MUST-TRY 15-minute dinner meals » easy + healthy

MUST-TRY 15-minute dinner meals » easy + healthy

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “MUST-TRY 15-minute dinner meals » easy + healthy

  1. Pick Up Limes says:

    Which recipe would you want to try first? 🍜 🌮 🍝

  2. Sadia Zafar Bajwa says:

    Apart from your lovely videos, just happy to know you are sadia too 🥰. I am proud of this

  3. Paula Castelo says:

    Thanks for your videos I totally adore them! I live in a dorm in a new country for me so my food options are kind of limited but your videos keep me inspired to eat healthy and respectful of the planet, all that from my dorm! Haha

  4. claudia says:

    Thank you. Pick up limes for sharing I love every single video Off yours

  5. Sukh Atwal says:

    Omg to me it’s not easy recipe 🤭

  6. Windy Hicks says:

    I love your videos and your food is lovely thank you so much for the teaching

  7. Clara K says:

    quickest homemade delicious meal ever: kimchi fried rice, you're welcome

  8. Priti Jadiya says:

    Any replacement for Tofu as my thyroid stimulating hormone is high?

  9. Mike Ramsay says:

    Every time I go to the Pick Up Limes Blog, the page starts, then freezes and I don't see what I went there for in the first place. This has happened every time.

  10. angelsheri1 says:

    What brand is your induction cooking set? Skillets, etc

  11. Arshad Suhale says:

    How u maintain indoor plants in a busy schedule

  12. Rebekah Bradley says:

    I really want to try that Pea and Basil Pesto Pasta but don't yet own a food processor. Do you think that I could make this pesto in the ninja food processor if i did multiple goes with it, or would you suggest I invest in a bigger more expensive processor? (I've seen your video on the different ones you use. I'm currently living with some people and am not looking to take up too much kitchen space so that led me to be curious and interested in the ninja since its a blender and processor in one!) Thanks!

  13. Aleksandra Rutkowska says:

    What about the bulion cubes? I heard those are unhealthy is there any way to substitute that? Also olive oil – is it accually safe to fry in it in higher temperatures?

  14. shamina says:

    does anyone know any channels like this one but not vegan? nothing against veganism but like i'm not vegan and i quite enjoy meat lmao

  15. Ruben Venema says:

    This looks deceivingly easy 😕

  16. Bridget Bleeker says:

    All of your videos make me so hungry. They also remind me that I have none of the ingredients that they have.

  17. Anna Hawk says:

    Adopt me …I need these mouth dishes everyday ….but I am too obsessed with your cooking!

  18. literally dead says:

    🙁 i’m allergic to peas

  19. Tetiana Afanasenko says:

    Looks quite complicated, I afraid it will takes more than 15 min

  20. Po Savea says:

    I love this 15 min meal but for how many people?

  21. Elizabeth Zepeda says:

    Do they ever just order a pizza?

  22. Mia Lee says:

    Made the tempeh tortillas. SOOOOOOO good. Thankyou! Felt like some rich, super healthy food & this was the BOMB

  23. A. P says:

    I absolutely love your channel! But I think in order for this to take me 15 minutes, I would have to prep these items before hand.

  24. The mighty Vomit says:

    I just had dinner but damn is this tempting

  25. snigdha karadkar says:

    Hey, what should I substitute pine nuts with, here in India were almonds and peanuts are common?

  26. Lakshmi Karthik says:

    English names please Akka

  27. k hooope says:

    I looove your recipes (my parents become to vegan slowly and its because your recipes are sooo Good!)

  28. debahuti chhotray says:

    Hi…whats d substitute for Pine nut…

  29. Moon Love says:

    Could you do a makeup tutorial? You are so pretty!!!!

  30. Priscilla Nishi says:

    Has anyone read the community guidelines?

  31. The Ejim’s says:

    Made the last meal and it was so good !!!

  32. Sara Barry says:

    Loved this video

  33. 1024specialkay says:

    my sister has made the thai curry tofu noodles at least 5 times and it's one of my favorite meals ever!

  34. Nergis Öztürk says:

    What can we use instead of Red Curry Paste? I would really love to try this recipe but we don't have Red Curry Paste in our country.

  35. SarahBarson Hollinger says:

    Where does a person buy tofu that hasn't been gmo'd to the point where its sentient?

  36. charlotte bottin says:

    but I'm a student and can barely afford pasta :/

  37. Vieve says:

    If you're looking for more amazing and actually quick simple tasty vegan meals go over to the channel the Happy Pear, two irish dudes who are brilliant! Only just found Pick up limes, you're great! Xx

  38. Julia Lumina says:

    Favorite cooking channel! Ever.

  39. VK Vandana says:

    Thanks for quick and easy recipies

  40. Felix Mooneeram says:

    Wow these all look mega! Some pasta water in the sauce at the end would have made it even silkier and creamier! Can’t wait to try

  41. Liz Cedillo says:

    Wow I love Pea and Basil. Cant wait to try it and I'll tag it on my instagram:)

  42. Ruchi Parekh says:

    In the video you said that the Thai red curry soup would take 15 minutes to make but on your website it shows that the total time to make this recipe is 50 minutes.
    Has anyone tried making this? how much time did it take you'll?

  43. Sydney Croucher says:

    I need to learn to chop like you. It takes me an hour just to chop a gosh dang onion. Lol

  44. Nukre8ton says:

    Is this a range stove?

  45. Jazmín Velázquez says:

    I love your videos, and your hair is amazing!!

  46. Le T. says:


  47. Ella Lotte says:

    Hey, i found your chanel just yesterday and really like the topics and style of your Videos.

    The only problem is that i as a student do not own such a mixer or all of these ingredients as they are quite expensive.
    Thats why I would really appreciate a food or recipe video for low Budget with ingredients (especially when ist comes to the dips or sauces) nearly everyone has at home and without so much equipment.

    All in alle thank you for your videos!

    (Sorry for any mistakes i am not an english speaking person)

  48. HEMA MASIWAL says:

    Hi! I'd like to request more Indian-based bowl recipes

  49. hrynkiee says:

    Would that soup hold for meal prep?

  50. Jenny Siegert says:

    Incredible meal ideas! Just found your channel when I was looking for bullet journaling ideas…. AND you have vegan meal ideas! I don't think I need any other YouTube channels.

  51. HomeSweetHolmes says:

    What does tempeh taste like?!

  52. AnshRus says:


  53. astanapane137 says:

    I cant find bok choy in my country .. what can i replace it with? Thanks

  54. casaraku1 says:

    Pine nuts are very expensive…. 40$ for a nice bag at PriceClub 2020

  55. Riya Patel says:

    I made the thai red curry twice, once for my friends for a thanksgiving potluck and two days before for my family because I knew they would devour the potluck dish before i got it out the door unless they got a taste of it first. Everyone loved it, thank you so much for this recipe! (side note: it definitely took me more than 15 minutes to make)

  56. Carolina Sotillo says:

    Everything fantastic, but the bouillon cube… really?…I'm afraid it isn't very healthy

  57. Sasmita Singh says:

    Hi I m smruti from Bhubaneswar. Plz make a video on your skin & hair care.

  58. Jessica Rockamann says:

    I made a variation of the Thai red curry last night! Delish 😋
    My three-year-old even ate it. Cleaned her plate! 🥳

  59. Naisargee shah says:

    I love ur vlogs 😘

  60. Leo G says:

    Truly amazing, bravo.

  61. Melody Madhu says:

    I don't know if I would ever make these recipes…but the fact that your videos are so aesthetic and pleasing to watch is enough to give it a thumbs up !!!

  62. Julie Leblanc says:

    I just tried the pea and basil pesto pasta and it is oh so delicious. It is easy to do and it tastes amazing. Thank you for sharing those yummy recipes!

  63. Patricia Rodriguez says:

    Hi Sadia,
    Greetings from Canada.
    Do I need to steam the tempeh for this recipe?
    Thanks for this great video!

  64. bellebone x says:

    My husband and I just made the red curry soup together. Waiting for the noodles to finish – we can't wait to try! Thank you for this video!

  65. W M says:

    What can I use instead of pine nuts?

  66. Lovely Girl says:

    No way ever I ' ll do this.
    Too much time…!

  67. Tran Hong Thom says:

    You have chicken very beautiful 💕💕
    Please, can You help me to show your full chicken 😘. I will buil my house next time and i very love your chicken, please 😙🙏🏻

  68. Aline Stenzel says:

    I replaced the pinenuts with peanuts in the pea and basil pesto pasta and it tasted terrible. I recommend following the recipe 🙁

  69. Elizabeth Ly says:

    Oh no! I prefer not to rinse pasta: the starchy water adds so much to the sauce !

  70. Juliette and Anika says:

    Please may you try a video of nut free? I’m allergic to nuts and I’m sure many others are who will want to substitute the nuts with something else 🙂

  71. Marie Angeli says:

    I love your vids, so please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m a Thai red curry hound, but I’ve never seen a paste that did not have fish oil in it. Might be worth looking into.

  72. Илона Гололобова says:

    I love that you add hot sauce practically in everything!

  73. Catalina Barladeanu says:

    Your voice is so soothing. I love listening to you and following your recipes. ❤

  74. arushi tandon says:

    where to buy whole wheat noodles in Germany

  75. Mila Schön says:

    I love you !

  76. Lovisa Ricks says:

    What is tempay?

  77. alicia hamilton says:

    Thank you

  78. Hermes Habrok says:

    The way she but her spaghetti in the pan was so beautiful. 😂😂

  79. Holly Ann Fleming says:

    Very weird and random, but I love the way you say pasta.

  80. Kristen Jawor-Brady says:

    oh my GAWD WAS THAT BASIL PEA PESTO PASTA AMAZE BALLS!!! I will make that once a week! Super easy! Thank you so much!

  81. Jeroen Katgert says:

    At 6:35 , you say "Blend it". Is it save to do this with a blender instead of a food processor?
    I use a Nutribullet Balance and do not own a food processor

  82. Maida Haltrecht says:

    This would take much longer than 15 minutes for me to cook. All that cutting up and cooking.

  83. UPeaches Clyburn says:

    What can be substituted for the tofu ?

  84. Ookey Bookey says:

    Holy Moly that looks delicious, I'm so excited to make those!

  85. Art Of Sigil says:


  86. my diary says:

    does anyone know what tofo is in arabic ?😂

  87. PrecisionTreck says:

    I would love to have a wife who knows how to cook like you. There are so many women who don't even know how to cook.

  88. Brazilian Dutchy says:

    I loved this, I thought making pasta was hard. I might try this for my meal prep today.

  89. Stephanie Collins says:

    Looks so yummy, you always have the best food goals 💕 thanks for sharing!

  90. Jirawan S says:

    The vdo is pretty and I love the idea of plant based food. However… with all respect, this is not a “Thai” curry. As a Thai person who also love to cook…this recipe name should be vegan curry noodles.

  91. Kourtney Knox says:

    Can you do a healthy dressing video for salads?

  92. Pragya Garg says:

    I love yoir content however can you please provide substitutes as many of the ingredients that you use aren't available to me like stuff from Asian market like some sauces, pastes, rice noodles and tempeh.
    And some of the veggies like Arugula, avocado, asparagus etc.

  93. Zumar Yousaf says:

    Can u mention ur email adress

  94. ArtStart™️ Mixed Media Art Classes & Art tips says:

    i love Wix too. It has little help boxes that popup everywhere, so easy to set up a beautiful website. ❤️your recipes. Thank you

  95. IamSanthoshh says:

    I am sorry but your recipes are way expensive not for bachelors – and how on earth it will take 15 min ? every YouTuber focus on their thumbnail and how they present the dish rather than giving exact amount of time and money invested in it. You show soo many things in the video which is not even used while making the dish all because how to show i mean its looks nice but people came here to see meals not deals ? Geez

  96. vashti shinglai says:

    Love yr video's😍

  97. Perro Felice says:

    Salt content does concern me. Is there a way to get around that?

  98. Kai Young says:

    Do not forget the washing time after the dinner! haha
    Thank you for sharing

  99. keelan James says:

    These look really good, as a new vegan I I'm going to try the pesto pasta first, great video 😁

  100. Laura Confer says:

    My husband and I loved your tempeh taco filling! Thanks for the recipes!

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