MSc Equine Performance, Health and Welfare – Samantha Huffman

I looked at a few
other universities, and this one stuck out to me. The course was more holistic,
wheres other courses were more individual, and I
wanted a more rounded approach to everything. So that’s why I
chose this course. It’s a really nice campus. It’s really secluded, so
if you like the country, there’s rolling fields,
and it’s really pretty. But also the location,
you can just pop on a bus and be in the big city. So I think that was nice. And then also, the facilities
really drew me to the campus. A lot of the staff, and
pretty much all my lecturers have had publications,
research, very relevant studies, and I thought that was really
interesting and nice to have staff that had
hands on experience in the research community. I’m actually doing
my dissertation. I’m looking at the situation
awareness of polo players while they’re
playing on the field. And that’s currently what I’m
focused 90% of my time on. And I’m hoping to get that study
published, and then potentially go on to a PH.D. And elaborate
on that study a little bit.

Daniel Yohans

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