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– You guys probably know that
I have a pup Husky named Roxy, and while I thought that
it’s cool to own a dog, I think it’d be so much
cooler to own a bear. Meet Bear Varshavski. ♪ Bippity-bop and hippity-hop ♪ ♪ I’m as happy as I can be ♪ ♪ I’m gonna dum, dum,
dum, and zippity zoom ♪ ♪ Love is sweet, love is
grand, it works wonderfully ♪ ♪ Woooh, we bop and zippity-hop ♪ ♪ I’m as happy as I can be ♪ ♪ I’m gonna dum, dum,
dum, and zippity zoom ♪ ♪ I’m in love, I’m in love,
I’m in love, I don’t care ♪ Come on, come on little boy. Come here, come on daddy’s lap. Yes this is little Bear
Varshavski my new pup. And I know your first
reaction, what about Roxy? Don’t worry Roxy’s not going anywhere, she’s my little pup forever and ever. Like most of you know, I
do share Roxy with my dad. In fact, we got Roxy together when my mom passed away to have
something to bond over. But now a days since I’m
living apart from my dad, I feel awful when I have
to take Roxy away from him and then leave him alone
’cause it makes him really sad and on the other hand, when I
have to give Roxy back to him I get really sad ’cause want
to still have a pup around. What better way to
celebrate being a dog lover, get health benefits, cheer up myself, cheer up my dad, and get
Roxy an awesome brother then to get a little
Newfie and name him Bear. A Newfie is a Newfoundland, and I know it sounds like I’m saying New-fin-land but I’m saying New-found-land in a way that it’s properly pronounced, so I’m still learning myself. This little guy here, right
now he’s only eight weeks old he’s technically tiny but he
weighs basically half of Roxy. So you can imagine, he’s gonna be probably 150 pounds when
he grows up full size. He’s gonna be a huge beast. The highlight of the Newfoundland breed is their temperament. These guys are known as gentle giants for a very good reason. They’re amazing with kids,
they’re amazing with people, they’re basically giant people pleasers. And that’s how their breed came to be, they were working dogs
that helped haul loads, they helped rescue
people that were drowning ’cause they’re excellent swimmers because of these webbed
huge feet of theirs. I mean, his paw is bigger than my wrist. I don’t have the biggest
wrists in the world, but Jesus. (dog hiccups) He has hiccups. Growing pups always have hiccups, that’s not new, so that
doesn’t even concern me. (laughs) I’m sure you’ve heard that there are health benefits to owning a pup, but do you know exactly what
all those health benefits are? Anxiety and depression. We know that dogs make us feel good, but actually they’re great at
warding off mental illness. Yes, those who have pups, generally have less anxiety and less depressive symptoms. We don’t have a clear
understanding of why dogs help with anxiety and depression, but we know that they
definitely make you more social. And this is great for all ages. Kids benefit from this. There was a study talking about how kids who are autistic benefited greatly by spending time with a dog,
it’s great for socialization. Another point in life it’s really good for is when your 20s and your 30s and you’re trying to find someone new and your dating and it’s not that easy. Guess what? Get an adorable pup, go to the dog park, meet some dog people, ’cause generally dog people are really awesome people. I don’t know why I did awesome people. We’ve talked about the negative effects of chronic stress on your body and a lot of that is the result
of the chronic activation of your sympathetic nervous system. That’s that flight or fight response that keeps you always on edge. Well guess what, having a dog, petting a dog, lowers your blood pressure, calms your sympathetic nervous system. You get a lot of health
benefits from that. Not only is your heart healthy ’cause your blood pressure is lower, but in studies when we’ve
looked at dog owners and comparing them to non-dog owners, we’ve found that the dog owners had lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, and that really makes a
difference for heart health. It reduces the risks of
heart attack, strokes. If you can reduce the chance
of having one of these major illnesses and
diseases happen to you, just by owning an amazing dog. Well this is not directly
a health benefit, I think this is incredibly awesome. Dogs’ noses are 40 times more sensitive than a human’s nose is. And what dogs have been able to do is sniff and detect cancer. Initially, this was just based on anecdotal evidence,
people telling stories that a dog was licking their lump and they got it checked out and found out that it was cancer, but now we have scientific
research on this to the point where we’re thinking about using dogs in medical care for this. It’s incredible, dogs can smell cancer. Contrary to popular belief, having a dog in a household actually
decreases the likelihood that your children will develop asthma, eczema, or allergies, and that’s usually a trio that runs in tandem together. Let’s get out of science
land for a moment. Not only do you see benefits within heart attack patients, depressed patients, Alzheimer’s patients,
but the biggest benefit and the most exciting stuff
that I’ve seen research on, is that they compared people who own dogs and people who don’t
own dogs and guess what? Those who own a dog, drastically and significantly extend their lives. And we don’t have a clear
explanation for that, whether that means dog
owners take more walks and are more active, is it
because they’re more social, is it because their stress
levels are lower ’cause they’re constantly petting and
playing with their dogs? It’s likely a combination
of all of these factors. What’s cool about having a big dog is that they can serve as guide
dogs, as rescue dogs, they’re so smart,
they’re very intelligent, they’re people friendly,
and that combination is really good for a working dog to have. Now, I don’t think I’m going to be doing a lot of rescue missions here with Bear, but what I will be doing is I’m gonna get him certified as a therapy dog, and days that I can, I’m gonna bring him into the hospital for my
patients to play with him. Because he’s so calm, he’s so friendly, and a lot of times in the hospital where patients are sick,
we tend to be afraid to bring humor and
happiness into the situation because we feel like it
might upset the patients. But in reality, patients need a laugh, they need a good time, those who are sick need a laugh the most. So I hope that Bear can
be an awesome therapy dog, we can bring him into the hospital, maybe we can bring him on
a curbside consult with us and ask people questions on
the street with Bear with us. I hope that you guys
enjoy him as much as I do, there’s gonna be tons of
pictures of him on Instagram and all over social media,
so please like those. And if you have a recommendation for his social media
handle please let me know because I haven’t yet come up with one. I don’t know if everyone
knows what a Newfie is, so I was thinking Bear the Newf might be a little weird for most people. So if you have a social
media handle recommendation, please write it down below. If you love dogs, give this video a like. If you’re curious about my other pup Roxy, who’s an amazing Husky, check out a day in a life Husky
edition on my channel now. Again guys, thanks for watching,
stay healthy and happy. Gentle giants, I mean
that’s so important to me especially because I have kids come by, that makes me sound weird. (laughs) I found his spot. (laughs) Am I mean for doing this? God, you’re going to be licking my face with your monster tongue
when you get bigger, what am I gonna do with you? (laughs) Give this video a like, or a lick. (upbeat vocal music)

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