Nutrition at Kingston University

My name is Michael Garcia. I was very heavy
into physical activities, going to the gym. I do lots of cycling. I was reading lots of
nutrition books. I found out there was a course in Kingston
University and I left my work, full time job and went to Kingston Collage to get my A-Levels. Once I completed that, I went straight to
Kingston University and started my nutrition degree. Nutrition is very important for everyone because
it can predispose you to the increased chance of diabetes, especially nowadays with type 2 diabetes being
so rampant and also just controlling your diet and general wellbeing. Kingston University was, I think, a good choice.
My course lectures and course directors are probably some of the best in their field. They are active researchers and as-long-as
they see you are working hard and you really want a good classification, you’ll be successful. and they’re quite helpful and do steer you
in the right direction. Having the relationship with St. Gorges has
been very helpful with attaining a placement like this. It opened the doors for me to contact various
research departments and the one that got back to me was The Marfan Trust This placement is all based around Marfan
syndrome, so the whole placement is organised around learning the molecular techniques that
underpin the genetics research technician. St. Georges can be quite hectic because it
is a fully functional hospital but it’s great because you’re working with actual
professionals, people in the research field. You learn to interact and network and gives
you an idea of what your future could be like. Having done this placement and learned all
the laboratory techniques, it has given me a lot more confidence and independence in
the lab: and made me feel like I can actually do the experiment and now I would like to
be a clinical scientist or possible do a PhD.

Daniel Yohans

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