Have you ever had difficulty getting your
medical records in an emergency? Or arrived to an appointment with a doctor
to find out that they can’t access your recent test results? As we try to get and stay healthy, we often
face the frustration that comes with trying to access, organize, and share our health
care records and data. This status quo is no longer acceptable. That’s what MyHealthEData is all about. An initiative from the White House Office
of American Innovation, the goal of MyHealthEData is to support the seamless flow of
health data from provider to patient. This will begin to break down the barriers
that contribute to preventing patients from being able to access their medical records
and share them with the providers they choose. With cross-government coordination from places
like the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs, MyHealthEData will put your data at your fingertips, and help you work with your doctors and other
providers to make informed decisions about your care. MyHealthEData builds on progress made over
the past decade in spreading the use of health information technology. Back in 2008, only 17% of doctors and 9% of
hospitals used this type of technology. Today, that number has jumped to 78% of doctors
and 96% of hospitals. Despite this significant progress, in many
ways we’ve traded paper silos for electronic silos. Our healthcare information is often still
trapped within a given healthcare provider’s IT system. This makes it hard to get your records and
transfer them to other providers. And it’s even harder to get those records
in a form that can be used by healthcare innovators and researchers. With MyHealthEData, we’re focusing on three
outcomes: Empowering patients by putting your data in
your hands. Increasing competition. Making data portable and shareable among all
providers will reduce costs. And encouraging innovation by cooperating
to find new ways to realize the true potential of health information technology. Many of the tools we need to make this data
sharing a reality already exist. Now’s the time make sure you can access and
share your healthcare data securely, wherever and whenever you need it most.

Daniel Yohans

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