Medical school taught me nothing about nutrition

Medical school taught me nothing about nutrition

I graduated medical school knowing almost Nothing about nutrition. That’s right the number one thing that Determines how you feel how you look how long you live how well you live was barely a part of my medical education now I would love to tell you that I was an exception that I was a bad student didn’t study didn’t go to class or Just went to a crappy school Unfortunately, none of that is true. I went to a good school tough to get into good reputation And I actually had pretty good grades. Unfortunately, my situation is pretty typical In the US for example med schools are expected to offer a minimum of 25 hours of nutrition instruction That’s total 25 hours over all of med school So the equivalent of three full days of classes in four years and if that seems scanty to you The reality is even worse because less than a third of med schools actually meet that minimum The average is less than 20 hours of nutrition classes over the four years So given this reality the result is exactly what we would expect most doctors are not prepared to give nutrition advice Ninety-four percent of doctors think it’s their obligation to discuss nutrition with patients But only 14 percent feel they are adequately trained to do it. now, There are many ongoing efforts to try to change the situation and I am absolutely sure that eventually they will work and things will change but in the meantime We have to protect ourselves and nothing is more empowering than knowledge When it comes to nutrition the available knowledge is just staggering. I mean literally life-changing in fact when I started researching and studying nutrition more in depth I was blown away Not just by what I was learning, the amazing facts themselves But by the fact that I had gone so long without knowing this stuff and I don’t mean academic details nerdy boring minutia I mean essential fundamental stuff that everybody should know. forget med school We should be taught this stuff in elementary school. heart disease can be reversed So the number one cause of death in the Western world Affects 50% of us will kill 1/3 of us is largely avoidable and largely curable and that’s with no drugs no side effects or procedures Just by eating a certain way and get this I never heard that in medical school Not once. diabetes is also preventable with food so is high blood pressure and obviously weight issues like obesity Which is now an epidemic childhood obesity has more than tripled since the 70s if things continue this way more than half of today’s children are Expected to become obese adults. think about that for one second. having normal weight will be an exception In fact, it won’t be called normal weight anymore because it won’t be normal. Obese will be the new normal. clearly We don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to food. now, All of that said I like to look at everything through a positive light Everything in life has an upside. for the longest time people didn’t have this knowledge But now we do. scientists have figured out all the basics and we’re the lucky ones who get to benefit Let’s say I hear something about nutrition. food X or Y is good or bad for me. in a matter of seconds I can pull out my phone. I can find professional peer-reviewed work done by world-class experts I can check their work read their conclusions and apply them to my own life. in the history of humanity This was never possible. our ancestors Never had these resources. at the same time Most people don’t know this as possible and are not sure quite how to do it So when I was researching and reading and learning all these amazing facts It really got me thinking if even doctors aren’t aware of this Then who’s warning everybody else? people who didn’t go to med school people who don’t do research for a living Who’s telling them? so that got me making these videos and giving seminars to help spread the message a bit So we know having an MD doesn’t mean you know nutrition We know that. but we should also not fall into the opposite trap of thinking Every doctor is ignorant or in cahoots with Big Pharma or something. That’s just as false and probably more dangerous In fact, many of the leading nutrition experts are MDs and many doctors, of course continue to learn and educate themselves I took it upon myself to read as much as I could for years to listen to leading experts to this day I’m learning every single day And of course many doctors out there do the same and become very knowledgeable in this field and give fantastic advice But some of the worst most unscientific advice you will hear both online and offline Sometimes comes from MDs. That’s really confusing. What the hell are we supposed to do? Well, we have to be critical of what we hear It’s the best way it’s the only way get used to asking for sources if the advice is based on scientific evidence There will be published studies. You can look up and verify the information If on the other hand, its word of mouth unreferenced blogs just personal opinion then you know It’s not at the same level as evidence-based advice No matter who it comes from. one of the first videos I ever made goes over how to find and access these scientific studies at the end of the day nutritional science is not that hard to Digest, but if that’s not your thing I totally get it And there are simpler approaches even just getting in the habit of googling foods and doing a quick check on that nutrition info table on The right side of the search page can teach you some crucial lessons Most people have no idea what they’re eating And the truth is there’s a lot of industries out there that like to keep it that way because they profit from that ignorance So learning from solid sources is absolutely essential at the end of the day eating a healthy diet It’s not that complicated. You don’t need a PhD in this stuff My last video was 30 minutes and I covered all the basics You need to know to have a very healthy diet minimize your risk of disease So feel free to check it out And I’ll keep making more videos on any issues that arise so stay informed and I’ll see you on the next one

Daniel Yohans

8 thoughts on “Medical school taught me nothing about nutrition

  1. Nutrition Made Simple! says:

    Does your Dr. understand nutrition? Most people consider physicians reliable sources for nutrition advice yet most med schools barely teach nutrition.

  2. Nadege949 says:

    It is sad when you realize that nowadays, I know more about nutrition than my doctors! Thanks to Nathan Pritikin, John McDougall's books and the internet, there are no excuses to educate yourself. Thank you for putting up the list of references.

  3. Isabel Antunes says:

    Muito bom!!

  4. Lexis Jones says:

    How do i find good, trustworthy information on nutrition?

  5. Scott says:

    This may seem like a weird question but do you think dairy has any effect on blood pressure? Thanks for the excellent videos!

  6. d36somethin says:


  7. Matty M says:

    Great video! please keep making more you are brilliant 🙂 Is that your meal prep video being played at 1:26 in the video where can I find it?

  8. Docinaplane says:

    I learned a lot about nutrition in medical school in Philadelphia. I did this by watching what the other medical students ate and by what the drug reps gave us to eat at seminars. I learned what not to eat!

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