National Development Park Being Made By Nepal Welfare In Budanilkantha Area

National Development park is being constructed in Budanilkantha, Kathmandu. The construction is being funded/managed by Ministry of Urban Development. The construction work will be completed as soon as possible within 5 years and this area will be developed at the national level and will be handed to the municipality or ward office. I with my friends/team members will feel great after we hand the developed park to the respective authority. This place is being developed very fast and this National Development Park project will be active. We all – Villagers, Mayor- Mr. Kharel, Chairman of Ward Community, Mr. Gopal Khadka are working actively for the development of the park along with Mr. Aaitaman Tamang This park is being spearheaded by all of us. We are being helped by the Government Of Nepal through Mr. Anil Sakhya. Thanks to him. This project will be completed as soon as possible

Daniel Yohans

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