No Fuss Hiking Food & Nutrition Talk

No Fuss Hiking Food & Nutrition Talk

how we doing mountain friends in this
video I’m going through the kind of food that I eat on my through hikes or
whether I’m going climbing for a couple of days this is a very informal kind of
question and answer video where I’m just talking to my friend mark about the food
that we brought on the trip I go through the reasons why I choose certain types
of food and why I avoid other sorts of things and throughout the video I’m
going to be chiming in every now and then to give some clarification on the
foods and how to prepare let’s get into it well then we’re spending the next three
days out in the wilderness here in the Pyrenees we have refuges thank you
basically going and buy food on the way but we’re gonna go “unsupported” and
Mark was asking about the stuff that we had in our packs or when he go through
it and I start from breakfast breakfast yeah so what did you choose there… oats and protein powder so why did choose that over like say bacon and eggs or
another cereal like at Nutri-Grain or something like that
yeah I do this completely out of ease I mean I dont really like milk powder
I’m not a big milk drinker so rather than just using milk powder I’ll take
the chocolate protein powder and I mix that with lots of different oats and
museli and so the only thing you do is put into a bowl and you don’t have to
worry about having dried milk or any crap you just have a bag very much
yeah sounds very simple so before I head out on the Friday evening I’ll mix the
granola with a protein powder all you need to do is add water and then you’ve
got a really good tasting kind of protein shake in the morning that’s got
a little bit of extra fiber a little bit of extra carbohydrate and that’s going
to keep you fueled throughout the day that’s basically just like some of the
kids chocolate cereal breakfasts and then coffee of course coffee
we all need coffee just black even in the mountains you know feet black black
Oh once you go black you won’t get Mac lunch yes
another sandwich yet that’s literally just bread I didn’t wanna make the
sandwich before you know I didn’t want to bring four sandwiches made because
that’s mmm soggy so I have a little container with my Vegemite and butter
and I make the same expression every day and it’s just super-easy and what’s the
go with the sandwich what’s your thoughts there or did you go to Santos
of Sandwich there’s other things to be perfectly honest there’s not like a huge
amount of thought put behind that in itself it’s just carbohydrate
carbohydrate and it’s easy yep sorry because you’re active throughout the day
that’s probably what’s going to be fueling you yeah unless you’re some the
less you really focus on your nutrition and you’ve taught your body how to use
fat as your cool fuel source which is totally possible and I think that’s
probably a good thing to look into like ketosis yep but the fact is that most
hikers aren’t into ketosis or they’re not you know beyond nutrition they just
want something that’s like that’s the samba so there’s nothing fancy about
this it’s just literally about getting easy to process carbohydrates which are
easily turned into sugars it’s very easy to prepare you don’t have to stop and
cook anything if you’re not a bread kind of person then what’s even better is
crisp bread or wraps so like normal kind of like Mexican tortillas and you just
throw on peanut butter banana honey whatever you’ve got whatever kind of
spreads and use those go tubs that I talked about in the previous video so
that you don’t have to bring an entire jar it’s easy to take the small amounts
of that stuff which means you’re not carrying huge jars and wasting your
energy snacks snacks was it sounding sea okay well roasted almonds actually
that’s actually just roasted almonds and it smokes here in Spain and they are
delicious it’s a fuel source I am NOT trying to
lose fat plot that’s cool that’s good that’s good
the math immunity buzz so what would you have me Z bars over like a Clif Bar
something I need so insulin that or just a cheaper alternative or well a Clif Bar
is like crazy dance so it’s basically a meal even Clif Bar posit delicious
delicious delicious and you get a tall man with BA will throw in a shared I
think people probably overuse Clif bars I like to use them for when like if I
have no emergency sort of situation or it’s a really long day yeah and I’m like
a felon yeah bang and for like 12 hours and there’s a lot of climbing or you
know more 18 hours you’re gonna have to have more than three meals right so
that’s Berkeley fireworks this is like we’re just doing some three hockey
nothing serious sorry simple music oh yeah there’s that do not pertain oh as
well is this an emotional support energy goes great with red wine if you bring
close me sea salt black chocolates delicious I guess the lower sugar
content but the black chocolate is probably watch how is that and also I
just like to eat a little bit and really enjoy it
I like hoof a whole lot of dairy milk chocolate yes he’s very very easy today
if you me so just hit me so we got some fruit the man dreams fared better than
the banana and the trick today’s illumos soft yeah but see you like to get to be
the fruit minister to vitamins and minerals they sound like day one yeah I
mean it’s not gonna last for more than like yeah it’s a couple of days so it’s
basically try and eat that with first two days I mean the bananas well I mean
but it’s a good thing about that is day two and we have fresh fruit yeah it’s
possible there’s nothing wrong with taking fruit on at least the first day
my favourites are bananas just keep it at the top of your pack so it doesn’t
get squashed and I’m a big fan of grapefruit so I always have some fruit
just for the first day because having raw fruit and vegetables
like actual food that’s easy to do digest instead of dried and pre-prepared
stuff if I’ve got that option for the first day I’m always going to take it
I’m always going to make the most of that you don’t need Powerade you don’t
need powders you don’t need any kind of fancy stuff keep it natural raw regular
whole foods as natural as possible can’t you put that away
this is straight-up sugar and cummy bears is nothing business to be honest everything’s come over this sugar
everything it gets converted to sugar and not a water justice if you aren’t
measuring you know point zero two of your performance and it’s not worth
learning about if you’re just a hiker out in the mountains trying to get some
sugar than this sure yeah save yourself some money absolutely don’t believe the
marketing eat gummy bears were you doing big days you’re burning you heap of
calories so this stuff goes free like you wouldn’t believe it’s not gonna
absolutely it’s not gonna end up as body fat when you’ve used that much energy in
one day yeah keep in mind that even though hiking especially isn’t very
intensive you do burn through your glycogen stores really quickly your
glycogen will be gone for most people within an hour of constant hiking so
what I recommend you do to mitigate that is just to eat small things regularly
obviously you don’t want to have massive meals when you’re out in the
mountains because all make you slow and lazy and you’re just not gonna be in the
mood to hike so I always recommend to people to take just a little bit at a
time have some in your hip belt of your backpack and then just take little bits
of having bigger meals also you’d have to stop and cooking you can just get on
the trail and get on with like last fun dinner which we have been saying was I’m
pretty keen yeah one of these little things so like you’re staking buddy
chips and salad these are dehydrated pretty dehydrated
meals bought from catalogue which is like a beep sort of huge chain store
here for outdoor stuff in Europe and the two that we have spaghetti bolognaise
which is surprisingly good and rice and chicken curry which is you have that
found and find out it’s delicious really yes the main reason why I take this sort
of stuff is to save time both in preparation before on the Friday
afternoon or whatever but also preparation in the mountains so I know a
lot of people aren’t into freeze-dried meals and that’s probably one big thing
that stops people from getting out on multi-day trips but honestly the
technology in the freeze drying has got a lot better in the last few years so I
really recommend that you try them again especially if that’s gonna be the thing
that will get you out and then outdoors more often I will say this about
freeze-dried meals though you have to read the instructions and put exactly
the amount of water and hold it with the boiling water in there for the exact
amount of time there’s a reason why they put those instructions on there and if
that’s from a good company that really love their product then they’re gonna be
really specific about the amount of water that you put in if you put in too
much it’ll be too watery and it won’t have the flavor if you don’t put it
enough in it’ll be dry and they’ll be the powder left in there
so best tips for freeze-dried meals look it exactly amount of water give it a big
stir and pay attention to the instructions I want to give a quick
shout out to a buddy of mine who started Campus pantry they’re based in Tasmania
of all places the food is absolutely incredible if you’re
from Australia you should definitely check out this company I’ll put it in a
link in the description for you to check out if you want to see how far
freeze-dried meals have come in the last few years check out campus pantry and
use the discount code chase at the checkout to get 10% off and get some of
that delicious Tazzy food up in you on your next hiking trip when I do do
cooking in the mountains generally it’s vegetarian because I’m mostly vegetarian
I don’t eat meat that often and it’s much easier in the mountains so
generally if I’m cooking I’m making things like passed out by eggs or quinoa
or couscous and mixing dried vegetables in and adding some spices adding some
olive oil for a bit of flare and a bit of taste always take salt and pepper
with you that’s in my light my fire kit in the link in the description but
honestly the free side thing is just magic so that’s my basic approach for
preparing food for the mountains that keeps me full of energy it’s easy to
prepare and it doesn’t take all weekend dehydrating and preparing and thinking
and planning I would love to hear about what you guys pack and prepare for your
mountain trips in the comment section below I’d love to get a bit of a
cross-section of what everyone around the world is taking out in the mountains
because we’re all different these things are actually so good if you follow the
instructions and put just the right amount of water in and hold it the
gesture of the right amount of time it’s bollocks fucking crazy so we got a our tenth-floor down sehun
bags and mats out look at that view

Daniel Yohans

18 thoughts on “No Fuss Hiking Food & Nutrition Talk

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    I want to see you eating on Mont Blanc lol

  2. Charles Meyer says:

    I eat peanut butter bagels when I hike.

  3. Jerrymc1975 says:

    Eating bagels are simple carbs that make you want to eat more. It becomes a vicious cycle eating simple carbs on the trail.

  4. Ray Lamascus says:

    Love this information

  5. C.P. Edwards says:

    Love your vids as always, Chase and awesome to hear you're a fellow veg-friendly eater! My fave camping meal: cous-cous with dehydrated veggies- I get the cous-cous box, put it in a ziploc with the flavor packet. I also like to pack black bean flakes and instant mashed potatoes for a killer filling and tasty meal. Both are cheap and easy and can be soaked, but I prefer to cook my veggies and beans a bit. Also, I have found individual packets of coconut oil which enhance flavor and give some good fats to my meals.

  6. sky blue says:

    mandarin oranges……my dog likes them, too………………………xxx

  7. Will It Ascend? says:

    Where do you find those "go tubs" you referred to? Despite hiking up fast food for fun in my Yeti, I'm also into backpacking and I'm always looking for ways to pack lighter. I also never thought of using protein powder. I'll give that a try.

  8. tseawell90 says:

    Great video! I've found that with some mountain house meals I prefer less water than whats recommend.

  9. Dr Deadbeat says:

    Great video and amazing views!
    You forgot to bring alcohol though

  10. doroteea zorici says:

    The black and blue dark chocolate with sea salt is the one from carrefour?

  11. Libolt Adventures says:

    Awesome stuff.

  12. Eddy Mattar says:

    Your videos are awesome dude keep em coming

  13. GregoryDPhotos says:

    Thats basicly what I eat at home on a daily basis hehe so easy to make and tasty as well. Well bacon and egg as well but thats another story since its easy to cook it here but for outdoor I would take the same for sure plus a jar of peanut butter and mayne some more dry fruits etc. Great stuff man 😉

  14. Kiwi Backpacker says:

    Glad you posted this vid. Really enjoyed it and that Australian mate is funny.
    I keep it simple by eating the same thing everyday on the hike.
    Breakfast- packet of instant oats with some freeze dried raspberries thrown in. Forget about the milk, it tastes good without it. Cup of hot chocolate. Morning and afternoon snack is a good sized bag of dehydrated canned fruit, bag of nuts, 6-10 peanut butter fooze balls.
    Lunch-a few large spinach wraps with a container like you have that I have put premixed honey and peanut butter in. Block of brie cheese.
    Dinner- different flavours of dehydrated chickpea stews i make myself. ( My ones are superfast to make) washed down with a very large quantity of port or red wine.
    Weight = 600g excluding the grog.

  15. mr. Shannon says:

    Cheap and simple. I munch on quality jerky and gummy bears all day, then roman noodles with powdered eggs, maby an MRE or freez dryed meal (they taste like s**t, but do the job really well). Instant coffee with a packet of hot chocolate mix. Another noodle pack for breakfast. Goid to go. All thats required. I am not a nutrition freak, barely adequate, or slightly inadequate works great for me in the short term (a few days). And its worth the sacrifice for me.

  16. Kev Wills says:

    Super glad to hear you don’t drink milk.. and guys. The black joke is not about codfee.

  17. Michael Hughes says:

    Having refugios is not a wilderness experience.

  18. HarvyDanger Films says:

    Great ideas. As a vegan, I like a lot of your mix suggestions. I always forget to use a protein powder or meal replacement powder like that. – What are the hiking pants you are usually wearing, like in this video?

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