Men’s Exercise to Last Longer in Bed

Men’s Exercise to Last Longer in Bed

One skill any man should master is control
over his ejaculation. This gives you the ability to continue having
sex until your woman is able to orgasm at least once, and the beauty of completely mastering
the skill is when you can last long enough to give her multiple orgasms during sex. Now, I came up with a triad of skills that
can be easily mastered to gain full control of your ejaculation, but the most critical
place to start is with the simple muscle exercise that strengthens the muscle that controls
ejaculation. If this muscle is weak, I don’t care what
other things you try, how much you think about ridiculous non-sexual things like your boss
or a telephone booth to avoid going over the ejaculation edge. You literally won’t have control until you
have control over this muscle. Now, some guys are like, “What? I have to do work and exercise something?” Yes, my friend, you do. In fact, you’ve been doing the wrong kind
of work by training yourself to ejaculate quickly when you masturbate and that’s why
this muscle is so weak. Fear not, though, in a second you’ll see how
easy this is and that it can literally be done anywhere and soon it will be a habit. Even better you’ll be able to have harder
and firmer erections and more control over your erections with doing these exercises
as well. Plus you can make your penis pulse like it
does when you ejaculate while you’re deep inside of her which will drive her wild. So let’s head over to the computer and I’ll
show you exactly what to do. All right, so we’re going to quickly cover
how to exercise the number one muscle critical to male sexual health. Now, this muscle’s called the pubococcygeus
muscle or pelvic floor muscle, but we’ll call it the PC muscle for short. Now, the PC muscle looks like the shape of
a hammock and it stretches from your tailbone to your pubic bone. One of the PC muscle’s functions is to control
urine flow. However, it is also responsible for the pleasurable
contractions that you feel during ejaculation as well as ejaculation and erection control. So, as you can see, it’s very important to
strengthen this muscle. Now, in some of my other videos, you may have
heard me talk about a woman’s PC muscle in regard to achieving squirting vaginal orgasms. This muscle contracts during a vaginal orgasm
and helping your woman strengthen it can make a huge difference in her ability to achieve
orgasm, as well as her overall sexual health. Now, the same can be said about men as having
a strong PC muscle is essential for superior sexual health. But unfortunately, most men have never strengthened
this muscle and even worse many men weaken this muscle by conditioning their bodies to
quickly ejaculate during masturbation. So we wanna do these exercises for multiple
reasons to be able to last longer, have harder and firmer erections, and more pleasure out
of our ejaculations. So how do we do these PC muscle exercises? Well, step one is finding your PC muscle. So the next time you go to the bathroom to
urinate, try to stop the flow of urine while you’re using the toilet. The same muscle you contract to stop your
urine while peeing is the muscle we’re going to strengthen. If you look in the mirror as you tighten and
relax this muscle, the base of your penis will move closer to your abdomen and your
testicles will rise. Now, don’t worry if attempting this doesn’t
move them very much as your PC muscle may not be strong enough to do this yet, which
is why we need to focus on exercising it. The PC muscle also allows men to move the
penis up and down while the penis is erect. However, just so we’re clear, you will not
be doing these exercises with an erection which allows you to do them unnoticed virtually
anywhere. So step two, is learning your technique. Once you’ve identified your pelvic floor muscles,
your PC muscle as we did in step one, go ahead and empty your bladder and lie down. You can do these exercises while sitting,
standing, or walking. However, lying down helps you to isolate the
muscle when you’re first starting out. Now, what I want you to do is to contract
your pelvic floor muscle and hold the contraction for three seconds, then relax for three seconds. Now, make sure you’re isolating just your
PC muscle, be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, your thighs or your butt. You should only be contracting your PC muscle. Also make sure you’re not holding your breath,
be sure to breathe freely as you contract and hold that muscle. Now, try this a few times to get comfortable
with it. Remember, you’re gonna hold for three seconds
then relax for three seconds. So now that you get the gist of the technique,
we’re gonna talk about how to do these things and when. So you wanna repeat this exercise three times
per day. When starting out we wanna aim for 3 sets
of 10 repetitions a day, holding for 3 seconds then releasing for 3 seconds. So you might do it at breakfast, lunch, and
dinner just to keep it simple, 3 times per day. Now, once this becomes easy, you should move
up to holding the muscle for 5 seconds for each set of 10 reps, 3 times per day. And after that, you can move up to 7 seconds,
and then 10 seconds. Once 3 sets of 10 reps holding for 10 seconds
becomes easy, you can move to 3 sets of 20 holding for 10 seconds. However, this level may take some time to
achieve. Opt to go slower than faster when you move
up these levels of repetitions. So the protocols to do the PC muscle exercises
starting at level 1 which is 10 reps of holding for 3 seconds then releasing for 3 seconds,
and repeating that 3 times per day. That’s where you need to start out. Now, level 2, when you’re ready for it is
gonna be 10 reps, hold for 5 seconds, release for 3 seconds and repeat it 3 times per day. So it’s gonna be a little bit harder because
you gonna be holding it a little bit longer. The next level is gonna be 10 reps holding
for 7 seconds, releasing for 3 seconds, repeated 3 times per day. And as you can see, as we move up these levels,
we’re gonna be just holding that muscle a little bit longer. So level 4 is 10 reps holding for 10 seconds,
releasing for 3, repeated 3 times per day. And level 5 is 20 reps holding for 10 seconds,
releasing for 3, repeated 3 times per day. But start at level one and opt to go very
slowly as you move up these as your muscle becomes stronger. Now, once you get the hang of it these exercises
can be done conveniently in any position pretty much anywhere, guys. You can get in the habit of doing them during
a mundane task like watching TV, sitting at a stoplight or brushing your teeth. If at any point you feel overly sore though,
be sure to take a day off to allow your body to recover because you don’t wanna overwork
or stress this muscle just like any other workout. Now, the biggest thing is to remember to actually
do them, try putting a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that says, “Do it” to remind
yourself because it’s easy to forget. It’s simple, but after one week, the routine
becomes very easy and natural and you’ll soon find it to become a habit. So there you have it, probably the singular
most important muscle exercise any man can do to improve sexual health. Try it out and let me know what you think. Hey, guys, real quick before you go, if you
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the next one.

Daniel Yohans

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