brendan Engelbretson says:

    Honey nutless

  53. Jocelyn Hill says:

    a whole line up of “healthy cereals” and NO kashi??!? the diSREPECT😤

  54. Tyler Silva says:

    I stopped watching after you said rice crispies were better than kix.

  55. Corrine Lewis says:

    I was rotting for kix not gonna lie

  56. My Name is Battle says:

    The best cereal is cinnamon chex

  57. blenellchaney says:

    Winning cereal tests against almond mylk – cashew mylk – goat milk soy mylk cow milk. Find the best tasting milks

  58. Hannah Keeler says:

    I love both Special K and Rice Chex tho

  59. EvanescentTuber says:

    Looks good and sleek 🙂

  60. Destiny Nguyen says:

    Hey Mikey I think he likes it!

  61. twenty one fandoms says:

    Where can i get Rhetts shirt

  62. iNeon Gaming says:

    Every time Rhett says “Special K”: You know what the K stands for

  63. Chase Jordan says:

    11:25 lmao

  64. MJ Bridges says:

    Raisin Bran should have been in the healthy region!

  65. ozan esici says:

    I was expecting a “but life…finds a way”

  66. omh20 says:

    You did Chex and you didn’t mention Chex quest

  67. Tøp Willy says:

    no raisin bran in healthy?

  68. The Irish Potato says:

    Cinnamon toast crunch and Krave are my favorite cereals. Also Frosted Flakes.

  69. The Irish Potato says:

    Special k and shredded wheat are also great.

  70. Narfi Bjarnason says:

    Is this or is this not a kids' show?

  71. Purple Face says:

    Webster really liked his thelethapy

  72. Ryan VIncenec says:

    No love for Crispix?

  73. uwuking an I oop- says:

    Special koochie

  74. The Gaming Duelist says:

    “Kooooochie” -Link, 2019

  75. Charlie Rogers says:

    NO …. Rice Crispies are worlds above Life… Wow

  76. Lucy Bancroft says:

    I looked up where I can buy Life cereal in the UK. It's really expensive here! – is it worth it?

  77. Sunset Bow says:

    "you know what the k stands for?"

  78. Jordan Barnes says:

    They forget the best cereal: Corn Pops

  79. Lyndee Shallberg says:

    I am a huge Life lover but I gotta say Cinnamon Life is wayyyy better than regular

  80. Joe Lies Down says:

    This is my childhood's greatest breakfast disappointments all rolled into one.

  81. Cody Richards says:

    No raisin bran 😬

  82. Mica C says:

    I'm hurt at the rice chex slander 😭

  83. Myla Schroeppel says:

    How have they never had Life cereal before?

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